Website Usability Testing
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Website usability testing is about making it easier for visitors to accomplish the goal of your website. If you want to improve your site, finding an expert to work with you on your site’s usability is a great way to take big steps forward.

In this post, we’ll quickly define what usability testing is (and is not). Then, we’ll share four great places that you can find an expert to improve your website’s usability.

What is website usability testing?

Usability testing helps you find out how easily users can achieve the goal for your website. Depending on your website type, this “goal” could be purchasing a product, completing an online course, etc.

People often confuse user experience (UX) with website usability. While they are tightly connected, they’re still different things. UX is how your audience reacts to different elements on your website, whereas website usability refers to how well users can accomplish tasks.

Basically, usability testing is about making your site easy to use, while UX is about making your visitors happy. An easy-to-use website will certainly play a role in making visitors happy, but usability is not the only concern of UX.

Some usability testing parameters are:

Before you find a website usability testing expert, you need to figure out one thing yourself – your website’s goal. Your usability testing is all about finding ways to make it easier for visitors to achieve that goal.

Whatever your usability goal may be, it would always include the following factors:

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Overall success
  • The degree of satisfaction

To determine your website’s goal, you can do it by yourself in a lot of cases. Or, you can work with a usability expert to really drill down and figure out what’s most important to you and your visitors.

Ready to get started with website usability testing? Here are the best places to find an expert…

1. Toptal – Only includes vetted freelancers

Toptal- Usability testing platform

Toptal is one of the best platforms to hire someone for usability work. This platform has some of the best web designers, web developers, project managers, and fundraising experts for website usability testing.

The company will require that you deposit 500$ once you hire a freelancer, although you can get a refund if you eventually back out. Unlike Upwork or any other job board, the Toptal team vets all freelancers before they can join the platform.

Key features:

  • Get vetted freelancers: the Toptal team hires freelancers after several testing steps
  • Top 3% of web designers for getting best usability results
  • Quote-based pricing model with one-time payment mode.

2. Upwork – An open freelance marketplace

Upwork for web designer

Upwork is one of the oldest platforms for hiring a talented freelancer in almost any field, including usability.

You can select a freelancer from beginner to expert level, based on your budget. You can pay per hour or pay a specific amount for a project.

To get started, you can post a specific description of the usability job you need and start receiving proposals for your website usability testing project. You can also check the freelancer’s profile for tests and certifications to determine their skill level.

Upwork has some great experts. Selecting the intermediate skill level when posting a job will help you get quality work in a budget-friendly way.

For the best results, you should:

  • Individually check each freelancer’s portfolio, test scores, certifications, and reviews
  • Get budget-friendly options for quick jobs (like widget improvement)
  • Set up a test project to find the best talent
  • Use Upwork’s automatic time tracking system for precise hourly billing.

3. 99designs – An emphasis on designers

99 design board for usability

99designs is a marketplace with creative web designers, which is especially beneficial if you have an e-commerce website (where conversion relies very much on your page layout). You can also find professionals to create a landing page for your agency by performing website usability tests.

This platform lets you post a project for free and a bunch of designers will submit their project. You only need to pay for the design that you decide to use. You can post the entire project for one freelancer, or you can hire a specific designer for different elements like your logo, product widgets, and quick fixes.

This platform has designers with expertise in logo, brand, and website design. You can hire them to create a visual brand aesthetic for your online store. The 99designs team perform some quality tests and publish the top UX designers every year.

4. Coroflot – A platform for design jobs

Coroflot can help you find website usability testing experts

Coroflot has the most sophisticated freelancers with a good eye for website usability testing. They can make the perfect human-computer interaction – basically, better website usability testing.

You’ll need to pay to post your job, starting at $295 for a one-off posting or $200/job for multiple posts. However, the diversity and expertise of the experts here make the payment worthwhile.

You can choose from usability engineering experts with the experience needed to test a complex, software-based business website, and your job will stay online for 90 days.

For large businesses, Coroflot or Toptal would be the best choices.

That sums up this post! Don’t forget to put your site under maintenance mode while working on the usability components.

Do you have any questions about how to choose the right usability expert for your website? Let us know in the comments!

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