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3 Best WordPress Job Board Plugins Compared

The right WordPress job board plugin can help you transform your site into a fantastic place to post about job openings. With a job board, you can use the site to post openings in your own business or enable users to publish other opportunities. In this article, we're going to help you pick the perfect WordPress job board plugin for your needs by comparing our top choices.

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Who Owns WordPress? It’s Kinda Complex…but Here’s the Thing

The short answer to who owns WordPress is this: it depends. If you want to dig into the WordPress ownership question in more detail, this post will fully explain the distinction between the WordPress project and, as well as the ownership details for everything related to WordPress.

Inspiro Theme Review: Is It Right for Your WordPress Website?

The Inspiro theme is a modern, lightweight layout that helps you showcase your photos and videos in the best light. If you're wondering if it's the right theme for your WordPress site, then you need to read this thorough Inspiro review to find out.

Optimole vs Smush: Which Image Optimizer is Better?

Adding custom features, media, and content can slow your website down. An optimization tool can help - and if you've narrowed it down to Optimole vs Smush, you're on the right track. Still, you might need more information to decide which is better. In this post, we'll compare the two popular image optimizers to help you determine which is a better option for your website.

UpdraftPlus vs Duplicator: Which Backup/Migration Tool Is Better?

The hunt for the best WordPress backup and migration plugin isn't an easy one. It's common to narrow your search to two or three plugins, so we've taken two of the most popular solutions and rigorously tested them to help you decide. Check out our comparison of UpdraftPlus vs Duplicator for the ultimate test of which backup/migration tool is best.

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We Compared 4 WordPress Activity Logs Plugins: Our Results

If you’re running a WordPress site with multiple contributors or a lot of activity, you’ll want to stay in the loop about what happens and when on your site. The problem is that keeping track of every change manually is basically impossible if you run an active website. That’s where WordPress activity logs plugins come in.

How to Craft a Solid Website Structure: A Beginner’s Guide

Website structure plays a key role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It also affects the user experience of your site. Therefore, you'll want to ensure that your content is structured in a way that makes sense for both users and search engines. In this beginner's guide we will teach you how to do just that!

Wordfence Security vs iThemes Security: Which Should You Use?

Are you looking for the best security plugin for your WordPress site? Wordfence and iThemes are two popular options, but it can be difficult to decide which one to use. Fortunately, there are some key differences between them. We'll carefully review those differences so that you can decide which security plugin is better for your site.