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CSS Animations Tutorial: Complete Guide for Beginners

Browser performance has come a long way in the past 10 years. It used to be a lot more challenging to add interactive animations to web pages due to the potential for rendering and performance issues. But nowadays, CSS animations can be used much more freely and the syntax is generally much easier to learn compared to CSS features like grid or flexbox. Here is a full syntax guide and interactive CSS animations tutorial for beginners. Use it as reference to learn the different parts of the CSS animations spec.

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Do I Need a Content Delivery Network for WordPress?

A Content Delivery Network for WordPress, or CDN for short, can help your site perform better and in a more optimized way. It can save your server resources and allow you to handle larger traffic with ease. However, when does your website really need a CDN? Also, which option should you go for when selecting a Content Delivery Network for WordPress? This post will answer all of the above questions.

How to Unpublish Wix Site: Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Process

Running a website is often a fluid endeavor. For example, you might start with one choice of website builder or Content Management System (CMS.) However, mistakes happen, needs change, and at some point you might want to move your site or maybe even just shut it down. If you want to learn about how to unpublish your Wix site, we can help!