About Us

Ahoy, pirate!

Let us introduce rrrselves!

Welcome to th' island 'o WordPress themes. Here's the way things set the sails here.

We be th' people on th' island:

The Diamond Finder*

* the designer

Designers design. But ours do actually more than that. They are diamond finders. They have the ability to come across an idea and then build upon it until perfection. They spend endless hours working on their diamonds.

The Diamond Cutter*

* the developer

Developers are weird people (sorry). Even when everybody else has already called it a day and went to the beach, they are still cutting their diamonds - writing code. The developers make sure that our themes work without fail.

The Pirate Apprentice*

* the Q&A specialist

His dream is to be a pirate, that's why he's devoted himself to test everything we release. He makes sure that every theme behaves properly from the pirate's (yours) point of view. There's no compromise with this guy!

King 'o Themes*

* king of themes

His majesty is the guy who's main job is to make sure everyone's happy. The clients (aka. pirates), the team, the affiliates, the parrot, everyone. If you need assistance with something, the king 'o themes will help ye out.

The story of the Isle

"Why isn't this an ordinary theme store?" - asks you. Well, yeah, it could be, but we've decided to approach things differently.

The idea for the Isle first came in Nov 2012 when we left the country to try working from an actual island (Koh Lanta - Thailand). We stayed there for a month, and that's where it hit us: WordPress themes don't have to be boring, and working with clients doesn't have to be boring either. We wanted to prove that, so here we are.


One day, all websites in the world will be powered by WordPress, at least that's our dream. But the funny thing is that the web really is shifting towards this scenario. Our goal is to give those websites easy-to-use themes and designs that can be managed by everyone.

No more high maintenance costs. No more expensive training to teach you to "get WordPress." And what's most important, no more 20-year-old designs.

If you would love to work and grow together, we'd be happy to hear from you!

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