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WordPress Animation Effects With Lottie and Elementor1-agziSGXsQ

What’s New in Neve 2.9? Three New Features You’ll Fall in Love With

Neve has been with us for more than two years now. Right from day one, our main goal was to make the fastest and most feature-rich WordPress theme possible. All Neve features are carefully analyzed to deliver the best user experience, and every piece of code was optimized to give you a lightweight and fast website. Today, we’re ready to reveal (drum roll) Neve 2.9’s exciting features.

Themeisle Black Friday 2020, Not

First things first, there won’t be a Black Friday at Themeisle this year. We’re not giving away a MacBook or a Tesla, and it’s not because I think there’s anything wrong with discounts themselves. I believe that when used smartly, they are a true win-win for you and your customers.

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