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When it comes to your site’s branding strategy, every detail counts. A favicon may seem like a trivial element, but it can help boost your online credibility and strengthen your brand. That’s where free favicon generators come in handy.

Favicons, or browser icons, can help your website stand out from the crowd. A memorable favicon can also improve user experience (UX), and help visitors recognize your site as they switch between tabs or retrieve pages from their bookmarks.

In this article, we’ll show you eight free favicon generators that can help you create your browser icon in a matter of a few clicks. Let’s go!

A quick intro to how favicon generators work

In general, favicon generators give you a few different options for designing your favicon:

  1. Upload image – if you already have an image, you can upload it to convert it into an optimized format/size for a favicon.
  2. Font – you can choose a custom font and text, as well as a background color. For example, you could use one or two letters on a color background.
  3. Emoji – you can use any emoji as your favicon, with or without a color background.

Some tools give you all three options, while others only give you one or two.

Once you’re happy with the design, all of these tools will help you export it in the proper size/format to use as a favicon. If you’re using WordPress, you can follow our guide on how to add a WordPress favicon to set it up.

Best free favicon generators in 2024

Now that you know how these tools work, let’s get into our picks for the eight best free favicon generators…



Our first recommendation is, a quick and easy-to-use favicon generator. It enables you to create icons based on text, images, or emojis, and use them on any browser or platform.

This generator is very user-friendly. You can simply drop your image into a converter field and download your newly-transformed favicon in the most up-to-date formats.

If your website doesn’t have a logo, you’re in the right place. also enables you to choose from over 800 font options from Google Fonts, pick a background color, and even choose your preferred shape. For instance, you can opt for a square, circle, or rounded background.

Finally, if you’d like something more playful, you can choose from various Twemoji graphics that are organized into multiple categories. For instance, you can select from a flag, symbol, object, and more.

2. Real Favicon Generator

Real Favicon Generator

The Real Favicon Generator enables you to create a custom icon in minutes. Your favicon will suit any browser, and it will look its best across all platforms and devices.

All you need to do is upload your image as a .svg, .jpg, or .png, and the generator will give you an instant preview of your results. For instance, it will show you how your new icon will look like on Android, iOS, and across all popular browsers.

Real Favicon Generator will also suggest the most optimal file dimensions, depending on which device you choose. This is a particularly useful feature, as each device might come with different favicon requirements.

Furthermore, if you already have a favicon on your website, you can use the handy favicon checker to see if your current icon meets all standards. Simply enter your site’s URL and click on Check Favicon to get an instant report with recommendations for improvement.


free favicon generators like Favicon Generator make creating favicons easy.

Next up, we have a tool simply called the Favicon Generator. It enables you to convert an image file into a favicon, or choose from an extensive library of pre-designed icons.

If you have your own graphic, you can simply upload it in .jpg, .png, or .gif format. You can also choose to keep its original dimensions or resize it so that it’s square. Your favicon will be compatible with all browsers as well as Android, Microsoft, and iOS devices.

Alternatively, you can browse from dozens of ready-made icons, which you can select by color or letter. You also have the option to search by keyword if you’re looking for a specific object that matches your site’s identity.

4. Ionos Favicon Generator

IONOS has a favicon generator

Ionos Favicon Generator is another excellent option that can help you create a favicon within minutes. It enables you to convert an existing image, generate a custom graphic from letters, or even draw your preferred shape.

If you already have a logo in mind, you can upload it in .jpg, .jpeg, or .png format. The generator will convert it into a scaled-down version, which you can use across all browsers and devices. Note that you will need to use a square image of at least 310×310 px for best results.

Besides that, you can use the favicon editor option to draw your initials or shape in multiple colors. You can also preview your changes immediately to see what your creation will look like based on your selections and browser settings.

5. Formito Favicon Maker

Free favicon generator from Formito

Our next recommendation is the Formito Favicon Maker. This intuitive tool enables you to create a custom icon for your website based on initials or an emoji.

If you prefer to develop a letter-based favicon, you can choose from hundreds of fonts from Google Fonts and adjust their sizes. You can also select your icon background’s shape and color.

Alternatively, if you prefer something with a bit more personality, you can pick an emoji and adjust its size and background to fit your website’s style. Once you’re happy, you can export it as a .svg or .png file, or copy its HTML code to add to your website.

6. Favicomatic

Favicomatic is one of our favorite favicon generators.

Favicomatic is another quick tool to generate a favicon from an image or logo of your choice.

All you need to do is upload a file that is at least 32×32 px. You can also choose between a standard favicon or generate all the relevant sizes for popular devices such as iOS, Android, Metro, and more.

Favicomatic also enables you to generate transparent icons in both .ico and .png formats. You can access advanced settings if you want more control over the background color, size presets, and more.

7. Genfavicon

Genfavicon is one of the best free favicon generators

Next up, we have Genfavicon. This useful tool includes all the features you need to convert images into ready-to-use favicons.

Like the other generators on this list, you can simply upload your existing logo or image as a .jpeg, .gif, or .png. Then you’ll select your preferred size and crop your image.

You can also preview your changes to see what your new favicon will look like in an internet browser. Once you’re happy with your design, you can save it as a .ico file and upload it to your site’s root directory.

8. Themeisle Logo Maker

Use Themeisle Logo Maker to create favicons

Our last recommendation is our own Logo Maker. This excellent free tool enables you to create a professional logo without any design skills.

The Themeisle Logo Maker gives you access to several pre-made templates that you can customize with your company name, and add an optional slogan. Once you find the symbol that best reflects your brand, you can add your text, choose from multiple fonts, and add a background color.

When you’re happy with your design, you’ll be able to download a .zip file that contains your creation in various formats. For instance, you’ll get a transparent .png, banners for all popular social media networks, and a favicon for your website.

Try one of these free favicon generators today

A favicon is like a cherry on top of your site’s branding strategy. It helps your site look more legitimate, and users will be able to recognize it easily.

Fortunately, you don’t need any design skills, as you can quickly generate a favicon online.

In this article, we’ve discussed our top eight free favicon generators. To recap,, Ionos Favicon Generator, and Formito Favicon Maker are excellent tools to convert your existing logo or create a favicon with letters or emojis. Alternatively, you can use our own Logo Maker if you’d like to generate both a professional logo and a favicon for your site.

💡 Once you have your favicon, follow our guide on how to add a WordPress favicon to start using it on your site.

Do you have any questions about any of these free favicon generators? Let us know in the comments section below!

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