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What’s New in Hestia 2.0? We Remastered Our Material Design WordPress Theme

A year and a half ago, we welcomed Hestia to the Themeisle family after months of hard work. Since then, it has become our flagship project, and we never left it aside for a single minute. This translates into “we kept updating and improving Hestia on a regular basis”. And all that hard work culminates in Hestia 2.0, a complete remaster of...

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What’s New in Neve 2.9? Three New Features You’ll Fall in Love With

Neve has been with us for more than two years now. Right from day one, our main goal was to make the fastest and most feature-rich WordPress theme possible. All Neve features are carefully analyzed to deliver the best user experience, and every piece of code was optimized to give you a lightweight and fast website. Today, we’re ready to reveal (drum roll) Neve 2.9’s exciting features.

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Neve 3.4 “Bran” – Customize All the Things!

In our continuing quest to make your life easier, we are here with a new update – Neve 3.4 “Bran”! This release improved the user experience and gave you more flexibility in creating your website by adding new customization controls.

WordPress 6.0: What’s New and What to Expect

When WordPress 5.9 was released, it introduced the innovative Full Site Editing feature. Now, WordPress will launch the second phase of the Gutenberg project: WordPress 6.0. To prepare for this new update, it’s essential to know what it will include.