How to dropship with WordPress

Next to third-party fulfillment, dropshipping is all the rage in the eCommerce world. Shopify already has a streamlined dropshipping setup with its Oberlo app, so we wanted to set out to find something just as awesome to dropship with WordPress.

Dropshipping is wonderful for startups that want to cut costs early. Also, established brands can add to their catalogs without much work at all.

Dropshipping is done by listing products in an eCommerce store without storing those products yourself. Your company partners with suppliers that accept orders from your website, package the products, then send them to customers.

In short, your company doesn’t have to worry about storage, packaging, or shipping. The problem is that it takes a significant amount of work to contact suppliers and keep in contact with them for every sale.

So, keep reading to learn a highly automated method to dropship with WordPress.

How to dropship with WordPress using WooCommerce, Ezusy, and AliExpress

This is by far the easiest method to dropship with WordPress since it lets you browse AliExpress products and immediately pull them into your product catalog with full product descriptions, pricing information, and images.

What’s more is that when an order goes through, a message is sent to the supplier, who then sends out the product on your behalf you. Most of the legwork is removed, opening up the time to market and refine the design of your website.

Step 1: Install WooCommerce

Most dropshipping operations utilize the WooCommerce plugin, which makes it easier to sell both regular items and dropshipped ones.

Download the WooCommerce plugin from the WooCommerce homepage, or go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins → Add New. Type in “WooCommerce”, then Install and Activate the plugin.

(Here’s a more hands-on guide on how to work with WooCommerce.)


If your entire store will have dropshipped products, you won’t have to worry about adding new items right now. However, it’s wise to play around with the WooCommerce interface so you understand how the online store works.

Two tabs control the majority of WooCommerce, with one of them called WooCommerce (with options for orders, coupons, reports, settings, status, and extensions), while the other one is called Products (which is where you view and add items like products, categories, tags, and attributes).

Install WooCommerce

Step 2: Install Ezusy

Ezusy was inspired by the Oberlo app from Shopify, which automates the entire process of dropshipping. It’s done by linking to AliExpress and letting you pull products and product information, regardless of which suppliers provide the products. AliExpress is an online marketplace with mostly Chinese suppliers. It’s similar to Alibaba, but you still get close to wholesale pricing without buying in bulk, making it perfect for dropshipping.

Go to the Ezusy website. Click on the Create An Account button to get started.

Use Ezusy to dropship with WordPress

Select the free plan, which lets you import up to 150 products and fulfill 50 orders per month. Other affordable plans are available to scale up your store.

free plan

The next page asks you to create an account. After that, click the Submit and Continue button.

account info

The confirmation page is simple enough, and Ezusy also sends you a confirmation email. Select the Use Ezusy Now button to proceed.

use Ezusy

Step 3: Activate the Ezusy Chrome extension to dropship with WordPress

Install the Ezusy Google Chrome extension. This is what imports AliExpress products to WooCommerce.

add to Chrome

After you choose the Add To Chrome option it places the extension in the upper right-hand corner of your browser.

the Chrome extension

Go to your Ezusy dashboard and click on the Settings tab. Here, you paste in your online store’s URL.

settings and site URL

Click on the Connect button.


As long as you’re logged into your WooCommerce store everything should work fine. There are also some troubleshooting techniques shown in Ezusy if you have problems.

Select the Approve button.
approve Ezusy

This sends you back to Ezusy where the site URL shows up along with a new consumer key and consumer secret. WooCommerce ads these keys to the settings so you don’t have to do anything in there. Click the Save button to complete the process.

add key

Now your online store is connected to Ezusy and ready to browse AliExpress!

Step 4: Browse AliExpress to locate your products

The point of Ezusy is to locate reputable AliExpress suppliers without calling every one of them. In addition, it allows you to pull products directly from AliExpress so you don’t have to insert your own descriptions, prices, and images.

Start by going to the AliExpress homepage.

It all depends on the desired products, but for this tutorial, I’m pretending like I’m running a women’s boutique. So, I searched for dresses and found a few options I might want to sell.

When you scroll over an item, the Ezusy logo now shows up next to it. Click on this to add it to your Ezusy product library.

add from AliExpress

The logo/button also pops up when you’re viewing a full AliExpress product page. Keep in mind that sometimes clicking the button gives you a small confirmation, but I’ve noticed that sometimes the button only flickers. It works regardless.

top corner button

Go back to the Ezusy dashboard and click on the AliExpress Imported tab. This reveals all products recently added from AliExpress. It lets you adjust important settings such as pricing auto updates and stock auto updates. Feel free to change anything you want.

The most important part is the Push To Store button. Once pressed, it sends all product details to your online shop, while also connecting it with the supplier for them to send out the purchased products.

push to store

After you push some products to your store, go to your WordPress website and locate the product database. This list now shows all items you’ve pushed from Ezusy.

products in WooCommerce

The screenshot below has the initial product information I pulled from the AliExpress supplier. Some of it looks great (such as the images,) but there’s still work to do with the lengthy title and description.


Are you ready to dropship with WordPress?

You also might be able to find some local, or non-AliExpress suppliers, that end up being your best providers.

In that case, the process becomes a little less automated, since you’ll have to generate the product pages yourself without pulling information directly from AliExpress.

Although you must work on those steps manually, you can still automatically send out product orders to those dropshipping suppliers by using the WooCommerce Dropshipping extension.
WooCommerce Dropshipping extension

However, I still feel the most streamlined way to dropship with WordPress is through Ezusy. It automates the majority of the process and works great for startups that would rather spend time on marketing than contacting dozens of suppliers.

If you have any questions on how to dropship with WordPress, let us know in the comments below.
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