Shopify WordPress Integration: How to Make Them Work Together

Shopify is good at ecommerce, but so-so at content management. WordPress is good at content management but many people prefer Shopify to WooCommerce for online selling. If you’re adamant about using Shopify for ecommerce, but WordPress is a crucial part of your content management process, it’s essential to learn about the Shopify WordPress integration.

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce? Here’s How to Set Them

You've probably seen variation swatches on ecommerce sites before. They’re the visual selectors available when choosing product variants. And you can learn how to use variation swatches for WooCommerce without any coding knowledge. That way, your customer actually sees the textures, colors, and other differences between product variants, helping them decide which one to purchase. In this guide, you'll learn step-by-step how to set up variation swatches for WooCommerce using a code-free plugin.

Anchor Links in WordPress: How to Use Them Correctly

Anchor links not only improve the user experience on website pages and posts, but they’re useful for fast, interactive navigation within a page, often boosting SEO as a result. In this guide, you’ll learn how to set anchor links in WordPress using WordPress blocks, HTML, and plugins.

8 Best WordPress Newsletter Plugins Compared for 2024

Newsletter plugins can help you grow your newsletter with opt-in forms and other list generating features. They also let you send newsletters to your subscribers directly from your WordPress dashboard. In this post, we've collected the best WordPress newsletter plugins to help you level up your newsletter game.

Best Church Website Hosting for Non-Profit Discounts and Religious Site Building

You might be thinking who even needs church website hosting in the first place? Well, with a website, those who manage church functions - like ministers, church directors, and pastors - can reach out to the masses with video services, event notifications, and donation pages. To help make things easier, we're going to cover church website hosting and go over which hosts make it easy for churches to build websites.

How to Add WooCommerce Featured Products to Your Website

It may surprise you that adding a product on WooCommerce doesn't actually feature the item on your homepage. Instead, you must actually add WooCommerce featured products manually. The good news is that it's rather simple to learn and in this post we're going to teach you exactly how to do it. By the time you finish reading, you'll know how to add WooCommerce featured products to your online store's homepage, or anywhere else on the site.

WooCommerce Login Page: How to Customize It (Full Tutorial)

The WooCommerce login page is sufficient for many stores, but it’s lacking in design control. Store owners may want to customize the WooCommerce login to better match their brand. In this tutorial, we explain the ways to customize the WooCommerce login, then go into a tutorial on designing a unique login and registration form for your WooCommerce customers.

5 Best WooCommerce Subscription Plugins for Recurring Sales

Adding recurring payments (subscriptions) to your online store provides a myriad of benefits, from steady cashflow to predictable income, and more loyal customers to continual feedback from subscribers. But with so many WooCommerce subscription plugins to choose from, picking the best for your eCommerce website might be quite a challenge.

How to Export WooCommerce Orders as CSV (Without a Plugin)

There are several reasons to export orders from WooCommerce using CSV or TXT files. First off, you may need to share order details with important parties, like dropshippers, third-party logistics/shipping partners, warehouse pickers, or shareholders.

How to Import Products to WooCommerce (The Fast and Easy Way)

Whether you’re just launching a store with WooCommerce, or you’d like to speed up the process of adding products to your current shop, it’s important to learn how to import products to WooCommerce. Not only do bulk product imports save you an incredible amount of time (rather than manually adding each item), but they’re also ideal for minimizing human errors.

WordPress Author Pages: How to Make Custom Author Pages

WordPress author pages: they’re essential for website contributors to get credit for work, and publications use them to add a smiling face to their content. Author pages link from author bios (at the end/beginning of blog posts) and often display information about the contributor, their photo, and which articles they’ve written on the website.

10+ Beautiful Abandoned Cart Email Templates (Free Downloads)

Sending abandoned cart emails can boost your store’s sales with automated messages that convince customers to come back and finish buying what they left in their carts. These emails offer extraordinary opportunities for branding, conversions, promotions, and cross-selling, especially when you use customizable premium and free abandoned cart email templates.