Meet Neve

We’ve had a busy few months here at ThemeIsle, and we’re finally ready to unveil the fruits of our labor; our latest lightweight theme Neve. And boy, are we excited!

Most of our excitement is because Neve has something for everyone. For the acronym aficionados, we have highly optimized SEO and AMP optimization. For the WP warriors busy preparing for WordPress 5.0, we have full Gutenberg integration. For page builder fans, we have full compatibility with Elementor, Beaver Builder, and others.

Here’s an introduction to Neve, plus the great features and wonderful benefits it brings.

What is Neve and who is it for?


The easiest way to describe Neve is to say that it is multi-purpose. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Neve is much more than just multi-purpose. It is a lightweight theme built for speed πŸš„ with a particular focus on page builder compatibility.

Page builder users will love the seamless integration of Neve with the standard page builder blocks. Did someone say blocks? Neve is also ready for the new Gutenberg editor with full compatibility already available.

If you are running an e-commerce site, then you will love the fact that we pared back the source code to the essentials. This will guarantee fast loading times to keep visitors on site while also giving you the freedom to build more functionality into your storefront.

You can even translate Neve into many languages and make your site multilingual. The theme comes with full WPML compatibility, which gives you the freedom to use more than one language interface at once.

For bloggers, the highly optimized SEO code ensures your site will be easily crawled by Google and working with the Google Search Console is now easier than ever.

If you are just looking to build a portfolio, or you are a business or agency, then Neve’s subtle animations will help make your site pop.

The simplicity of the design will help you to add some personal flair to your website. As you build your site you will find the design makes it easier than ever to integrate page builder blocks seamlessly into your web design.

If you’re nervous about the impending arrival of the Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5.0 then you’ll be happy to see the homepage is ready for custom content blocks from third-party plugins.

Why did we build it?

Building a theme from scratch can be a daunting process especially following a period that saw the remaster of our popular Hestia theme. While that was a great success, we decided it would be worthwhile to build an entirely new theme with a focus on page builders while also introducing new concepts that are ready to work with Gutenberg.

Thus, Neve was born. πŸ‘Ά

We had a strong vision of how Neve should develop with performance and speed at the top of the list. This opened the gates for us to develop Neve as a tool to help users unleash their creativity and easily realize their vision.

We wanted users to have the freedom to customize the key elements of their site without limitation. The goal with Neve was to enable an experience that’s as close to true front-end editing as possible.

This means we put in some hard work into building a theme that allowed users to seamlessly integrate blocks from both page builders and Gutenberg block plugins like Otter Blocks.

We are excited to say we did it!

How? Thanks to the brilliant team of developers behind it. Everyone in the team had a role in making Neve a reality and we’re very proud of how everyone pulled together to make such an exciting theme.

A special shout-out for Andrei BΔƒicuΘ™ who took the lead on this one. We have to say that he did an awesome job, and we think you’ll agree.

Neve features

Gutenberg compatibility is total in this theme with the back end and the editor integrated seamlessly. This means you will get an editing experience that is as close to WYSIWYG than we have ever seen before.

But that’s not all! Neve’s settings are also displayed live in the editor as you change them. This means your editor experience is closely aligned with the front-end appearance. Fewer nasty surprises.

Gutenberg demo

Neve has integrated the Gutenberg editor seamlessly into the backend. Now your edits will look almost identical to the front end.

All of your headings, fonts, colors, widths, and settings will appear in the editor as if you were looking at the front-end. And, just wait until you use popular 3rd party blocks because they will still look good and align with the theme design.

Better yet, the entire Gutenberg integration maintains the theme’s overall goal of enhanced usability. Let’s hear what Andrei has to say about it:

“We had multiple meetings to pinpoint exactly how some settings from the theme should behave when altered. The user should get a result matching their expectations when changing settings, and nothing else. Otherwise, the user gets frustrated and using a theme shouldn’t be frustrating.”Andrei BΔƒicuΘ™, Neve project lead

We built the theme to provide compatibility with all of the major page builders. So no matter how you approach Neve, you will find an easier, more enjoyable building experience.

When you’re ready to build a page, you will find that Neve is able to take advantage of many a page builder’s unique elements to complete the page entirely without leaving the builder’s interface.

We all know that the future is mobile, but with over a third of Black Friday 2018 sales completed on smartphones we can agree that the future is now. Luckily, we built Neve with full mobile compatibility.

This is more than having a nice responsive site that adapts to devices. It is also about having a structure that is optimized for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Neve will help you ensure your site renders as native AMP and keeps you on Google’s good side.

We really wanted to make Neve an inclusive theme, so we performed an accessibility audit to reduce the amount of work needed to make accessibility-ready site.

The theme has good keyboard focuses to help your users navigate the page without a mouse. With functional buttons and menus your users will find it easy to get around your entire site. The skip navigation link at the top of the page will help guide your users get through the page.

If you are moving from Zelle then Neve will remove all of the stress and anxiety with the migrating process. Our onboarding process will transform your old Zelle frontpage into an Elementor template. It will also import all of your old content.

The easy to use migration process for users of Zelle

Neve demos

Not moving across from Zelle? That’s cool, we’ve still got something to offer you; a list of diverse starter sites that is constantly growing. Better yet, they are easily available from the WordPress dashboard with full previews.

Neve is a WordPress theme with multiple Elementor built demos

Here are some of the demos:

Restaurant theme
Lawyers theme
Doctors theme

At the time of writing, all of the demos were built with Elementor making them flexible and adaptable to any project. They have all the benefits of Neve, so you will have no trouble adapting them to your own purposes. (Stay tuned for Gutenberg specific demos!)

Where can you get the theme?

The good news is that you can take Neve home with you today for free! That’s right; all of the above features, demos, and benefits are available in the free version.

Final words on Neve

What can I say? I am excited that Neve gives users a chance to build a fast, well-designed site with enough flexibility to adapt to future trends in both WordPress and web development.

The page builder compatibility makes it easier than ever to build a beautiful site without breaking the bank or your spirit. We also have something for beginners to build confidence. Our growing range of starter sites is the perfect way to learn how to build a website.

All the while Neve puts you in the strongest position to take advantage of growing mobile use with a combination of responsiveness and AMP-readiness.

Finally, WordPress 5.0 is almost ready, and it is essential to have a theme that can seamlessly integrate Gutenberg blocks. If you’ve been searching for your dream theme, we’re happy to tell you the search is over.
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