Morten Rand-Hendriksen interview

Heya, everyone! It’s time for the second interview from our #WCEU series. If you missed our first interview with Hajj Flemings, be sure to check it out when you get a chance. Today, we’re sharing an insightful interview with Morten Rand-Hendriksen about ethics in web design. If you missed our other interviews, you can catch them all in their dedicated category. Morten Rand-Hendriksen interview: The ethics of web design What do you mean by ethical web design and how is it different from user-centered design? What is…Continue Reading “Morten Rand-Hendriksen Interview – On Bringing Ethics Into Web Design (#WCEU Series)”

hajj flemings interview

Hey, everyone! It’s been a little while since our last interview, but that doesn’t mean we’re done chatting with inspiring people in the WordPress universe. Today, we’re back with a fascinating interview from WordCamp Europe 2018, where we met Hajj Flemings and discussed his ambitious Rebrand Cities project. If you missed our other interviews, you can catch them all in their dedicated category.  Hajj Flemings interview: on bringing thousands of local businesses online How did you start working with WordPress? Tell us about Rebrand Cities. You want to…Continue Reading “Hajj Flemings Interview – The Man Who Wants to Bring 10k Local Businesses Online (#WCEU Series)”

GO TO #WCEU 2018

Have you ever wondered if it’s “worth it” to get out of your comfy home and head to WordCamp Europe? As regular attendees, we’ve been doing our best to spread the WordCamp Europe gospel with our recaps and interviews. But maybe our enthusiasm hasn’t been enough to get you to buy your ticket. So we brought in backup! We asked 21 WordCamp Europe attendees for their best #WCEU experiences. Now, we’re going to share their responses with you. WordPress People Talk About Their Best #WCEU…Continue Reading “Why You Should Go to #WCEU 2018: 21 WordCamp-ers From Around the World Share Their Best #WCEU Experience”

Nevena Tomovic interview

It’s been a while since our last interview, but we are back with a great new discussion about stories, specifically, storytelling and its weight in our personal and professional lives. Telling stories is not necessarily something we are all good at but we are surrounded by them every day. Nevena Tomovic is one of those people who love producing the stories we want to hear on a daily basis. Today, she tells us why storytelling is good for marketing and how having empathy for people can…Continue Reading “Nevena Tomovic Interview – Marketer, Storyteller and #WCEU Organizer”

Petya Raykovska and Jenny Beaumont interview

Hey friends, it’s time for another chat with some interesting WordPress people! But here’s the twist, today’s is a double interview, or a “mirror interview”! Yes, you’re getting two for the price of one. This formula came to our minds some time ago but it is only now that we managed to get it done. It means that, for every single question, you’re going to get two answers from our gracious interviewees. So, don’t miss Petya Raykovska and Jenny Beaumont talking about their contributions to…Continue Reading “Mirror Interview – Petya Raykovska & Jenny Beaumont – On WordPress and WordCamps”

Brad Touesnard interview

Hey WordPress friends, welcome to another edition of the Pirate Interviews series! Let’s jump head first into the fall season by interviewing Brad Touesnard, the founder of Delicious Brains, where he leads a team of intelligent developers contributing greatly to the WordPress community. But before we talk to Brad, in case you missed our previous interview, here’s Bob Dunn telling us more about his blog and podcast. But it’s not only entrepreneurship that keeps Brad Touesnard busy; he also runs a podcast titled Apply Filters and…Continue Reading “Brad Touesnard Interview – The Founder of Delicious Brains”

Bob Dunn Interview

Welcome to the newest edition of our Pirate Interviews series. Today, we have another interesting chat for you. This time we’re speaking with not only a WordPress expert, but also a dedicated blogger and podcaster who spreads his knowledge to help people reach their goals. We hope to take part in this spreading of knowledge a bit too by sharing our interviewee’s perspective on WordPress and things related. Let’s welcome Bob Dunn! But before that, have a look at our previous interview, in which we…Continue Reading “Bob Dunn Interview – WordPress Blogger and Podcaster at BobWP”

