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WordPress content protection plugins are tools that help website owners protect their digital content from unauthorized access, copying, or distribution. These plugins offer various features and mechanisms to safeguard your valuable content. This way no one can steal your intellectual property for their own gain or consume content that’s meant for subscribers.

In this article, we’ll review some of the best WordPress content protection plugins on the market that you can install today to keep your content safe. 👮

Best WordPress content protection plugins of 2023

Copyright infringement is a constant worry for content creators. When your content is published on the internet without any protection, anyone can duplicate your work. They can even start earning a profit from it without giving you credit. Sure, you can take legal measures against them, but it’s expensive, time-consuming, and often fruitless. Instead, it’s better to rely on the old saying: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  1. WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click
  2. Passster – Password Protection
  3. Otter Blocks
  4. Secure Copy Content Protection and Content Locking
  5. WP Content Copy Protection with Color Design

1. WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click is a great tool for keeping your website safe because it prevents visitors to your site from right-clicking and copying your site’s content. However, it doesn’t just rely on this one technique to keep your work safe – it uses multiple. That’s what makes it one of the most effective WordPress content protection plugins. Plus it’s very easy to use, even if you are a beginner. You don’t need to edit your theme or do any coding.

With the free version, you can prevent others from selecting and copying text, saving images, or accessing a context menu. If anyone does try to copy your work, an image ad or alert message will pop up and obscure the content, so it can’t be used. It also disables popular shortcut keys like CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+X, CTRL+S, or CTRL+V.

The Pro Version starts at just $29 and offers additional protection. More specifically, it includes watermarking, using htaccess rules, JavaScript protection, RightClick prevention, and CSS protection. It’s fully compatible with most themes and all major browsers.

2. Passster – Password Protection

Passster is one of the best content protection plugins around. Yes, you can manually password-protect your WordPress pages, but this nifty plugin does so much more. You can protect your whole website, individual pages, posts, or even just sections of it with a password. Passster offers three different types of password protection, including:

  • Area protection: You can use Passster to protect sections of a page. All you do is add the content that you would like to unlock, configure your password, and you’ll get a shortcode you can use in the post.
  • Page protection: You can use this feature to edit a page, activate the protection and add a password. It will protect the whole page, but still display the header and footer.
  • Global protection: You can activate Global Protection directly in your Passster settings and either select a page or exclude pages from protection. Once everything is configured, visitors will be redirected to the relevant page and need to provide the correct password to navigate through the site. It’s great for setting up membership-only websites without requiring complex configuration.

There is a free and a pro version. The pro version lets you protect your content with password lists and offers quick password protection across multiple pages via bulk editing options. You can even protect your content with reCAPTCHA, automatically unlock password-protected content by user role, or expire passwords by first-time usage or according to set time intervals.

3. Otter Blocks

Otter isn’t a protection tool in the strictest sense of the word, but it still belongs on a list of the best content protection plugins for WordPress. Otter is a block editor extension plugin that can be used to add extra functionality to your site’s native range of features.

When it comes to content locking, Otter can add an extra layer of protection to any blocks displayed on your site using the Visibility Conditions feature. You can determine conditions that have to be met before someone can view your content. These include logged-in/out users, user roles, by post type, meta, or category, or according to recurring events and date range.

When you install Otter, you gain access to a host of useful benefits, content protection capabilities being only one of them. It’s definitely one of the most useful and versatile plugins in the WordPress ecosystem.

4. Secure Copy Content Protection and Content Locking

No list of the best WordPress content protection plugins would be complete without mentioning Secure Copy Content Protection and Content Locking. As soon as it’s activated, it disables right-click, copy-paste, content selection, and copy shortcut keys. This “insta-shield” effectively prevents content theft and web scraping. It even allows you to disable inspect elements, providing a protected site with enhanced content security.

From an SEO perspective, the WordPress Copy Protection plugin aligns with search engine guidelines by discouraging copy-and-paste practices. By implementing the plugin, you can establish a strong copyright presence, reducing the risk of being penalized for duplicate content. This protection not only helps maintain your website’s reputation but also contributes to improved search engine rankings.

Security Copy Content Protection and Content Locking includes the ability to apply watermarks to images, preventing unauthorized use. The option to disable right-click and drag-and-drop actions ensure that your content remains secure from potential thieves attempting to erase watermarks or copy your text and images.

By creating custom shortcodes and setting passwords, you can restrict access to specific parts of your content, so you can provide exclusive material to select users. The gated content feature requires users to provide their email addresses to access hidden content, which can become an effective lead-generation tool.

5. WP Content Copy Protection with Color Design

The last plugin to review on our list of the best WordPress content protection plugins is WP Content Copy Protection with Color Design. One of the standout features of this plugin is its ability to display an alert window when someone tries to right-click on your website. This alert window can be customized to match the color scheme of your site, which is a nice touch for maintaining a consistent visual appearance. By disabling the right-click option, the plugin effectively hinders users from easily copying and pasting text or saving images through the usual shortcuts.

The plugin offers flexibility in terms of customization. Users have the option to change the alert messages to convey their desired tone of instructions. It’s a small detail, but it allows for a more personalized touch to the overall user experience.

WP Content Copy Protection provides the option to exclude certain pages and posts from the protection settings. This is particularly useful if there are specific sections of your website where you want to allow content copying or right-clicking. It’s a convenient feature that grants control and flexibility over the level of protection applied.

Another noteworthy aspect is the ability to protect only specific pages and posts. This feature proves useful when you want to secure specific content that requires extra protection while leaving the rest of your website accessible for regular copying and pasting.

The plugin goes the extra mile by providing protection for the print preview page (CTRL+P). This ensures that even when users attempt to print the page, they can’t easily make copies of the content.

Safeguard your content with WordPress content protection plugins 🛡️

There’s no need to lose sleep over other content creators stealing your work. You can protect your images and text (and even your whole website) by installing simple content protection plugins.

You can even use these plugins to create members-only pages and posts for paying subscribers. This opens up additional avenues for monetization and makes these plugins valuable on multiple fronts.

Go ahead and give them a try. For your convenience, we’ve included the links to all five below:

Want to know more? 👨‍🎓 Check out our guide on how to disable right clicks on your WordPress site, or explore alternative options for copyrighting your site.

Do you have any questions about how to protect the content on your WordPress site? Let us know in the comments below.

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