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Need a helping hand with how to set up customer reviews for WooCommerce?

An online store isn’t complete without an area for customer reviews on your product pages. From Duluth Trading Company to Dollar Shave Club, some of the most popular online stores include a module below the product information for customers to rant and rave. Not only does this provide a customer feedback option, but it’s an excellent way to guide future customers.

In this post, we’ll show you how to work with the built-in WooCommerce review feature. Then, if that’s not enough, we’ll show you how to enhance customer reviews for WooCommerce using some simple plugins:

How to enable customer reviews for WooCommerce with the built-in feature

Luckily, customer reviews are already included as a feature when you install WooCommerce.

However, there are the occasional settings you have to configure in order to ensure they show up properly. Here’s how the process works:

1. Ensure your WooCommerce theme supports reviews

The first order of business is to choose a WordPress theme that allows for comments, seeing as how reviews are stored as comments but formatted differently and placed on product pages. Not all themes support product reviews, so look through the theme’s feature list or ask the developer.

If you specifically choose a WooCommerce theme, you shouldn’t run into any issues.

2. Enable the built-in feature review

Next, you’ll want to ensure the built-in WooCommerce product reviews feature is turned on.

To complete this task, go to WooCommerce > Settings in the dashboard.

settings tab - customer reviews for WooCommerce

Select the Products tab.

products tab - customer reviews for WooCommerce

Scroll down to the Enable reviews field and check the box to turn on the product reviews. Chances are it’s already checked.

enable customer reviews for WooCommerce

After you select that box you’ll see several other options appear.

These are all optional. For instance, you may want to show a “verified owner” label next to customer reviews. There are also fields for only allowing verified customers to leave reviews, along with a way to activate star ratings.

Click the Save Changes button.

save button

3. Test your product reviews

To test out the reviews section, go to the frontend of your website and visit a product page.

Again, all WooCommerce themes are different. You may see the reviews section compiled into a tab or accordion module. Other times the reviews area may be lower or higher on the page. Look around that product page to locate them based on the theme’s design.

You can even test out the reviews section by selecting a rating, writing a quick review, and clicking the submit button.

view the customer reviews for WooCommerce

As long as the review is approved, it should show up in several locations, like under the average star review area and in the reviews tab.

star ratings on frontend

The reviews are available on the backend as well. Each product page provides a reviews section. You can moderate the reviews there and delete any spam (much like regular blog comments).

all products

As mentioned, reviews are simply a form of WordPress comments. Therefore, another place to see those reviews is under the Comments area in the dashboard.

see comments

Still not getting your reviews to show up?

Reviews can be tricky because of the various settings required for them to run properly.

If you’ve found that your theme does in fact allow for reviews, follow these steps to troubleshoot why your customer reviews are missing.

Begin by going to Settings > Discussion in the WordPress dashboard.

discussion module

This section handles settings for comments and the emails that you receive when a comment is made.

Seeing as how reviews are comments, they must be configured the right way for the reviews to act properly.

Many of these settings are useful but optional.

The most important ones to enable include the following:

  • Allow people to submit comments on new posts.
  • Enable threaded (nested) comments.
  • Email me whenever anyone posts a comment and when a comment is held for moderation.

Make sure you save the settings.

more settings for customer reviews for WooCommerce

If that doesn’t fix your problem, it’s time to go into the individual product pages.

Each product has a setting to turn on/off the reviews, just for that product.

Therefore, select one product in your catalog.

click on a product

Go to the Product data section of the product page and select the Advanced tab.

Make sure the Enable reviews box is checked.

Save the changes.

advanced tab

How to use a plugin for more advanced customer reviews for WooCommerce

The default customer review feature in WooCommerce provides the basic essentials for getting reviews on your product pages.

However, you may notice desirable review features on other online stores, like photo uploading, enhanced review forms, and filters.

Improving your customer reviews section requires a simple plugin, and there are many to choose from.

For this method, we’ll be using the Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin – here’s how to set it up…

1. Install the plugin

To get started, install the free plugin from

2. Configure product reviews

Go to Reviews > Settings in your WordPress dashboard.

go to settings for customer reviews for WooCommerce

The plugin offers several areas to consider. For instance, it has a page for seeing new reviews and email reminders for people to write reviews.

You’ll find all of the configuration settings under the Settings tab.

Note: The Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin takes over the already activated reviews section from WooCommerce. So there’s no need to deactivate the reviews you had from before.

Review Reminder tab

The first link in the Settings section is for review reminders. This turns on reminders to customers who recently purchased a product.

review reminder tab

You can configure everything from the color of the email reminder to the wording.

change the email

You can even test the email to see what it looks like prior to turning it on.

view the test email

Review Extensions tab

The next link under the Settings panel is for all review extensions. This is where the more advanced review elements come into play. For instance, you can turn on the option for users to Attach Images to their reviews.

review extensions and attach images on customer reviews for WooCommerce

In addition, the plugin offers shortcodes to place your review section anywhere on your website.


The review extensions settings page is rather long, so keep scrolling through the options to set up everything you need.

Some other settings to consider include a Reviews Summary Bar, a customizable Verified Owner tag, and the option for people to vote on reviews.

more settings on customer reviews for WooCommerce

Review for Discount tab

Under the Review for Discount tab, you’re able to activate a coupon code that incentivizes people to leave a review in exchange for a discount.

review for discount

Trust Badges tab

Finally, the Trust Badges settings page asks whether or not you’d like to add a more visual element to verified reviews, increasing trust in your system.

trust badges

3. Test your new review section

To test any new features, navigate to a product page on your website.

I added a button for users to upload photos to reviews. As you can see, the Choose Files field is now included in the form.

choose files

Several other elements have been activated on my test website. If you recall, I turned on the Reviews Summary feature, which shows the percentages of each star review.

There’s also a photo in the review that I submitted, along with a voting area for other customers to share if they found the review helpful.

see everything in action on customer reviews for WooCommerce

After a vote is submitted, a total count of the people who found it helpful is listed under the review.

voting results

Alternative product review plugins for WooCommerce

The default customer reviews for WooCommerce make for a quality start when collecting reviews. We also enjoy the Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin, since it adds things like photos and voting.

However, you may find that other customer review plugins are more suitable.

Here are a few alternatives:

  • Wiremo – Offers a sleek design with options to display your reviews anywhere online.
  • Sparks for WooCommerce – A premium plugin that increases conversions on your online store, which includes an advanced review section that expands the basic review options with more capabilities.
  • WP Product Review Lite – An alternative for WordPress reviews in general – when you’re not necessarily working with WooCommerce.
  • YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews – A premium solution to add filters, voting, and other tools.
  • WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro – The official premium reviews extension from WooCommerce.
  • Yotpo – Highly advanced reviews with artificial intelligence that asks the perfect questions for each product.

We also have a list of customer review plugins for WordPress.

Start collecting more customer reviews today

Overall, we encourage you to play around with the settings to make your reviews perfect for your brand!

Once you get your section up and running, you can follow our guide to get more customer reviews.

And for some other extensions to help your store, check out our collection of the best must-have WooCommerce plugins.

If you have any questions about how to activate or run customer reviews for WooCommerce, let us know in the comments.

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