Mario Peshev Interview

Welcome to the newest entry in our Pirate Interviews series! It’s been a bit since our last talk with a WordPress expert, but here we are again bringing you another set of insights, this time coming from a technical person’s point of view. Mario Peshev shares a wealth of awesome ideas, so this is definitely one you won’t want to miss! Before we get started, though, make sure you’ve checked out our previous interview, in which we learned more about Viktor Vincej’s experiences with blogging and digital…Continue Reading “Mario Peshev Interview – CEO of DevriX and Man of Many WordPress Pursuits”

Viktor Vincej Interview

Throughout our Pirate Interviews series, we’ve talked with successful WordPress developers, designers, marketers, CEOs, and podcasters…but never a writer! Today, we’ll change that. In our Viktor Vincej interview, we’ll get insights from a successful WordPress blogger and digital nomad. By the way, if you missed our last interview, you can check it out here: our interview with Matt Medeiros from Matt Report. Viktor’s lifestyle is far from typical. You won’t find him blogging from home, nor will you catch him sitting around an office. Instead,…Continue Reading “Viktor Vincej Interview – WordPress Blogging and Digital Nomad Life”

Matt Medeiros interview

Hey, so here we are again touching base with some inspiring WordPress people who are always ready to share their stories and keep us motivated! Today, we’re happy to welcome Matt Medeiros, best known for his podcast, “Matt Report.” By the way, if you missed our previous interview, check it out here (Jean Galea of WP Mayor). Matt Medeiros Interview When and how did you start working with WordPress? Is there an interesting story here? What’s your technique for staying productive throughout the day? How…Continue Reading “Matt Medeiros Interview – the Founder of Matt Report”

Jean Galea interview

Let me just assure you that the Pirate Interviews series is going to continue into 2017 with many more great WordPress people on board. I’m not going to spoil the surprise, but if you’d like us to invite someone in particular, please mention him/her in the comments. Jean Galea interview In short, what is your history with WordPress? What are the benefits and challenges of remote work? You and your wife are living and working as digital nomads. What were the biggest drawbacks, if any, of this…Continue Reading “Jean Galea Interview – the Founder of WP Mayor”

Andrey Rarst Savchenko interview

When we started this interview series a little while back, I never expected to see such a high level of involvement. Most of the people that we reached out to agreed to do the interview straight away. I was expecting weeks to go by before we get their answers back. However, the WordPress community keeps surprising me all the time (in a good way). The same thing happened with @Rarst, aka Andrey Savchenko, whom I first met on Twitter. Actually, I met him in Berlin,…Continue Reading “Andrey “Rarst” Savchenko Interview – “Let WordPress be what it wants to be!””

Tony Perez interview

My first direct interaction with the Sucuri team was at this year’s WordCamp Paris. I was passing through the sponsors hallway when I saw a familiar face from another life. Val, whom I last saw in Cluj two years ago, was soon updating me on his awesome new job at Sucuri! For those who don’t know, Sucuri is a security company operating since 2010. Between 60% and 70% of their protected websites run on WordPress. They’re quite active in the community and have sponsored several…Continue Reading “Tony Perez Interview – CEO and Co-Founder of Sucuri”

Ahmad Awais Interview

Welcome to another edition of Pirate Interviews with ThemeIsle. Today, we talk with Ahmad Awais about success in the WordPress development world, coding, design, community, and blogging. Oh, and one more thing… If you missed our last interview, check it out here! Ahmad Awais Interview – Core contributor, front-end fanatic Ahmad loves to share his experience with other people, teach and give talks on various WordPress-related topics. He is also a workflow optimist – you can find him sharing/building all sorts of small automation workflows. Here’s…Continue Reading “Ahmad Awais Interview – WordPress Core Contributor, Front-End Fanatic”