Best Invoicing Plugins for WordPress

A reliable system for invoicing is essential for the survival of many businesses. After all, you need to get paid to keep the lights on. And you can make the process of creating and sending invoices incredibly simple with the best invoicing plugins for WordPress.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the top five invoicing plugins for WordPress, including both free and premium features.

Five best invoicing plugins for WordPress

1. Sliced Invoices

Sliced Invoices allows you to design invoice templates, send individual invoices, and even receive payments through your WordPress site.

You can see Sliced Invoices in action in our WordPress invoicing tutorial.

Basic features

  • Offers a variety of ready-to-go invoice templates
  • Allows you to set custom information for offline payments
  • Allows you to create your own invoice templates
  • Process payments through PayPal Express Checkout
  • Set default due date (IE 30 days from when the invoice is received)
  • Create custom Terms and Conditions
  • Invoice in any currency
  • Export invoices to CSV
  • Extensive invoice reporting
  • Ability to add a free tax extension for simplified bookkeeping

Premium features

Sliced Invoices offers a variety of paid extensions:

  • PDF quote + PDF invoice
  • Stripe payment processing
  • 2Checkout payment processing
  • Client area extension
  • Recurring invoices
  • Deposit invoices

Who this plugin is for: This plugin is ideal for companies who want to invoice directly through their WordPress site and who accept payment via PayPal (or PayPal alternatives like Stripe or 2Checkout for premium users).

Price: The primary invoicing features of Sliced Invoice are free. Premium extensions can be purchased at $30.00 for use on one site, $49.00 for 2-5 sites, and $65.00 for unlimited sites.

You can also purchase a bundle of all extensions starting at $79.

2. Sprout Invoices

Sprout Invoices offers a free WordPress plugin with generous features and integration potential with a multitude of other plugins. There is also a premium version of Sprout Invoices that allows you to further automate your invoicing process.

Basic features

  • Full compatibility with PayPal payment gateway
  • Integrations with WordPress form builders for easy invoice submission
  • Integrations with plugins to help you automatically meet legal requirements for every invoice, regardless of where in the world you’re sending it
  • Unlimited estimates, clients, and invoices, with zero restrictions
  • A variety of fully customizable templates
  • Client management
  • Payment management
  • Compatibility with Freshbooks, Harvest, and WP-Invoice
  • CSV Importing
  • Customizable lead generation forms and estimate templates
  • Advanced Taxes for your region

Premium features

  • Compatibility with 2Checkout, Stripe,, Square, eWay, NMI, and more
  • Ability to solicit line item feedback on estimates
  • Automated billing on a pre-set monthly day for recurring work and/or subscription payments
  • Client dashboards
  • Deposit payments
  • Payment terms
  • Pre-defined line items
  • WooCommerce integrations
  • Time tracking and projects
  • Dynamic text which allows you to place variables on templates to guide your pricing and invoicing process

Who this plugin is for: Service-based businesses who want to manage their clients, payments, and invoices all from their WordPress site.

Price: You can get the free version for basic invoicing capabilities. The premium version offers a variety of plans starting at $79.99.

3. WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips

The WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips plugin automatically creates a PDF invoice of every order and attaches it to the order confirmation email your customer receives. There are also a variety of premium extensions that add extra functionality.

This plugin is specifically designed for WooCommerce users. If you use a different system for your sales, consider one of the other best invoicing plugins for WordPress on this list.

Basic features

  • Fully customizable HTML and CSS templates
  • Automatically attach PDF invoices to WooCommerce purchase confirmation emails
  • Access and download the invoice and/or packing slip from the secure admin page at any time
  • Create invoices and/or packing slips in bulk
  • Sequential invoice numbers with custom formatting
  • Available in a wide range of languages including English, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, and more.

Premium features

  • More advanced templates
  • Create and email fully customizable Proforma Invoices and Credit Notes for refunds
  • Automatically upload all invoices to Dropbox to maintain secure backups
  • Automatically send orders and packing slips to print

Who this plugin is for: WooCommerce users who want to automate the creation of packing slips and invoices, especially international users.

Price: You can get the free version from, or invest in WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips Pro for a one-time fee of €54.00 for one site, €90.00 for three sites, or €225.00 for 25 sites.

4. Invoice & Payments Plugin

The simply-named Invoice & Payments Plugin has earned its way onto our list of best invoicing plugins for WordPress because it offers access to a solid range of payment gateways and a plethora of other features.

The Invoice & Payments Plugin is free, but there are a variety of paid add-ons you can install.

Basic features

  • Full compatibility with the following payment gateways: PayPal Standard,, Worldpay, and Pre-Bank Transfer
  • Turn quotes into invoices automatically
  • Create and send invoices for either one-time or recurring payments
  • Access to a reporting system that allows you to export payments and other data
  • Manage taxes
  • Full VAT MOSS compliance

Premium add-ons

  • Stripe payment capability
  • PayPal Pro payment gateway
  • PayFast payment compatibility
  • Cheque payment compatibility
  • Payment gateway for GoCardless
  • Sage Pay compatibility
  • 2Checkout payment gateway
  • Cash on Delivery compatibility
  • PayUMoney payment gateway
  • WebPay payment gateway
  • Quote creator
  • PDF invoice creator
  • AffiliateWP integration
  • Contact Form 7
  • Gravity Forms

Who this plugin is for: Invoices & Payments is ideal for businesses that want to provide a variety of payment options and simplify managing their taxes.

Price: The primary plugin is free from Premium add-ons can be purchased for $39.00 for a single-site license, $49.00 for a 5-site license, and $89.00 for a 25-site license.

5. YITH Invoice

YITH Invoice is a plugin that integrates with WooCommerce to create invoices and shipping lists.

Basic features

  • Create PDF invoices and shipping lists
  • Sequential invoice numbering with customizable formatting
  • Automate invoice creation
  • Automatically add the PDF invoice to the customer confirmation email
  • Customizable invoice template
  • Customizable shipping list template
  • Download invoices from customers’ order pages for your records

Premium features

  • Automatic backups managed from your Dropbox account
  • Create and manage proforma invoices
  • Ask for SSN and VAT numbers during checkout and automatically add them to invoices
  • Customize file names
  • Customize notes and footers on invoices and shipping lists
  • Select the information shown on shipping lists and invoices
  • Use meta keys to insert information about orders and customers into PDF documents
  • Overwrite document templates
  • Enable preview mode & create sample invoices
  • Add information about order tracking to delivery notes

Who this plugin is for: YITH Invoice is an excellent option for businesses that want a simple, invoice-focused plugin and already have company infrastructure for tax compliance.

Price: The primary plugin is free from You can buy the premium version of YITH Invoice for one site at $89.99. They also offer 6-site bundles at $119.99 and 30-site bundles at $179.99.

Final thoughts on the best invoicing plugins for WordPress

Using one of the best invoicing plugins for WordPress is an easy way to incorporate invoicing into your regular workflow. We suggest trying the free version of any plugin so you can explore the interface and test if the plugin works for your business before investing in a premium version.

If you want to integrate even more of your work activities with WordPress, check out our lists of the best email marketing plugins and best CRM plugins.

Have you tried any of the best invoicing plugins for WordPress? What did you think of them? Let us know in the comments section below!

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