To help your business succeed, you’ll need an effective online marketing strategy that can help you build brand awareness, attract more customers, and increase conversions. A landing page is one of those tools. “What is a landing page on a website?” – you might ask.

Keep scrolling to learn 👨‍🎓 the purpose of a landing page, its difference from a homepage, and some tips to create a great landing page.

What is a landing page on a website?

If you’re still new to digital marketing, it’s natural to ask the question: “What is a landing page on a website?”

💡 When someone sees one of your ads, emails, or social media posts, becomes interested, and clicks on your link, they are directed to a landing page.

The purpose of a landing page is to encourage visitors to take a specific action. For example, you want them to complete a signup form, join your list, or purchase your product.

A landing page is different from a homepage in several ways. While a homepage provides general details about your business, a landing page aims to drive conversions. It means you’re converting visitors into leads and actual paying customers.

While people visiting your homepage may not know what they’re looking for yet, users who have reached your landing page are already interested in your offerings.

Moreover, homepages contain multiple links and distractions throughout the page’s content. Landing pages, on the other hand, often have fewer links or even a single link only to encourage conversion.

The calls to action on homepages are also broader, like “Learn more.” With landing pages, you have one specific goal, such as “Sign up for our newsletter,” “Download our free ebook,” or “Register for the event.”

There are several types of landing pages, such as product landing pages, long-form landing pages, and thank-you landing pages. However, the two major types are click-through landing pages and lead-generation landing pages.

Click-through landing pages focus on subscriptions and sales; they often have CTA buttons that direct users to a page where they can buy products.

Lead-generation landing pages use forms to collect people’s information, including names and email addresses. This way, you can create a list of potential customers. You can offer a free ebook or something else in exchange for their information.

How to create a landing page

Apart from asking what is a landing page on a website, you should also know how to create a landing page effectively. Remember the acronym KISS: keep it short and simple. Do not provide a navigation link to other pages. These users are ready to convert or make a purchase, so they shouldn’t be tempted to check somewhere else – like your blog – and end up forgetting to buy your product.

A good landing page also has a captivating headline. Highlight the value you’re providing and catch attention with keywords like “free” and “now.” Some landing page examples include subheadings that provide more information and more reasons for users to convert.

Another important element is visuals. These help you communicate your message within seconds and influence users’ behavior. The hero image should grab their attention and clearly show them what your offer is. Use images that represent your products or services. Create a visual story that emphasizes the benefits of your business.

You should have clear and irresistible CTAs as well, like “Start free trial,” “Download app,” “Request a demo,” and “Buy now.” Reviews and testimonials from past and existing customers will also help your landing page shine. If visitors know that other customers are satisfied with your products or services, they’ll gain confidence in your brand and be more convinced to make a purchase.

To make your landing page, use a landing page template that you like and that matches your needs. You can customize it afterward. You can also use two different designs to test which one drives more conversions. Among the elements that you can test are the CTAs, visuals, and headlines.

You can explore various free landing page builders as well. They’re often user-friendly and easy to use, so you can create your landing page quickly. These landing page builders offer different features to meet your needs.

Final thoughts on what is a landing page on a website

What is a landing page on a website? In digital marketing, this standalone page allows you to convince visitors 📺 to take your desired action, such as scheduling a demo, downloading an app, or buying a product. They’re meant to increase conversions, so they should be clear and simple – but catchy.

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