⚠️ Zelle Lite – formerly known as Zerif Lite – is not scheduled to receive new features going forward. Only security updates and critical fixes will be provided.

Here’s what this means for you

You can do either of three things if you really like Zerif’s / Zelle’s design:

(⭐ recommended)

a) Upgrade to Zelle Pro ⭐

Zelle Pro is just like Zelle Lite, but with more features, ongoing updates and support.

Every Zelle Lite user can get 20% off Zelle Pro. Click here to get the discount.

b) Switch to Neve ⭐

Neve is our newest WordPress theme. It comes with a number of interesting perks, features, and optimizations.

It also comes with the Zelle design integrated as a starter site.

This means that you can still rock the awesome Zelle design with a fresh new codebase running under the hood.

Neve is already one of the most popular themes in all of WordPress!

Neve is entirely free. Get it here.

Here’s why Neve is an awesome new alternative to Zelle:

Get Neve here

Or, check out some of the other things we have in store:

Our Themes


One of the most advanced, customizable and user-friendly theme packed with starter sites and proven performance.


A beautiful one-page theme for any type of business. Enjoy the high-performance that comes with a great user experience.


A joyful theme that stands out with its elegant parallax scrolling, interactive elements, and an evergreen one-page layout.

Our Plugins


Embed responsive and interactive tables and graphs, share your data and quickly customize it without any code.

Feedzy RSS Feeds

Collect the best content, automatically add it to your WordPress site

Otter Blocks

Lightweight WordPress plugin that brings extra Gutenberg blocks to your site.

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