One Page Website Examples

Sometimes, one page is all you need to promote your business. A large or complex website may be unnecessary, especially if you run a startup or offer a single service or product. Some one page website examples can show you how to implement a more streamlined approach.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of visually appealing and effective single-page websites you can learn from. By reviewing these real-life examples, you’ll be better prepared to design a site that effectively communicates all the most important information in one place.

Ten real-life one page website examples

Let’s look at some high-quality one page website examples that will inspire you to design your own website.

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1. Roma

Roma is a one page website that raises awareness about the exploitation of domestic workers.

The Roma homepage is a one page website example of a non-profit, charity, or social activism site.

If you want to set up a site to raise awareness, one page may be enough to make a lasting impact. You can present startling facts, embed educational videos, and show visitors how they can contribute to your cause.

2. Artone Studio

Next up, we have Artone Studio, a design agency based in Romania.

The Artone website is a one page website example of a design agency.

By using animation on your one page website, you’ll avoid overwhelming the user with too much information right away. Instead, you can present different elements one at a time for a more engaging user experience (UX)

3. Cook Collective

Cook Collective is a shared kitchen service that enables businesses in the food industry, from virtual restaurants to street vendors, to rent a preparation station and storage space.

The Cook Collective website is a one page website example of a rental service.

This one page website example shows that you don’t need to fill up your site with a lot of content to promote your service. By using a single page with clearly defined sections, you can present a short bio of your company, list the key features of your service, and finally enable users to get in touch or make a request. 

4. Brainsave

One page websites can be ideal for promoting ideas and concepts. For example, Brainsave is a website that promises immersive interactions with personal memories and experiences.

The Brainsave homepage is a one page website example for promoting unique ideas and concepts.

As demonstrated by Brainsave, memory timeline visualization can be a thing if presented in a cool way such as a one page website. You can use a large and attractive header image to draw the user in, and keep their attention with gradual exposure to gamified questions and stories throughout the rest of the page.

5. We Ain’t Plastic

We Ain’t Plastic is a one page online portfolio for a UX engineer:

We Ain't Plastic is a one page website example of a UX engineer's portfolio.

This one page website example shows us that it’s possible to highlight all of your best works and projects in one place. However, to keep things neat and organized, you’ll only want to display additional information once the user performs an action, such as clicking on a Read More button.

6. Curatr Paris

Let’s look at another one page website example for portfolios. Curatr Paris is an award-winning agency that brings creative brands together for collaboration.

Curatr Paris homepage is a one page website example of a web agency that connects creative brands.

This one page website example presents a way of showcasing projects while keeping your layout clean. Using slideshows and visual elements can help you avoid clutter and make your site more interactive.

7. Balsoy

Balsoy is a one page site for a condiment that combines balsamic vinegar and soy sauce:

Balsoy website is a one page website example of a company promoting one signature product.

If you want to create a website for your own product, you can use this framework to organize your information on one page. For instance, you might showcase the product’s features and use cases with engaging elements such as animated transitions and videos. 

8. Feniix

Next on our list of one page website examples is Feniix. This is a one page website about sustainable energy.

The Feniix homepage is a one page website example of a promotion for sustainable energy.

If you want to promote a cause such as green initiatives, you can do so with a one-page site. You can design a minimalist page and include additional elements, like a blurb and images, or graphics to provide more context.

9. Nelson Vassalo

Nelson Vassalo is a one page portfolio website for designers and developers.

The Nelson Vassalo website is a one page website example for designers and developers.

If you work in an industry that’s mainly visual, such as graphic design or photography, you might use a similar layout for your one page website. You can opt for an animated tabbed portfolio and dynamic full-screen elements that keep visitors immersed.

10. Pastaria

Finally, let’s look at Pastaria. This one page restaurant website has a fun and colorful design.

The Pastaria website is a one page website example that's perfect for restaurants.

It’s a basic yet compact page that contains all the information you would expect to find on a restaurant site. It also has a few interesting elements that add character to the page, like the sticky side menu in the shape of a pizza base. This shows that you can still incorporate unique features into your one-page site, even though you’re working with limited space.

Create your own one page website today 🏁

One page websites can be used for a variety of purposes, such as selling a single product, promoting an event, or offering professional services.

Alternatively, if you run a small business or restaurant, you can probably fit all the important information customers need to know onto a single page.

In this post, we looked at some real-life one page website examples. For instance, portfolio sites, such as We Ain’t Plastic and Artone Studio, display project details with interactive elements, like sliders and pop-ups. Meanwhile, Pastaria and Balsoy are both single-page food sites that make smart use of visuals to promote their products concisely.

If you want to get started with your own one page website, you can follow our guides on how to create a WordPress site and then how to set up a one page website with WordPress.

Do you still have any questions about how to create a one page website like these examples? Let us know in the comments section below!

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