add a logo carousel to WordPress

Struggling with how to add a logo carousel to WordPress? Logo carousels offer a simple visual way to showcase clients you’ve worked with or publications that you’ve been featured in.

But without some help, it can be difficult to actually add a good-looking, evenly-spaced logo carousel to your website. Don’t worry! We’ve got that help.

In this post, we’ll show you two different methods that you can use to add a logo carousel to WordPress. First, we’ll give you a tutorial on how to use a popular dedicated logo slider plugin. Then, we’ll give you another tutorial on how to do it using the Elementor page builder.

Here are the methods we’re going to discuss in this post:

  1. Using a logo carousel plugin
  2. Using the Image Carousel element in Elementor

Why you should consider using logo carousels on your WordPress site

Logo carousels are simple features, but they provide a unique set of benefits:

  • They enable you to show off your most prestigious clients using their logos.
  • They similarly help you showcase blogs or news publications that have mentioned you.
  • You can use them to display logos you’ve designed yourself, as a dynamic portfolio.
  • They help you build trust with visitors by showcasing your past work.

Arguably, you can accomplish all these goals by using a list of clients or a regular gallery. However, logo carousels are far more eye-catching, which means you have a better chance of capturing your users’ attention than with only text or static images.

An example of a logo showcase.

Logo carousels are an excellent way to show off who you’ve worked for.

Two ways to add a logo carousel to your WordPress website

In this section, we’ll explore two ways to add a logo carousel to WordPress using plugins. The first method uses a dedicated carousel tool, whereas the second relies on a page builder to achieve the same result.

If you want the most lightweight method to implement just a logo carousel, we recommend the first method. On the other hand, if you think you’ll benefit from using a page builder to add other design elements to your pages (beyond a logo carousel), you should give the second method a look.

1. Use a logo carousel plugin

There are multiple plugins you can use to add this feature, but we recommend one called Logo Carousel. As its name implies, this tool is all about enabling you to create and manage multiple logo sliders:

Before we get to the technical stuff, first install and activate the plugin. Then navigate to the Logos Carousels tab. Inside, you can set a name and a description for your carousel. The plugin calls these Categories. Essentially, a Category is a group of logos that you want to display together.

Setting a name for your logo carousel.

When that’s done, click on the Add New Category button to save your new category. Now, you have to add logos to it.

To do that, click on the Logos tab on your WordPress dashboard sidebar and then click on the Add New Logo button:

Adding a new logo.

The plugin enables you to set a title, image, and URL for each logo you want to use. Titles are purely internal and only included so you can recognize each logo from inside your dashboard. The URL attachment is optional and lets you make the logos clickable.

Configuring your logo's details.

On the right side of this interface, you should see a box called Carousels. You’ll see a list of your existing carousels inside (these are the categories you created in the previous step), and you can tick a box to add your logo to whichever one you want:

Adding a logo to your carousel.

Now, simply repeat this process with all the logos you want to include in your carousel. When you’re ready, go to the page where you want to add your slider and copy this shortcode wherever you’d like to position it:

[logo-carousel id=yourcarouselslug]

You’ll need to replace the yourcarouselslug value with the slug for the carousel you want to use. In our case, that’s main-carousel. You can check what yours is on the Logos → Carousels tab:

where to find carousel slug

Here’s what our finished logo carousel looks like:

An example of a logo carousel built with the plugin.

With this plugin, you can create as many logo carousels as you want, so feel free to play around until you’re happy with the results.

2. Use the Image Carousel element in Elementor

For this method, we’re going to use Elementor. This is an easy-to-use page builder that works great with our Neve theme and most others. Plus, it also enables you to quickly add dozens of other elements to your web pages, such as icon boxes, testimonials, and more:

After installing the plugin, open the page where you want to add a logo carousel and click on the Edit with Elementor button:

Editing a page using Elementor.

Once you’re inside the Elementor editor, click on the Add New Section button and choose a single-column structure:

Choosing a one-column structure for your section.

You’ll see a new blank section appear. You can drag widgets from the left side of the screen onto it. Look for the Image Carousel element now, and drag it into your new section:

Using Elementor to add a logo carousel to WordPress.

Now, the settings for your carousel will appear on the left side of the screen. Set the image size to thumbnail, choose how many slides you want to display (each “slide” is one visible logo), and click on the Add Images button to choose your logos:

Configuring your image slider.

After selecting your images, they’ll show up on your carousel, like this:

A finished example of an Elementor image carousel.

You can save the changes to your page now and continue using Elementor to tweak your website. If you want a more in-depth look at what this plugin can do, check out our guide to building an entire product launch page with it.


Logo carousels are versatile and attention-grabbing features you can easily add to WordPress. You don’t even need to know how to code; all it takes is finding the right plugin for the job. Once you’ve created a logo carousel, you’ll be able to showcase your work and impress potential clients.

Here are two plugins you can use to create a logo carousel for your WordPress website:

  1. Logo Carousel: This tool enables you to add carousels in a matter of minutes.
  2. Elementor: This page builder provides you with the ability to add a broad range of features to your site, including logo carousels.

Do you have any questions about how to add a logo carousel to your website? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below!

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