Meet Hestia

The last 3 months have been very busy in the shop. First, we launched TheMotion – not only our first video theme, but also the first theme that we made available through ThemeForest. And now, it’s time for a new chapter!

Hestia is the name of our latest creation – a slick material design theme for business.

It comes in 2 flavors – one of them free – and it’s not just another WordPress theme, it has an interesting story behind it. Tune in:

Introducing Hestia Lite

hestia material design theme

Hestia Lite is the free version of the theme. It has elegant material design, overall clean, modern, and extremely stylish look. This combination is perfect for startups and small businesses.

The name was chosen by Rodica Andronache, the coordinator of the project, and it has a deep significance. According to Wikipedia, “In Ancient Greek religion, Hestia is a virgin goddess of the hearth, architecture, and the right ordering of domesticity, the family, the home, and the state.”

Here’s Rodica:

We thought this name will fit the theme great. It was built on material design, with focus on structure and architecture, hence giving it the name of the Greek goddess of architecture seemed very in place.

Let’s look through some of Hestia’s main features:

  • Responsive design. Because it’s a must! One does not simply build a theme without making it mobile-friendly these days.
  • One-page layout. Hestia’s layout is built to look like a single page, which makes the navigation easier and more intuitive for everyone. One-page themes are always awesome, right?
  • WooCommerce compatibility. If you want to launch an online store as part of your site, it won’t be a problem. Hestia was coded to support WooCommerce properly.
  • Compatible with drag-and-drop builders. If you’re a fan of drag-and-drop content builders then I have some good news for you. Hestia will cooperate with your favorite one out the box.
  • SEO friendly. The code of Hestia was optimized to play well with all of SEO’s latest trends and requirements.
  • Live customizer. Hestia supports WordPress’ live customizer. This means that when you make changes, you’ll get to see them in real time in the same window, with no need to refresh the page over and over.
  • Newsletter subscription form from SendinBlue. SendinBlue is one of the popular email and newsletter delivery services. Hestia has their subscription form already built-in and integrated.
  • Widgetized footer. Full widget support in the footer. This means that you can add any information about you and your business there.
Download Hestia Lite for FREE!

How we designed the theme

As you might have noticed, Hestia uses some cool material design. To achieve that effect, we borrowed Material Kit Pro from the Creative Tim guys, and built everything on top of it.


To say it simply, we fell in love with the way Material Kit Pro looked. Besides, we also figured that, setting the beautiful design apart, using a kit like this would have simplified the development process a lot. Which it did!

Let’s hear it from Andrei Baicus, our developer:

Working on Hestia was much smoother than our average product development process until now. This time, the theme was not made from scratch as many of our other themes usually are (Photoshop design to product conversion), but it was based on Material Kit Pro, a front-end Bootstrap kit created by Creative Tim. That helped us a lot on the product development part because we always had a reference to go back to as we worked on it.

How Hestia was born

The idea itself – to start based on an UI kit – came from Ionut Neagu, our CEO. He thought that the approach was interesting, and that it would also be a great challenge for our development team, since it’s a completely new path to theme creation.

Almost every member of the team contributed with something as we were preparing the final concept. Then, Andrei, Hardeep, Cristi, and Claudiu were the ones who worked on the theme. Everything happened under Rodica’s coordination.

Hardeep was truly enthusiastic about this project:

One of my favorite parts about Hestia is its code. It’s beautiful. It’s well-formatted and we’re using proper functions to escape and sanitize everything, making sure only valid data goes in. We’re following all the WordPress guidelines for themes, which makes it easier for an average user to set it up, plus the Section Ordering control is amazing. It’s something so awesome that I was blown away (not literally) the first time I saw it. It’s one of my favorite themes in our collection.

And last but not least, let’s give the credit to Alex Paduraru and his team, the creators of this great kit. Now let’s pass the mic to Alex and hear the story of Material Kit (the short version of it):

Material Kit is our latest and the most complex UI Kit we’ve ever built, made on the top of the famous Bootstrap Framework. The story behind this product is very simple: starting with 2014, we’ve seen that Material Design by Google was getting a lot of traction and there were a lot of people using it because it created a visual standard between desktop, tablet and phone. So we’ve spent a couple of months in order to analyze their principles and what are the latest trends in web design for 2016.

Then we’ve put what we learned together and we’ve created one of the most beautiful UI Kits based on Material Design. There are a lot of people who say that Material Kit is the Material Design with a facelift. We are glad to know that a successful and influential brand like ThemeIsle got our Material Kit and decided to use it for such a great product as Hestia.

Hestia Pro Is Also Available

Okay, so Hestia Lite is only one side of the coin. The other is Hestia Pro.

As usually with those things, Hestia Pro offers everything you’ll find in Hestia Lite + many more interesting features.

Here’s what’s inside Hestia Pro:

  • Custom colors. Aside from the default color, we also bring you a range of color schemes so you can match your website with your business identity.
  • Parallax scrolling. The scrolling is smooth and fun thanks to the parallax effect between the sections.
  • Portfolio integrated with Jetpack. Hestia provides a beautiful and classy grid portfolio where you can upload your best projects. Everything integrated with the Jetpack plugin.


  • Ribbons and call-to-action areas. Marketing goals should be always kept in mind, so we added ribbons and custom areas between the sections where you can add your calls-to-action (with texts and buttons).
  • Pricing plans/tables. Present your pricing tiers/plans in a nice table that makes everything clear and understandable to your audience.


  • Quality support. If you choose Hestia for your business, we won’t let you down. Our support team will be there for you, providing solutions anytime you need them.
Get Hestia Pro for $99!

* This price not only includes Hestia Pro but also comes with our full collection of 20+ premium themes.

Lastly, we’ve also made Hestia Pro available through ThemeForest … in case that’s your preferred place to get WordPress themes.

The price tag there is $79, and it falls under ThemeForest’s standard license agreement, which has its pros and cons (naturally, we encourage you to get the theme straight from

Andrei was the one who took care of the submission and made sure that the theme is in tune with all of ThemeForest’s guidelines. To be honest, submitting a theme to a marketplace like that gives us another layer of feedback on top of everything that we’ve done. Sometimes, having an outside perspective like that can reveal some new issues that you might have missed yourself.

Sites that use Hestia

Yes, there are already people who activated the theme on their sites, and we are more than happy about this! Here’s a quick gallery:


Have a cool site on Hestia? Let us know.

In conclusion

So … this is Hestia, our latest WordPress theme, which we developed through fun and hard work.

We’d love for you to try it out and tell us what you think about it. 🙂

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