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10 Great News Aggregator Websites You Should Check Out

Let’s agree that the information age can be overwhelming without news aggregator websites. Not only is there a lot of information in total, but it is also scattered all over the web. In order to save time, you can bring all of the news, updates, insights, tips, guides, articles into one location with content aggregators. This article is a deep...

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How to Fix the “Background and Foreground Colors Do Not Have a Sufficient Contrast Ratio” Accessibility Error

Website optimization isn't just about loading times. A fast website keeps people happy, but only if it offers a great user experience at the same time. If your website isn't accessible, you may see warnings such as “Background and foreground colors do not have a sufficient contrast ratio.” In this article, we'll explain what this error means and why contrast is so important for web accessibility. Then, we'll show you how to fix it using some tools you already have at your disposal.

12 Examples of Modern 90s Website Design to Die for!

Are you looking to inject some nostalgia into your branding? 90s website design is the place to look. Since the 90s provided the first websites of the World Wide Web, the decade was full of experimentation and bold aesthetics. In this post, we'll discuss some of the most iconic examples of 90s website design.

10+ Best Spots to Find Free Illustrations for Your Design Projects

If you look at the landscape of web design today, it's evident that visual graphics elements are taking over. From simple icon fonts to dynamic shapes and full-blown illustrations that strengthen the brand image. This post will explore different choices for finding free illustrations for your website design project.

8 Ways to Find Someone’s Email Address in 2024

Have you ever needed to reach out to someone you don’t have an email address for? Whatever the reason might be, trying to find someone’s email address can often feel overwhelming. In this guide, we’ll discuss eight techniques to help make your email address hunt much easier. We’ll detail how each one works, and by the end of this post, you should be confident enough to try and find anyone’s email contact.