The Adventures of ThemeIsle

T ’was the year 2012 and the seas of WordPress were awash with themes. Sometimes using these themes was like walking the plank and finding easy-to-use, high-quality theme was like a treasure hunt. With that in mind, a band of four friendly pirates marooned themselves on an island with the goal of making everything easier.

After a month they had their new approach to WordPress themes: build one store with themes built for specific purposes without the feature burden that made learning WordPress a chore. They started with little money, few skills, and no knowledge but they were willing to learn.

And, for our hearty crew this marked the beginning of their adventure on the high-seas.

Having fun at the office

Our mission

We make it easy for anyone in the world to launch and grow their online presence, through education, high-quality products, and reliable support.

We like to rock the boat

They quickly learned to adapt, three years without a sale will do that, but, finally, learnin’ the ways o’the ‘Press paid off when the Legend of Zerif (Zelle) arrived in 2015.

While Zerif wasn’t perfect, it was soon moored to the popular themes chart in the WordPress repo. Legend has it that it can still be found sailing on over 100k sites to this day.

Zerif’s early success set the tone for all Themeisle products with good features in the free version; excellent documentation & support; and ease of use baked right in.

Continuing the adventure

The spoils of Zerif allowed Themeisle to bring more crew on board and add WordCamps to their pirate’s code. In 2016 Themeisle docked at two of the biggest WordCamps in the world: WCEU and WCUS. For the first time, the crew from Romania, France, India, and St Lucia met to volunteer at a celebration o’ WordPress. This tradition gets bigger every year with a crew wide trip to India for WordCamp Pune, 2019.

Attending WordCamp Pune with Themeisle

Our products be good for seafarers and landlubbers alike.

By 2017 the WordPress tide was changing as themes started to shift towards adaptability rather than specificity. An armada of page builders had given users their opportunity to deck their theme out with more control than ever. Themeisle responded with Hestia. A theme integrated with Elementor to give users the ultimate page building experience.

When Gutenberg made land in 2019 the theme map shuffled again, so Neve was built to give users the freedom to build a site. Their way. From the Gutenberg and Elementor integration to the header and footer builder Neve’s commitment to freedom of use saw it rocket up the popular themes charts. Easy to use and fast Neve quickly joined the 30k club.

Sharing the loot

O’er the years our WordPress work has helped fill our coffers but we’re not plunderers. Each member of the crew has a tale to share about their work in the WordPress community. We’ve added patches to the core, helped with translation, reviewed themes, and spoken at WordCamps across the seas from India to Bucharest.

As a company, we have sponsored WordCamps in Bucharest and in Pune 2019. We partnered with WordCamp Europe in 2018 and 2019 to provide media coverage. We share the spoils and donate pieces of eight to worthy internet causes and we buy the odd coffee for growing developers.

Every year, you’ll find our buccaneers organizing and volunteering at WordCamp Europe. Members of our crew have led WordPress Meetups including the very first meetup in St Lucia, the home away from home for true pirates.

We’re all in the same boat

On the good ship Themeisle you’ll find over 20 crew members from harbors all over the globe. Th’ crew pays no heed to where yer from, be you lass or laddy, your willingness to help people build something great pirate-ness is what’s important. So, whether ye be a salty sea dog or a green novice, we’d love to talk to ye.

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Team photo in Viena

Further adventures

From four hardy pirates who marooned themselves on an island to a global team Themeisle is ready for more WordPress adventures. All hands hoay!

Meet the crew

We’re a friendly group of designers, developers, testers, and marketers.

Ionut Neagu

Ionut Neagu

Cap’n, Chief, Pilot

Stefan Cotitosu

Stefan Cotitosu

Surgeon of Themes

Mihai Ghenciu

Captain o’ Design

Poonam Namdev

Poonam Namdev

Queen of Tickets

Andrei Baicus

Andrei Baicus

Master of All Trades

Vytis Bulkevicius

Bug Tamer

Madalin Milea

Madalin Milea

Master of Help



Support Gunner

Robert Soare

JS Private

Adelina Tuca

Spreader of Words

Mihai Grigore

Corporal o’ Optimole

Vishakha Patel

Vishakha Patel

Whipper of Affiliates

Irinel Enache

Code Surgeon

Cristi Ungureanu

Cristi Ungureanu

Front-End Swain

Content Editor and WordPress Influencer Karol Krol

Karol Krol

Master of Words

Hardeep Asrani

Hardeep Asrani

Gutenberg Swain

Uriahs Victor

Buccaneer Dev

Marius Cristea

Marius Cristea

First Mate

Bogdan Preda

Bogdan Preda

Everything Code

Rodica Andronache

Rodica Irodiu

Dev Whisperer

Sabina Media Team Lead

Sabina Ionescu

Media Wrangler

Matei Stamate

Support First Mate

Andreea Tae

Design Prodigy

Andreea Radacina

Doc of Storytelling

Arina Turcu

Dev Hero

Lucia Marinescu

Support Wiz Kid

Mustafa Kapusuz

Dev Lord

Milica Aleksandric

Champion of Websites

Interested in joining the crew?

Whether you’re a WordPress buccaneer or a landlubber looking to get your sea legs, we’d love to hear about your adventure.

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