Best Domain Registrars

Looking for the best domain registrars to purchase your website’s domain name?

We’ve got you covered.

In this article, we look at the 5 most popular registrars:

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Namecheap
  3. OVH
  4. SiteGround
  5. Bluehost

…and tell you how each one measures up in terms of price, ease of use, and customer support.

All of these domain name registrars are ICANN-accredited, which means the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has officially granted them permission to register domain names.

Let’s jump right in!

Five best domain registrars in 2019

1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the largest ICANN-accredited domain registrars, and it’s pretty much a household name.

GoDaddy Domain Name Registrar

But is it a good fit for you? Let’s find out!

GoDaddy pricing

The prices for GoDaddy are:

  • .com – $11.99
  • .net – $12.99
  • .co – $11.99

Ease of use

We’re not big fans of the checkout process at GoDaddy…

Namely because there are so. Many. Upsells.

Seriously, though – you’ll get bombarded with upsells at every turn, and it gets really frustrating.

Additional services that GoDaddy offers

GoDaddy also offers these services:

  • Purchase domain names in bulk.
  • Purchasing domain names that are already taken (or attempting to, at least).
  • Web hosting. If you’re getting hosting from GoDaddy, they provide 1-click installation for WordPress. You won’t need to go through the hassle of installing WordPress manually!

Customer support

While GoDaddy prides themselves on being the “World’s #1 ICANN-accredited Domain Registrar”, many would beg to differ.

They’ve gotten a lot of terrible reviews based on their customer service. For example, in our WordPress hosting survey, GoDaddy ranked near the bottom in terms of support quality. While that survey did deal specifically with hosting, rather than just domain registration, it is a good indicator of the overall reputation GoDaddy has for customer service.

2. Namecheap

Namecheap isn’t as big as GoDaddy (not by a long shot!), but they’re nevertheless a trusted brand. Like GoDaddy, they’re also ICANN-accredited. And Namecheap is also one of the best domain registrars when it comes to balancing price and support.

NameCheap is one of the best domain registrars

Namecheap pricing

The prices for Namecheap are:

  • .com – $10.98 (currently on sale at $8.48)
  • .net – $12.98
  • .co – $23.98 (currently on sale at $8.88)

Namecheap’s .com pricing might look quite similar to that of GoDaddy’s at first glance, but with Namecheap, you’re actually getting more bang for the buck.

Why is that so? Well, if you register a .com domain with Namecheap, they’ll throw in a WhoisGuard privacy protection for free. A lot of people don’t like publicly exposing their contact information, so this is a nice bonus.

Ease of use

Buying a domain name on Namecheap is easy-peasy.

The checkout process is simple and straightforward, and unlike GoDaddy, they don’t try and jam in as many upsells as possible.

Namecheap’s domain management panel is also simple and intuitive, so they get extra brownie points there.

Additional services that Namecheap offers

Namecheap also offers:

  • Free domain email forwarding
  • Web hosting. Like GoDaddy, NameCheap offers 1-click installation for WordPress if you’re purchasing a hosting plan.

Customer support

First things first: Namecheap only offers 24/7 live chat, so you can’t call in.

That said, most folks say that the live chat function is easy to use, and they get their inquiries answered in less than a day.

Namecheap also has a Status Updates blog where they keep all their customers in the loop about their scheduled maintenance and other issues.

3. OVH

OVH isn’t quite as popular as Namecheap and GoDaddy in the US, but it’s the #1 domain registrar in Europe. So if you do reside in Europe, this is one of the best domain registrars for you.


OVH pricing

Because OVH is based in the UK, its pricing is in pounds.

OVH Pricing 1024x424

All domain names come with a free email address (+ 5GB of storage space), a Whois Obfuscator, and Domain Name System Security Extension.

Ease of use 

It’s easy enough to navigate OVH’s website and purchase a domain name.

Their domain management panel is also decent – no major problems there. With that being said, the management interfaces and the level of support offered vary by location which is inconvenient for multinational customers.

Additional services that OVH offers

In addition to domain names, OVH also offers:

  • Web hosting. (There’s the option of purchasing an add-on called DNS Anycast, which redirects your visitors to the DNS server that is the closest to them.)

Customer support

We didn’t manage to dig up a ton of reviews about OVH, but the ones that we did find talk about how OVH isn’t very responsive. Response times can be slow and it may take 24 hours or more to get in touch with someone.

4. SiteGround 

SiteGround is primarily a web host, but they do offer domain name registration services as well. Because SiteGround’s main focus is web hosting, it makes a great option if you’re looking for domain registration and hosting in one place.

SiteGround 1

SiteGround pricing

SiteGround doesn’t have the best pricing; their domain names start at $15.95+ per year. As we said, their primary business is hosting, not selling domains!

With that being said, if you’re not comfortable working directly with nameservers, paying $5 might be worth it for the convenience of having your domain name and hosting in one spot. SiteGround is one of the best domain registrars that also offers hosting.

Ease of use

SiteGround’s website is neatly laid out, and you won’t encounter much trouble purchasing a domain. Their domain management panel is intuitive to use as well.

Additional services that SiteGround offers

SiteGround also offers:

  • Web hosting
  • Email hosting

Read our SiteGround review for more on their hosting offerings.

Customer support

When it comes to customer support, SiteGround is pretty all-rounded.

Their support channels are available 24/7, and you can contact them via phone or live chat, or submit a ticket.

In our WordPress hosting survey, SiteGround scored a 4.7 out of 5 for support, which was by far the highest score at its price point. So if support is a big thing for you, that’s another mark in SiteGround’s favor.

5. Bluehost

Like SiteGround, Bluehost is more focused on selling hosting plans than domain names. (Their name says it all!). Again, this makes it one of the best domain registrars if you want a solution where you can have your hosting and domain name all in one spot.

BlueHost 1

Bluehost pricing

Registering a domain name on Bluehost is pretty affordable. Here are Bluehost’s prices:

BlueHost Domain Names 1024x400

Ease of use

It’s easy to purchase your first domain name on Bluehost. We like their easy-to-use interface, and the fact that they aren’t aggressive with their upsells.

Additional services that Bluehost offers

Read our Bluehost review for more on their hosting offerings.

Customer support

While BlueHost isn’t the worst when it comes to customer services, there are quite a few complaints floating around online. In our WordPress hosting survey, they scored a 3.2 out of 5, which was near the bottom of the most popular hosts.

Again, this support score is for hosting specifically (not domain registration), but it does give you a good idea of what type of support you can expect.

Wrapping it up

If you ask us, the best domain name registrar (by far!) is Namecheap.

They have great customer service and excellent prices, and they’re an easy choice!

And if you need help coming up with a domain name to register, check out our posts on domain name generators, domain extensions, and how to choose a domain name.

Now over to you – have you used any of the best domain registrars featured here? What was your experience? Drop us a comment to let us know!
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