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Lossy vs Lossless Compression: Which Is Better for Online Images

Any type of image compression is better than nothing. Yet, to consistently improve your website’s performance, it’s best to understand the differences between lossy vs lossless compression options. Let's find out more about the concept of image optimization and lossy vs lossless compression.

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8 of the Best Web Design Courses Online

Between hundreds of blogs and dozens of learning platforms, there is an endless amount of information regarding web design courses online. To help you find the best options, we’ve collected some of our favorite web design courses.

A Beginner’s Guide to WordPress DNS Configuration

The Domain Name System (DNS) is one of the backbones of the modern web. Hundreds of millions of records make up this system, which contains information on what IP addresses map to which domains. In this article, we'll explain how WordPress users can change domain records, configure nameservers, set up redirections, and manage add-on domains.

WordPress Redirections: A Complete Guide for Beginners

If you're planning to migrate or update your site, you may need to change some of its URLs. Therefore, you might be wondering how to set up WordPress redirections on your website. In this tutorial, we'll take a closer look at WordPress redirections and the types of redirects you can set up. Then, we'll show you how to create them on your site.

5 Best WYSIWYG Web Builder Tools & Their Evolution of Features

I remember the days when creating a website felt like trying to decode a secret language. Before a WYSIWYG web builder, the only way to build a site was through the often mysterious world of HTML, CSS, and other coding languages. We’ve evolved to the era of block builders. Join me as I navigate through the top WYSIWYG web builder tools that have made the process of creating a website so simple.

6 Sites to Hire WordPress Freelancers if You Need a Helping Hand

Whether you're a WordPress newbie looking for help setting everything up or a seasoned pro who needs specialty expertise to grow, we all need a little help with our WordPress sites from time to time. And it's important for you to understand where and how to hire WordPress freelancers before you start looking - which is exactly what we're going to share in this article!