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Looking to add extra functionality to the Elementor page builder? Then read on, as we’re taking a look at some of the best free Elementor add-ons available…

Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress page builders because of its flexibility, ease of use, and the fact that it has a powerful free version that you can extend with…free Elementor add-ons!

While the default Elementor page builder has plenty of functionality already, these add-ons make things even better without requiring you to spend a dime.

Though some have more full-featured premium versions, all of the free Elementor add-ons that we’ll look at in this list are 100% free (obviously!) and give you new elements or otherwise new functionality. Let’s check them out!

Best free Elementor add-ons compared

While I’ll dig deeper into each add-on, here’s how these free Elementor add-ons compare at first glance:

PluginPriceWidgetsPro version
Press ElementsFree12Yes
AnyWhere ElementorFree8Yes
Elementor Addon ElementsFree19Yes
Header Footer ElementorFree8No
StylePress for ElementorFree4Yes
Hotel Booking & Elementor IntegrationFree10No

1. Press Elements

This is a developer-friendly plugin that lets you use core WordPress elements in Elementor. For instance, you can add a preset site title, author box, business logo, or various post data to the Elementor page builder without having to recreate them again.

The widgets are actually linked to these elements’ back-end code and are automatically generated when they’re requested.

Once added in Elementor, you can’t edit the site title or logo, since they are the default ones. Instead, you can customize them by doing things like:

  • Making them bounce
  • Changing their color
  • Styling them a bit to match the template’s design.

The nice part about this add-on is that it lets you save the design you created for a post and import it as a template for future (or past) posts and pages.

Press Elements

⭐ Best for: developers and site owners who want to simplify their work by dragging back-end elements to the page builder’s front-end

⚙️ Widgets type: single post elements (title, excerpt, author, date, comments, featured image terms, custom field) & global site elements (logo, title, description, counters)

2. AnyWhere Elementor

AnyWhere Elementor lets you save the templates that you create and embed them in other areas using shortcodes. But that’s not all.

With this add-on, you can also create multiple layouts, add post elements, or create hooks to GeneratePress and OceanWP themes. I created a template via Elementor, pasted its shortcode in another post, and the template showed up there exactly as I built it.

As for new elements, the add-on comes with the same post elements as Press Elements:

  • Excerpt
  • Author box
  • Date
  • Featured image
  • Comments
  • etc.

You can find them in Elementor sidebar under “AE” name each.

Anywhere Elementor

⭐ Best for: users who want to build beautiful Elementor templates and landing pages that can be easily transferred across the site via shortcodes

⚙️ Widgets type: single post elements (title, excerpt, author, date, comments, featured image, terms, custom field)

3. Elementor Addon Elements

Elementor Addon Elements adds 16 neat new elements that haven’t been featured in any of the previous add-ons.


  • Timeline
  • Comparison table
  • Flip boxes
  • Text separators
  • Pricing tables
  • Post lists
  • Animated text
  • Various forms of text splitting
  • Google Map
  • Twitter integration

I personally like this plugin because it is easy to use, with no confusing functions, and adds awesome and interactive features to your content. That is, unlike the other free Elementor add-ons, it’s mainly just focused on giving you cool new ways to manipulate regular content.

In short, this add-on is good if you want to animate your site a bit, but you can also use it to add a professional note to your business (brand).

Elementor Addon Elements

⭐ Best for: people who want to give their pages and content a new vibe via interactive, branding elements

⚙️ Widgets type: mixed interactive elements (flip box, pricing table, text separator, shape separator, post list, animated text, text splitting)

4. Elementor – Header, Footer & Blocks

This add-on was made to let you create new headers, footers, and blocks (Gutenberg) in Elementor. Basically, you can design a header, footer, or block with Elementor and add it to your site.

The only catch is that the plugin only works with 7 specific themes (all of which are popular themes for Elementor):

  • Neve
  • Hestia
  • Astra
  • GeneratePress
  • OceanWP
  • Genesis
  • Phlox
Header Footer Block Elementor

⭐ Best for: Neve, Hestia, GeneratePress, OceanWP, Astra, and Genesis users who need fresh headers and footers, or want to be able to create blocks

⚙️ Widgets type: header & footer elements (title, excerpt, date, author, terms, featured image, custom field, comments)

5. StylePress for Elementor

StylePress is a complex plugin that lets you create a template via Elementor, save it, and then add it to various parts of your site. It also provides new elements such as:

  • Email subscription
  • Sliders
  • Styled Google map
  • WordPress menus

What I like about this plugin is that anything you create can be added anywhere on your site. For instance, I created a small landing page and I was able to use it as a homepage header, put it in single post content, on the search results page, or even make it show up as a 404 page. You can also remove your actual theme’s CSS and only keep what you designed with the page builder.

With StylePress, you can practically create a new theme from scratch because you can put together various layouts and templates and add them where they belong on the site.

StylePress has two concepts:

  • Inner Style is the one you use in posts and pages and may vary from page to page.
  • Outer Style is the same throughout the whole website and includes the header, logo, footer, and sidebar.

In short, this plugin lets you create templates for both styles and arrange everything to make it look like an actual theme design. Just create a layout and assign it to a style and a page type.


⭐ Best for: coders and non-coders who want to design their site entirely (or partially) with Elementor – if you use this plugin, you can create your own theme

⚙️ Widgets type: mixed elements (WordPress menu, email subscription, page slider, styled Google map)

6. Hotel Booking & Elementor Integration

Hotel Booking & Elementor Integration add-on is new on the market and is designed specifically for the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin. Its main aim is to help people edit the Hotel Booking plugin shortcodes visually in Elementor. Basically, this integration add-on creates user-friendly shortcode generators that are easy to use for non-tech people who build vacation rental WordPress websites.

There are several widgets you can add in Elementor without a need to go back and forth to shortcodes and then posts/pages:

  • Search availability form (check-in, check-out dates, number of adults)
  • Search results
  • Properties listing (or individual properties by IDs)
  • Accommodation rates
  • Booking form
  • Checkout form

Keep in mind that these Elementor add-ons only work if you install MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin!

MotoPress Hotel Booking

⭐ Best for: people who build lodging WordPress websites and rent our their properties online

⚙️ Widgets type: mixed elements (single accommodation and properties listing, booking form, check-out form, search availability form, accommodation rates)

That concludes our comparison featuring the best free Elementor add-ons. Did we miss anything? If you are using other interesting plugins that add nice elements to Elementor, we would love to find out what they are.

And by the way, if you’re using any of the plugins we presented in the post and want to share your opinion with us, we can’t wait to read it, so tell us what you think.

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Mainul Kabir Aion
July 17, 2018 12:49 pm

Hi there, thanks for this awesome list. Can you please look into Essential Addons for Elementor? I think it’s a good addon that should be in this list. 🙂

Anand Upadhyay
December 23, 2017 8:40 am

Thanks a lot for including 2 of our plugins (AnyWhere Elementor and Elementor Addon Elements) in your collection.

Adelina Tuca
December 29, 2017 10:41 pm
Reply to  Anand Upadhyay

No problem, they’re just great! Keep up the good work. 🙂

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