AWeber alternatives

AWeber is one of the most well-known and popular email marketing tools out there. However, that doesn’t mean it’s your only option, and there are a plethora of AWeber alternatives that offer a comparable service, top features, and variable pricing plans.

In this collection of AWeber alternatives, we look at five different email marketing services that can help you grow your email list, create highly optimized campaigns, engage with your subscribers, and drive conversions. So, let’s get started…

Five best AWeber alternatives

1. Sendinblue (

AWeber Alternatives - Sendinblue

Sendinblue is the next email marketing tool in on our list of AWeber alternatives. It offers powerful features for marketing campaigns and automation, as well as transactional emails and SMS.

Here are its top features…

  • Transactional Email and SMS – Integrate transactional email or SMS via SMPT or Sendinblue’s API. These transactional messages will enable you to reach your customers in real-time, based on their interactions on your website.
  • Marketing Automation – Use the drag-and-drop editor to create custom multi-channel marketing workflows. These automated actions will help to guide your customers through a personalized journey, consequently leading to conversions.
  • Analytics – MailerLite provides extensive data to help you to see what marketing strategies are working and what aren’t. Use A/B testing to test elements such as images, headlines, and more. And view detailed reports that breakdown how your campaigns are performing.

Sendinblue pricing

The plans below are specifically for email marketing – there are extra charges for SMS.

  • Free – Basic features, unlimited subscribers, and up to 300 emails a day.
  • Lite ($25 a month) – The same features as the free plan, but with up to 40,000 emails a month.
  • Essential ($39 a month) – Up to 60,000 emails a month and extra features including advanced analytics and no Sendinblue advertising on your emails.
  • Premium ($66+ a month) – Up to 120,000 emails, plus access to the landing page builder and unlimited automated workflows.

To learn more, check out our full Sendinblue review.

2. Mailchimp (


The first entrant on our AWeber alternatives list is a well-known option – Mailchimp.

This solution is a popular email service provider that offers a range of impressive features. Mailchimp will enable you to create unique and highly optimized email campaigns, social ads, email opt-in forms, landing pages, and more, helping you to connect with your target audience.

You can also connect Mailchimp with your favorite apps and tools, and automate your workflows, resulting in smoother and more efficient marketing processes.

  • Email Campaigns – Create beautiful emails that reflect and promote your brand, and importantly reach your audience. Mailchimp provides a drag-and-drop email editor to help you design your emails to your exact specifications.
  • Automate Your Marketing Campaigns – Set up a range of email automations, including a welcome email series, birthday and anniversary messages, latest post notifications, and more.
  • Social Media Ads – Use your Mailchimp data to create ad campaigns for Facebook and Instagram, as well as remarketing ads for Google. You can create, buy, and track ads, all from your Mailchimp dashboard, as well as use your mailing list to reconnect with your target audience, or find new potential customers through your existing contacts.

Mailchimp pricing

Mailchimp offers three pricing plans

  • Free – The free plan provides users with most of the key MailChimp features but is capped at 12,000 emails a month, and 2,000 subscribers.
  • Grow ($10+ a month) – Benefit from extra personalization, optimization, and delivery tools, as well as sending unlimited emails. Pricing varies from $10+ depending on the number of total subscribers to your email list.
  • Pro ($199+ a month) – Gain extra marketing tools including advanced segmentation options and analytics as well as premium support. Again, pricing will increase as your subscriber numbers grow.

For more information on how the free Mailchimp plan compares to other free email marketing services, check out our guide to the best email marketing services.

3. GetResponse (

Get Response

GetResponse is an all-in-one online marketing platform that can help you grow your business, whatever your industry or niche. With its suite of email marketing and campaign management tools, you can use GetResponse to build a following, increase sales, maximize ROI, and much more.

Here are just some of the top features that GetResponse provides…

  • Email Marketing – Use the drag-and-drop editor and email templates to create beautiful responsive emails. Then schedule your emails to arrive at the optimal time to ensure they get seen by your audience. You can also split test your emails, monitor advanced analytical data, and much more.
  • Connect Your Store – Help boost sales by connecting your online store with GetResponse. Online store email automation options include abandoned cart emails, product retargeting and recommendation emails, as well as loyalty and reward emails for top customers.
  • Webinars – GetResponse provides a complete webinar marketing solution to enhance communication with your customers. Through GetResponse you can send webinar invites, reminders, and follow up emails, consequently helping to push sales and conversions.

