What is a sticky post in WordPress? It’s a built-in feature that lets you keep particular posts at the top of your blog or website, no matter how many new posts you add. You can use this to highlight specific content or information, keeping it visible to your visitors or readers.

Whether you have a minimalist or rich brand design, sticky posts can be a great addition. Read on to learn more about sticky posts and how to use them on your WordPress website.

What is a sticky post in WordPress? Understanding sticky posts

A sticky post always remains at the top of your blog or website, making it different from regular posts that will eventually be pushed further down. It will stay regardless of any new posts you add and therefore will stand out to visitors and readers. It improves the user experience by providing easy access to critical information or relevant content.

Sticky post in WordPress

Sticky posts are excellent for drawing attention to certain content. This makes them ideal for highlighting important information or posts, such as promotions, contact details, product announcements, or special messages.

How to create a sticky post

Creating a sticky post in WordPress is easy. There are two ways to do this.

You can make a sticky post using the Edit option:

  • Go to All Posts.
  • Choose the Edit button below the post title.
  • Check the Post tab in the right-hand sidebar.
  • Tick the Stick to the top of the blog box.
set sticky post

You can also use the Quick Edit option:

  • Go to All Posts.
  • Click Quick Edit below the post title.
  • Mark the Make this post sticky box on the lower right side.
make this post sticky

To unstick a post, follow the same steps and uncheck the Stick to the top of the blog or Make this post sticky boxes.

Benefits of using sticky posts

A sticky post is a valuable feature that you can use for many purposes. Here are some advantages of using sticky posts:

  • Improved user experience
  • Enhanced visibility for essential content
  • Increased engagement and traffic
  • Updated content organization

Sticky posts also add a personal touch to your website and can improve the look of your web design.

Tips for maximizing the impact of sticky posts

To make the most of sticky posts, consider these tips:

  • Write compelling post titles and headlines.
  • Choose a post that will be valuable for visitors.
  • Include eye-catching images.
  • Use sticky posts sparingly.
  • Update your sticky posts regularly.


What is a sticky post in WordPress? It’s an easy-to-use built-in feature that adds value to your WordPress website by highlighting useful and relevant content for readers and visitors. Sticky posts improve user experience, increase engagement and traffic, and help you keep your content organized. To ensure your sticky posts are effective, use them sparingly on valuable content and include attention-grabbing images.

Sticky posts have a unique impact on your WordPress website. Try them out today and see the difference they can make!

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