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WooCommerce is an excellent platform, but its native product pages aren’t always the best way to share information with buyers. Less-than-optimal displays could hurt your sales, so finding other methods for showing off your merchandise – such as a WooCommerce product table – is key.

As with many WordPress issues, the solution lies with a plugin. Fortunately, there are several WooCommerce product table plugins you can use to create dynamic tables for displaying your wares.

In this post, we’re going to explore why a table may be the best way to display your merchandise online. Then we’ll compare three of the most popular WooCommerce product table plugins. Let’s get to it!

Why you might want to display your WooCommerce products in a table

If you’re already a WooCommerce user, you’re probably familiar with product pages. They can be quite useful for displaying images, sharing information such as dimensions and price, and even enabling customers to make fast purchases.

However, there are some situations where product pages cause more problems than they solve. For example, some products – such as e-books or software – and services don’t benefit from the use of images. In these cases, traditional product pages can look strangely empty.

Additionally, product pages sometimes inhibit browsing and purchasing. If you have a large volume of items available, scrolling through one product page after another can get tiring (and boring) for your customers. Using product pages to add items to a cart individually is also time-consuming and tedious.

Product tables can help with these problems, and much more besides. Let’s dig into some specific plugins that can help you.

Three WooCommerce product table plugins compared

There are several solutions that make adding a WooCommerce product table to your e-commerce site fast and simple. We’ve examined three of the most popular below, in no particular order.

1. WC Product Table

The WooCommerce Product Table plugin Homepage.

This plugin lets you create custom product tables using the data you’ve likely already entered when adding products to your WooCommerce site, such as the item’s title and price. A few key features from WC Product Table include:

  • Custom columns for displaying any type of product information.
  • A drop-down table-building interface.
  • Add to Cart and Remove from Cart buttons, plus variation and quantity selectors.
  • Search, sort, and filter options to make table navigation easier.
  • A lightbox option for displaying images.

You can easily add your product table to any page using a shortcode. However. probably the biggest drawback to this plugin is that you have to manually create each column you want to use in your table. Additionally, while it is capable of generating responsive tables, you have to set up separate ‘Phone Columns‘.

The premium version of WooCommerce Product Table comes in at $49 per year. However, there is also a free version you can download from the WordPress Plugin Directory. Its functionality is somewhat limited, but you can still create effective tables with it.

2. Woo Product Table Pro

The Woo Product Table Pro plugin.

Woo Product Table Pro arguably creates the most customizable product tables compared to the other contenders on this list. You can adjust colors, headings, column labels, button text, and more. If you have a strong brand identity and want to match your table to your site, this plugin will give you almost the widest range of options. Other features include:

  • Two dozen available column types, plus custom column creation.
  • Live search functionality for table navigation.
  • Custom shortcodes for adding your tables to pages.
  • A quick-buy option for speedy purchasing.
  • Compatibility with YITH plugins, including Wishlist and Quick View.

While the wealth of customization features are appealing, they also have a downside. You’ll have a lot of configuring to do when setting this plugin up and creating your tables, so be prepared to dedicate some time to crafting the perfect display.

Woo Product Table Pro is only available as a premium plugin ($29) at CodeCanyon.

3. WooCommerce Product Table

Barn2's WooCommerce Product Table plugin.

Creating a truly comprehensive catalog of all your products with WooCommerce Product Table or Woo Product Table Pro will take some extra effort. However, with Barn2’s plugin, the table’s default setting is to include every product on your site. Slight modifications to the table’s shortcode can limit it to certain categories or products. You can also:

  • Set your table to automatically inherit styling from your theme.
  • Choose from among the standard column types, or create columns based on custom fields.
  • Add image lightbox displays.
  • Include an Add to Cart button and variation and quantity selectors.
  • Display product add-ons and quick view options when combined with other Barn2 plugins.

As far as ease-of-use goes, this plugin is probably the simplest. You don’t have to create and configure individual columns. As long as you’ve added the information for each column to the product page, you can simply list the column labels in the plugin’s settings and it will automatically generate the table.

Unfortunately, this ease-of-use comes at a cost. This plugin’s licenses start at $99 per year. If you want to access the functionality provided by combining this plugin with others from Barn2, the cost could quickly rise.

How to choose which plugin is right for you

Ultimately, each of these plugins has desirable traits. Which is best for your site will depend on your online store’s needs, as well as your budget. Our findings from this plugin comparison are summarized below:

Plugin WC Product Table Woo Product Table Pro WooCommerce Product Table
Features Provides all the basics, plus a couple of bell and whistles. Everything you need to create standard product tables, plus integration with YITH plugins. Comprehensive features in addition to integration with other Barn2 plugins.
Ease of Use Fairly easy to use, takes some effort to set up tables. Requires the most configuration in order to generate tables – setup is a serious time commitment. The simplest in terms of setup, with quick shortcode modifications to tweak table contents.
Customization Enables creation of custom columns. Fully customizable, with complete color control, custom button text, and more. Plenty of customization features, including theme style-matching and custom columns.
Price Free–$49 per year. $29 for a six-month license or $38 per year. $99+ per year, plus the cost of other plugins to access additional features.


Product tables can provide several advantages over more traditional single-page product displays. If your merchandise doesn’t translate well via images, or you have a large volume of products or variations available, it may be wise to go with an alternative method for displaying your wares.

In this post, we’ve compared three of the most popular WooCommerce product table plugins:

  1. 💸 WC Product TableA solid, low-cost option for basic product tables.
  2. Woo Product Table ProThe most customizable plugin for building product tables with strong branding.
  3. 👐 WooCommerce Product Table: An expensive, but user-friendly table generator.

Do you have questions about using product tables to display items in WooCommerce? Let us know in the comments section below!

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