GetResponse pricing

If GetResponse looks like the right email marketing platform for your needs, then you can select from one of four packages

  • Email ($15+ a month) – Ideal for those just starting off in the email marketing world, this plan provides the basic features needed for email campaigns and marketing automation. The price varies from $15 a month for an email list of up to 1,000, increasing as your subscriber numbers grow.
  • Pro ($49+ a month) – Features include webinar marketing, advanced landing pages, eCommerce, and more, for up to three users. Prices also increase with subscriber numbers, but for $49 a month your list can hold up to 5,000 emails.
  • Max ($165+ a month) – For marketing pros with advanced needs, this Max plan allows up to five users to access your GetResponse account. Prices start at $165 for up to 10,000 subscribers.
  • Enterprise ($1199 a month) – For businesses seeking a high-performance solution, with an email list of over 100,000, this plan provides all the extras you may need.

For an in-depth comparison of GetResponse and AWeber, check out this GetResponse vs AWeber review.

4. MailerLite (


MailerLite is another impressive solution in this list of AWeber alternatives. This intuitive mailing service is regularly adding new features, making it a viable and cheaper alternative to some of the more well-known options.

So let’s check out some of the top features from MailerLite…

  • Create Amazing Campaigns – MailerLite enables you to create a wide assortment of campaigns including newsletters and eCommerce related emails. Use the free templates, drag-and-drop editor, and the rich text editor to create emails that convert.
  • Grow Your Subscriber List – Capture emails using one or more of the lead generation tools that MailerLite provides. Build and display landing pages, custom pop-ups, or optimized forms, to help turn website visitors into subscribers and customers.
  • Advanced Targeting Features – Personalize your campaigns with advanced targeting features including list segmentation, subscriber tagging based on behavior and interests, and personalized automated emails.

MailerLite pricing

MailerLite has a limited free plan that provides limited features but does allow you to send up to 12,000 emails a month for a list of up to 1,000 subscribers.

All premium plans include all the MailerLite features as well as unlimited emails. Prices just increase due to subscriber numbers…

  • $10 a month – 1 – 1,000 subscribers
  • $15 a month – 1,001 -2,500 subscribers
  • $30 a month – 2,501 – 5,000 subscribers
  • $50 a month – 5,001 – 10,000 subscribers

If you’re looking for more budget AWeber alternatives, check out our collection of the cheapest email marketing services.

5. ConvertKit (


ConvertKit is an extremely feature-rich solution that helps you to create beautiful, personalized email campaigns. You can also grow your list with attractive forms, access subscriber and conversion data, and much more.

So let’s take a look at a few of ConvertKit’s best bits…

  • Organize Subscribers – ConvertKit enables you to organize your subscribers with tags and segments. This enables you to send them highly targeted content tailored to their location, or based on their behavior on your site, or their interests, to name a few options.
  • Integrations – ConvertKit integrates with 80+ apps and web services to help you streamline and automate your marketing workflows, connect your data, and enhance your everyday tools.
  • Support – The ConvertKit knowledge base boasts a 100+ article and guides to get you started, as well as live workshops and ticketed support.

ConvertKit pricing

All ConvertKit plans include all the available features and unlimited emails. Prices simply increase based on your list size…

  • $24 a month billed annually – 0 – 1,000 subscribers
  • $41 a month billed annually – 1,000 – 3,000 subscribers
  • $64 a month billed annually – 3,000 – 5,000 subscribers

For a more in-depth look at ConvertKit’s features and how it compares to other email services check out this ConvertKit vs ActiveCampaign comparison.

Those are the best AWeber alternatives

Whether you’re looking for something cheaper or with more functionality, there are numerous AWeber alternatives that will provide the features and tools that you need to help you grow your business. Let’s take a final look at how the pricing compares across the solutions…

Email Marketing ServiceFree OptionPro Plan Pricing (per month)Subscriber Numbers
(per month)
No. of Emails (per month) 
Up to 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails a month
Grow $10
Grow $15
Grow $20
Grow $30
Pro $199+
GetResonseEmail $15+
Pro $49+
Max $165+
Enterprise $1199
Up to 1000 subscribers and 12,000 emails a month
SendinBlueUnlimited subscribers and up to 300 emails a dayLite $25
Essential $39
Premium $66+

Any questions about which one of these AWeber alternatives is right for you? Ask away in the comments!

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