Best Shopify Apps

Running an eCommerce store is totally different from a personal blog. There’s much more to oversee, including email marketing, secure checkout, shipments, and speed optimization. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of some of the best Shopify apps to help you manage your web store and add new functionality.

Just like WooCommerce, Shopify is loaded with powerful apps to help you monetize your store. This is why a lot of merchants rely on this platform for their eCommerce ventures. So, let’s get started with ten of the best Shopify tools for your store in 2024.

The ten best Shopify apps in 2024

1. Seguno


Seguno is one great way to implement online marketing and turn your new buyers into regular customers. Seguno helps you send welcome emails to new customers.

The service also generates thank-you emails and builds trust among your customers. This is especially helpful in the long run by ensuring buyers remember your brand.


  • Sends quick welcome and thank-you emails using an automated system
  • Helps turn new buyers into loyal customers
  • Uses dynamic recommendations for helping with abandoned cart
  • Generates unique discount codes

What makes it a good fit?

Online stores can build trust among visitors by something as simple as a welcome email. Seguno is a good fit for those who don’t want to annoy their buyers with long-form sales copy and just want to thank them for making a purchase.


Seguno can be used for free up to 250 subscribers.

2. Plug in SEO

Plug in SEO is one of the best Shopify apps for SEO

Plug in SEO keeps an eye on your web shop and makes sure your SEO is intact. Once installed, this app will automatically detect all the SEO aspects of your store—including keywords, speed, blog content, broken links, and other SEO problems—so you won’t need to check pages individually. It is one of the best Shopify apps for search engine optimization.


  • Sends email alerts whenever there is an SEO problem
  • Gives free instructions, including code snippets for fixing the SEO
  • Checks and improves SEO to gain organic traffic

What makes it a good fit?

Social media marketing is a great way to bring visitors to your website, but search engines can help you score more stable traffic that is easier to convert. Plug in SEO is good for those who want to manage SEO without a lot of extra work.


You can conduct basic SEO scanning for free. To unlock more features, you’ll need to purchase a premium version for $20 a month from their official website.

3. Oberlo

Shopify app for dropshipping

Oberlo is my favorite among the best Shopify apps. It is a dropshipping service that allows the user to find popular products online and start selling immediately.


  • Find trending products to dropship from worldwide suppliers
  • Ship directly from supplier to customer without any interference
  • Track all orders in a few easy clicks

What makes it a good fit?

This app is perfect for those who want to set up a dropshipping model instead of an inventory model. You can easily track the shipments by integrating Oberlo.


You can use Oberlo for your new eCommerce store for free. However, as your store grows, you’ll need a premium plan starting at $29.90 per month to get all the important features.

4. Smile

Smile Shopify app

Another great way to generate more sales is through referral marketing. You can use Smile to motivate your audience for more purchases by spreading the word about your web store.


  • Design a points, referral, or VIP-based loyalty program to encourage more sales
  • Check the results easily through Smile analytics

What makes it a good fit?

Smile is a good choice for online stores that want to run a loyalty program. A user-friendly backend helps Smile stand out among some of the best Shopify apps.


Smile is a freemium app, meaning you can get started with a free version. Check out the premium plan for more advanced features.

5. Kit

Kit app

Kit is a great social media marketing app that helps you create and manage successful campaigns.


  • AI helps search the targeted traffic for your store
  • Run Facebook and Instagram ads via the easy Messenger interface

What makes it a good fit?

I’d recommend this as one of the best Shopify apps for social marketing. You can use it to run successful business campaigns while you are asleep.


This Shopify app is available for free.

6. Return Magic

Return Magic

No matter what you do, you’re going to have customers who want to return products. In fact, the average return rate for eCommerce is about 30%, so it might even be a lot of people.

Return Magic helps you simplify the returns process by letting you automate cash and gift card refunds, offer exchanges, automatically generate and print return labels, and create automation rules to personalize the returns experience for your shoppers.


  • Create your own branded returns portal
  • Offer cash refunds to the original payment method, gift cards, or exchanges
  • Set up automatic rules to control how returns work

What makes it a good fit?

You’re going to have returns, so you might as well use something to create a better experience. Plus, Return Magic can help you turn more of your returns into gift cards, rather than cash refunds. That means you’ll still get the shopper’s money, even if you lose a little to the returns process.


Return Magic offers a 30-day free trial. After that, plans start at $10 per month and go up based on your return volume.

7. Printful

Printful Shopify app

Printful is a printing service you can use to run an online boutique for customized creations with minimal investment. Every time you get an order, Printful will create and send it on your behalf.


  • Sell custom t-shirts, posters, mugs, and other products
  • No need to set up an inventory

What makes it a good fit?

Printful is a great way to offer a variety of items without having to interfere in the production process. You can quickly offer new items for sale, and you won’t need to deal with holding any inventory because Printful makes everything on-demand.


You can install this app right away without any payment. However, there will be a fee with every new order on your Printful account.

8. Referral Candy

Referral Candy Shopify app

Customers who love your products are much more likely to refer them to a friend. If you’re not taking advantage of a referral program, you could be losing some nice sales. Referral Candy is a perfect Shopify app for creating custom referral programs for your online store.


  • Offers a clean dashboard for monetizing referrals
  • Automatic reward delivery to make the referral process easier

What makes it a good fit?

If you don’t want to lose sales by ignoring word-of-mouth referrals, Referral Candy is the best Shopify app to invest in.


You can start using this app with a 30-day free trial. Regular plans start from $49 per month.

9. PushOwl


Another place where you are missing out on sales is abandoned carts. Over the last few years, there has been a noticeable increase in cart abandonment. Using web push notifications, you can entice those customers to return to your web store and buy the products they’ve already considered.


  • It sends tailored campaigns and reminders for abandoned carts
  • Updates you with back-in-stock notifications for boosting sales
  • Sends review notifications once the product is shipped

What makes it a good fit?

PushOwl is a powerful app for reminding your customers about abandoned products, sending back-in-stock notifications, and overall generating more sales.


PushOwl lets you get started for free for up to 500 impressions. After that, paid plans start at $19 per month.

10. Form Builder

Form Builder for Shopify

Form Builder helps you create unique forms for your Shopify store. The easy-to-fill forms will allow your visitors to reach out to you, place custom orders, donate money, or drop feedback.


  • One-click install to start building your form immediately
  • Set up a beautiful form with no coding skills

What makes it a good fit?

With the help of Form Builder, you can get more leads and provide your customers with a personalized shopping experience. Also, a nicely designed form will bring more eyes to your products.


Form Builder offers a workable free plan, as well as a $10 per month Pro plan with more features.


Shopify offers great functionality, and you can add to its versatility by utilizing the various apps in the Shopify marketplace. Also, Shopify Plus offers some exclusive apps. While we encourage you to check out the full App Store, these ten are some of the best Shopify apps for your online store.

These apps will definitely help you boost your sales, retain your customers, and build your eCommerce reputation.

One last suggestion to convert better is by using the premium Shopify themes designed especially for eCommerce.

Do you have a favorite Shopify app? Let us know in the comments.

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