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A Shopify store has to stand out among the competition for any reasonable chance of success. One area where you can “mop up” is with customer service. As such, this roundup of the best Shopify live chat apps will help take your customer service from zero to hero.

For the roundup, we’ll look at 🔎 six of the best Shopify live chat apps you can obtain right now. You’ll find no particular order for the apps either, so we encourage you to read every entry and take them for a test drive from there!

Best Shopify live chat apps available in 2024

While there are lots of options for Shopify live chat apps, 📱 we can only cover so many. As such, there are six apps that we feel are worth a deeper look. Here’s a quick list:

👉 Let’s begin with one of the best Shopify live chat apps on the market – although all of the entries could suit your needs, too.

1. LiveChat


  • Best for: a straightforward experience for a reasonable price.
  • Shopify’s LiveChat app.
  • Price: plans begin from $20.00 per agent, per month.

The clue is in the name: LiveChat is an intuitive solution with a dedicated Shopify app to boot.

The LiveChat website showing the integration between LiveChat and Shopify.

The integration is straightforward too, and we like how the experience will be similar regardless of the channel you use LiveChat on. Here’s what the app offers:

  • You can preview customer carts and recommend products while working within the live chat window. These aren’t only URL links either. You can send product cards, which look nicer and could sway a visual user.
  • You’ll be able to work on multiple chats at the same time, which can bring down the need for the number of agents you use.
  • Customers also note how the integration with mobile and desktop chats is beneficial. This is important based on how many users browse through non-desktop devices [1].

The good news is that the LiveChat Shopify app is available for all plans, which start from $20.00 per agent, per month. That price reflects annual billing. Month-to-month plans are priced higher.

2. Tidio


  • Best for: a budget-friendly way to integrate live chat into your Shopify store.
  • Shopify’s Tidio app.
  • Price: you have a free tier, but premium plans begin from $29 per agent, per month, for up to five agents.

Converting your store’s users will mean more sales. Tidio – along with its dedicated Shopify app – will help you on your way.

A Tidio chat window and a Shpify cart.

Here’s what Tidio provides you regarding Shopify integration:

  • You can preview carts and recommend products from the chat window. These personalized engagement opportunities could net you a sale or two.
  • There’s a super-quick setup time for the Shopify app – 30 seconds, according to Tidio.
  • The Tidio multichannel tool can bring in not only your Shopify request, but any social media channel you operate.

One point to mention is that Tidio’s own customer service appears to be stellar [2]. Many users have left positive reviews celebrating how well the company handles customer support requests. This is a big feather in the cap for Tidio, as it makes their service appear to be a great value for the money.

We love how you’re able to not only access a free tier with Shopify integration, but that you can also upgrade to a premium option that’s friendly on the wallet. If you go with Tidio, look to spend $29 per agent, per month, for up to five agents. That price reflects annual billing. Choosing to pay month-to-month will cost a bit more.

3. Freshchat


  • Best for: if you use other Freshworks products, using its live chat is almost a given.
  • Freshchat’s Shopify integration instructions.
  • Price: free plan, with premium plans starting from $29 per agent, per month.

Freshchat is one of many apps within the Freshworks range, and its live chat is just as good as the rest of its offerings.

A mockup of a chat window from one of the best Shopify live chat apps - Freshchat.

Here’s what Freshchat offers both you and your Shopify store:

  • Despite the Shopify integration being one of the more cumbersome ones to set up, there is not only a text guide, but a video guide to help you, too.
  • With some work, you can implement a pre-chat form on your Shopify store. This can help funnel users to the right department or agent.
  • You’ll also get all of the functionality the native Freshchat service provides, without hindrance.

We like how you can have so many agents on the free plan, which also includes Shopify integration. However, premium plans begin at $29 per agent, per month. That price reflects annual billing. Month-to-month plans cost more.

4. JivoChat


  • Best for: a simple chat experience that integrates well with Shopify.
  • Shopify’s JivoChat app.
  • Price: there’s a free plan, but premium plans begin from $19 per agent, per month.

One of many products within its wheelhouse, the JivoChat Shopify app packs a punch across all devices.

An example of a chat window from one of the best Shopify live chat apps - JivoChat.

Here’s what JivoChat offers Shopify users:

  • There’s good integration with small screen devices, which means you can answer queries on the move.
  • You’re also able to switch the focus of the chat from the app, such as to the telephone.
  • Lots of users note how the customization options are stellar, and – in general – JivoChat looks fantastic.
  • Many of the app’s reviews note that the customer support from JivoChat is excellent, which helps to legitimize the app’s feature set.

We also noted that lots of Spanish and Italian language users left reviews. While this doesn’t cement its superiority in being able to support speakers of other languages, it’s great to see this catered to.

Much like many of the best Shopify live chat apps on this list, JivoChat offers a free tier. There are also two premium plans to choose from, that start from $19 per month if paid on an annual basis. Month-to-month plans are priced higher.

5. Chaport


  • Best for: good live chat and Shopify integration, complete with the best pricing model on this list.
  • Chaport’s Shopify integration instructions.
  • Price: plans start from $29 per month.

An outlier for the best Shopify live chat app that gets good reviews from other users, Chaport could be your number one choice.

The Chaport window.

It doesn’t have a dedicated Shopify app, but does give you the ability to link your store to its full feature set:

  • The integration process is quick and simple, albeit not as simple as what you’d get from an app.
  • You can automate aspects of your sales process using Chaport’s bots. For example, you can offer a trial for a product or service directly from the chat window.
  • You’re able to send files through live chat too. This can help certain support queries, such as a request for instructions, or a guide on how to use a product.

We’d suggest that Chaport provides the best pricing model from a budgetary point of view. You can use two agents on the free tier, and up to four on the $29 per month plan. As with the other best Shopify live chat apps on this list, that price reflects annual billing. Month-to-month options are also available, but at a higher cost.

6. Olark


  • Best for: if you have a need for advanced live chat within Shopify, Olark could be the one.
  • Olark’s Shopify integration instructions.
  • Price: there’s one plan: $29.00 per agent, per month.

Olark is a feature-rich and advanced live chat solution that will help you scale your live chat support team. While it doesn’t have a dedicated Shopify app, the integration instructions are straightforward to follow.

The Olark chat window.

Despite the lack of a dedicated Shopify app, Olark offers a powerful set of features for the ecommerce platform:

  • While the integration is more complex than clicking an in-app button, most users won’t have an issue in connecting everything together.
  • Once that integration is in place, it will operate much like any of your other channels will. This is excellent for workflow and efficiency.
  • You’ll be able to view what’s in a shopper’s cart using Olark’s Cartsaver feature. What’s more, the experience for the customer is the same as what they’d get on any other platform.

We’re fans of Olark’s pricing structure, too. You get one plan: a $29.00 per seat, per month option that provides the full experience of one of the best Shopify live chat apps available.

Final thoughts on the best Shopify live chat apps 🏁

Live chat is almost a necessity for every online store. Apart from its benefit as a customer support channel, you need a way to interact with site visitors to turn them into customers.

Hooking up one of the aforementioned best Shopify live chat apps 📱 will ensure you can engage with those potential customers, and either help or convert them.

When it comes to which of the best Shopify live chat apps you should pick, though, we can’t decide. Every entry here does something different, and they wouldn’t be on this list if they were bad! However, LiveChat is a good all-around solution, especially as it has a dedicated Shopify app.

Finally, if you’re into Shopify, you might also be interested in learning more about other Shopify topics, including the best Shopify product recommendation apps or how to create your first Shopify email marketing campaign. Enjoy!

Which one of our best Shopify live chat apps will suit your store? Let us know in the comments section below!

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