Use Google Maps on website

There are many reasons why you would want to use Google maps on a website, but here are the most important ones:

  • It helps users find your locations
  • It sends out trust signals to readers about your credibility as an organization
  • Maps can make your website interactive and thereby improve user experience

This post is all about examples of how you can use Google Maps on websites. If you’re looking for the actual how to for the technical part, you can check out our guide on how to add Google Maps to WordPress, or just grab the Intergeo Maps plugin to do it for you.

Ten examples of how to use Google Maps on website

Here are ten creative ways to use Google Maps on your website…

1. Contact page maps on website

use Google maps on website - contact page

Let’s start with the most obvious way to use Google maps on website. That is, on contact pages. A contact page is one of the many essential pages of a website and helps visitors find you in your corner of the world. A map on your contact page instantly assures visitors that you’re not a fly-by-night operator. In the image above, Weikfield Group Contracting have used a map to show their location, which is particularly helpful on mobile devices.

2. Tourist maps

City tourist maps

One way to make your city tourist-friendly is to use Google maps on website. On the map, you can point out the different places of interest, transport options, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and more to make it convenient for tourists to move about in the new place. Take a look at the map of London above for inspiration.

3. Event showcase maps

Showcase events

Got an event going that spans multiple continents, countries, cities, or streets? One way of keeping tabs on events is to add an events calendar to your website. But another way to do the same thing is to use a map to capture an overview of what’s happening at the different venues at different points of time. Startup Weekend uses maps to highlight venues of events, and tooltips lead to more information as well as to tickets to the event.

If the website is dedicated solely to the event, you can even make the map your landing page.

4. Area trends or preferences maps

Flourish studio map

Did your favorite movie secure a nomination at recent the Oscar awards? In case you’re curious about others who share your preferences, take a peek at the map above, created by Flouris Studio. It breaks up for you the most searched best picture nominees for this year by county. In a similar fashion, you can illustrate regional preferences or facts for any parameter and location. With the help of tooltips, you can allow visitors to call up any information you want to share.

5. Scale of operations maps

Show scale of activity

If you have operations on a large scale, what better way to show it than on a map? That’s exactly what Airbnb does on their website. They display in real time where their guests are checking in, in locations around the globe. Visitors immediately understand the stay options open to them in any country.

6. Data visualization maps

Use Google Maps on website to visualize data

Putting across a point using loads of facts and figures doesn’t convey much right away. Instead, why not try and visualize the data using maps? Take a look at the sailing seas of plastic above to understand the extent of environmental damage on account of plastic use.

7. Comparison maps

The Economist

Sometimes, it can be difficult to communicate to visitors the scale of comparison between two or more objects. What better way than to do it on a map? Check out the map-in-map used by The Economist to compare the GDP of different countries to the GDP individual states in the USA. Neat, no?

8. Store locator maps

Michigan Apple Market

If you have physical outlets spread across the country, use Google Maps on website to let customers find you. That’s exactly what the Michigan Apple Market does. It helps users locate markets and learn more about each location by clicking on the marker.

9. Real estate maps

How to use Google Maps on website for real estate

When it comes to real estate, using Google Maps on website can prove invaluable. Zillow shows you how to go about it in the image above. You can search for homes on a map and find out more about each home by clicking on it.

10. Charity work showcase maps

Discover projects

NGOs and other folks doing good work need to showcase their prior achievements or track record in order to establish their credibility as do-gooders. Rolex Awards does this with the help of a map, helping you discover projects all over the world by clicking on a map. It’s also a good idea for an NGO having worldwide reach to use a map on their homepage, so visitors immediately understand that they mean business.

A few more rapid-fire examples of how to use Google Maps on websites

Need more inspiration?

Try and use Google maps on website for:

  • Local SEO
  • Floor plans in big buildings or directions to parking lots
  • Showing relationships and trends geographically
  • Providing virtual and augmented reality experiences in gaming
  • Collecting user feedback and conducting surveys
  • Displaying any information in real time from different places
  • Highlighting any area such as crime hotspots or traffic density or energy consumption
  • What if scenarios
  • To make comparisons

Do you have any questions about how to implement these examples? Ask away in the comments section!

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