WordPress Shortcodes Plugins

Shortcodes are some of the easiest ways to add custom content to your site. A shortcode = a shortcut. Instead of wasting time writing lots of lines of code to get something done, you can have it by simply using a single line. By copying this code wherever you want on your site, you’ll have the needed content live in a few seconds. This is where WordPress shortcodes plugins come into play.

Here are 7 of the best WordPress shortcodes plugins out there; both free and paid:

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Free shortcode plugins for WordPress

Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcodes Ultimate is the most popular solution among the free WordPress shortcodes plugins. Why is it so popular? Because it makes your¬†life as a blogger a lot easier. It’s only a matter of seconds to have your custom content added to posts and pages. A nice thing about this plugin is that it has its shortcodes categorized by type: content, box, media, gallery, data etc., and it comes with an elegant way of highlighting the ones belonging to the same category.

All you need to do is to go to a page or post and click “Insert Shortcode”. From that point on, everything will just come naturally. It also provides a pretty large range of options for each shortcode you want to generate, all presented in an intuitive and user-friendly fashion. So, if you want a specific button,¬†slider, note, video, lightbox or something like that to be ready in seconds, you’ll love Shortcodes Ultimate. And it does all this stuff for free.

Key features:

  • 40+ professional looking shortcodes.
  • Premium add-ons: extra shortcodes, additional skins for plugin shortcodes, custom shortcodes.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Custom CSS editor.
  • Custom widget.

Shortcodes by Angie Makes

Yet another free plugin that inserts great shortcodes into your content. After you take a look into it a bit, you start to get familiar with its interface and features pretty quickly. Before starting to use the shortcodes, go to the settings to check your preferences.

The plugin comes bundled with a package of nice and useful elements that everybody might need on their site at some point. From columns, to tabs, lists, and sections, to various boxes, link contents, and more. Each shortcode is easy to customize, you just need to replace the default content with you own.

The Shortcodes by Angie Makes plugin works from the post editor. Just click on the “shortcode” button and a separate window with all the options appears.¬†

Key features:

  • 30+ shortcodes and different elements.
  • Many parameters for a flexible customization.
  • Quick and easy to use shortcodes editor.
  • Nice shortcodes for columns of different widths.

Fruitful Shortcodes

Unlike the other plugins, Fruitful Shortcodes works a bit differently. It comes with great shortcodes, which will appear in the editor toolbar, each one¬†with its own icon. So, after you install the plugin, you’ll find all the shortcodes listed in the editor, and you just have to pick the ones you need. This approach is very easy and intuitive for the regular user.

The shortcodes can’t be customized before the insertion, they are automatically added to the post when you click on them. But you can modify the code, remove the default text and add yours – you can change the sizes, the content, the color etc.

Every shortcode’s design is great, it looks modern and catchy, which brings value to your posts and pages. It doesn’t come with lots of customizations and shortcode options though, but the provided ones are just awesome.

Key features:

  • Automatically adds all the shortcodes in the editor toolbar after the installation.
  • 16 different shortcodes.
  • Shortcodes look modern and have an engaging design.

WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop

A modern plugin, ready to set up in a few simple steps. Install it and go to the post or page where you want to add the shortcode. Click on the green plus icon in the toolbar and a list with all the options will drop down.

WP Shortcode is a good fit for people who are not looking for advanced shortcodes and settings because it offers a minimum of options. It actually adds simple shortcodes and allows only basic customizations of them. It provides simple buttons, video links, tabs, column layouts, spoiler warnings, Google Maps, and a few more things that you have to use the way they are by default. So, if you need only simple elements on your site, this plugin is lightweight, dead simple, and easy to set up.

Key features:

  • Responsive.
  • 24+ shortcodes included.
  • Minimalist customization for each shortcode.
  • Free support.
  • Easy to set up, friendly, and intuitive.

Premium WordPress shortcodes plugins



Kicking off the list of top premium WordPress shortcodes plugins, Vision is a solution that comes with tons of options and customization settings for each shortcode. It uses a modern design, which will make your pages and posts shine. There is no way you will need a specific functionality that can’t be found here. It comes with more than 100 shortcode variants and everything looks just stunning.

Social icons of many shapes and colors, pricing tables, animated progress bars, number counters, all types of buttons, featured lists, columns, animations, and lots of other options can be simply added to your site in just a few clicks. Everything for $29.

Key features:

  • 100+ shortcodes.
  • Beautiful and modern design that fits any website.
  • Fully responsive and Retina ready.
  • Additional options: color variations, designs, icons, extra settings etc.
  • Shortcodes added directly to the WordPress content editor.

Supreme Shortcodes

supreme shortcodes

Supreme Shortcodes is another great and reliable premium plugin that provides a package of shortcodes of any type, for any purpose. Whatever functionality you want to add to your site, the plugin makes it extremely straightforward for you. There are lots of categories with lots of awesome shortcodes that are waiting to be used. Before installing the plugin, you are able to test it as it offers live previews for all the shortcodes it comes with.

For only $22, your site will look just the way you want, and will have all it needs to keep your users involved with your services. Each shortcode has a very large range of customization options, which can be easily managed from your dashboard.

Key features:

  • Fully responsive.
  • Custom CSS.
  • 3D icons and buttons.
  • 100+ shortcodes.
  • Visual Composer compatibility.



This plugin has the name “Intense” for a reason. It’s not only for shortcodes¬†but also for custom post types, animations, icons, and can also work as a page builder. This plugin alone can have a significant contribution to your site’s overall appearance.

The price of $31 also includes templates and snippets and a very friendly, intuitive interface. It has 111 modern shortcodes: media, content, animations and effects, various layouts and sections, sliders, custom posts, coupons, counters etc.

Key features:

  • Mobile responsive.
  • Optimized for speed.
  • Over 100 shortcodes and 18+ custom post types.
  • Visual Composer ready.
  • Customizable templates and snippets.

WordPress shortcodes plugins: conclusion

As the competition online is really tight, the key is to find shortcuts Рaka to streamline your strategy so that you can create quality content fast. Using shortcodes will help you save a lot of time by reducing hours to minutes.

To sum up, here’s the list of the top WordPress shortcodes plugins¬†in just a few words:

  1. Shortcodes Ultimate – The free and friendly plugin that comes with a large package of highly customizable shortcodes. It’s good to have it on your site, just in case.
  2. Shortcodes by Angie Makes – Adds nice minimalist shortcodes in a simple way.
  3. Fruitful Shortcodes РProvides a small number of modern shortcodes with a minimum of custom options (you can customize by modifying the code).
  4. WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop – A simple plugin offering minimalist custom options and shortcodes. It only comes with the basic functionalities.
  5. Vision – Provides more than 100 stunning shortcodes and advanced options for each. If you’re looking for fancy, modern stuff, you’ll love this plugin.
  6. Supreme Shortcodes – A large variety of beautiful shortcodes for any purpose that every professional site needs. Compatible with Visual Composer.
  7. Intense –¬†The most complex plugin, coming with tons of awesome shortcodes and custom post types. Also works as a page builder.

What do you think about these time-saving WordPress shortcodes plugins? Is there any other great tool you know?

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