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Wix Domain Cost Explained: Which Plan to Pick and Which to Avoid

Wix is one of the most popular website builder tools out there. The fact that it comes with a free plan probably has something to do with that. But, their domain pricing structure can be a bit confusing. In this post, we tell you all about the Wix domain cost.

Shopify vs Etsy: What’s the Difference and Which Should You Use?

If you’re here reading this, then it means you want to start selling online but can’t figure out which platform is right for you. You’ve probably narrowed your options down to Shopify vs Etsy and are about to make your decision. Good news! You are in the right place because what you will see next is an extensive comparison of the two eCommerce platforms. In this post, we’ll talk about the differences between Shopify and Etsy in terms of features, ease of use, pricing, extra fees, and design.

Average Web Designer Salary for UX, UI, and Visual Designers

Every business needs a website, which means there are lots of opportunities for web designers. But navigating the job market is easier said than done. In this guide, we’ll help you get started by looking at what types of web designer jobs are available and the typical web designer salary for different positions.

How to Check and Update Your WordPress PHP Version

We’ll briefly introduce you to WordPress and PHP, and discuss why it’s important to update to the latest PHP version. Then we’ll explain how to check your current PHP version and show you how you to upgrade it.

WP Landing Kit Is Joining the Themeisle Family of Products!

I’m excited to announce that we have acquired WP Landing Kit, a popular plugin that lets you map domain names to individual WordPress pages within your site. WP Landing Kit was created by Jason Schuller and Phil Kurth at the beginning of 2020 with the goal of solving a very unique issue in the WordPress space. Before WP Landing Kit, there had been no solution for users to launch small mini-sites on WordPress without using WordPress Multisite.

How to Add PHP in WordPress: 4 Easy Methods

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages on the web. If you use WordPress, you’re also using PHP, even if you don’t interact directly with any code. PHP in WordPress makes most of the features that you use possible. There are a lot of ways to edit PHP in WordPress or to add code to your site. Which approach you use will depend on your level of comfort editing WordPress files, but the process is a lot easier than you might imagine.

What’s the Best Programming Language to Learn This Year? Top 4 Options

As our world continues to move toward a digital-first environment, so does our reliance on web development professionals. Therefore, if you want to learn how to code, now is an excellent time to do so. We’ll look at the best programming languages to learn now for better prospects and opportunities.