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6 Best WordPress Theme Detectors Tested and Compared

Have you ever found a WordPress site’s design so attractive that you’d want it for your own site? There are tons of great WordPress themes out there to use as inspiration. Thankfully, if you’re ever curious about which theme a WordPress site is running, one of these WordPress theme detectors can help you out. Perhaps you happen to be a...

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3 Ways to Edit a WordPress Theme (One Is Old, One Is Gold)

While there are lots of WordPress themes to choose from, they vary widely in what types of designs and features they offer. This means your chosen theme might serve as a solid baseline, but not meet all of your exact needs. Fortunately, you can edit a WordPress theme to make your site unique. In this post, we'll discuss some key factors to consider before you start customizing. Then we'll guide you through three different ways to edit a WordPress theme.

Elementor Pro Templates: Where to Find Them + 9 of the Best

While the Elementor page builder gives you the power to build great-looking designs from scratch, Elementor Pro templates let you shortcut that blank canvas and start with a pre-built foundation that you just need to tweak as needed. To help make your life easier, we compiled a list of trustworthy places to find great Elementor Pro templates, together with a selection of the best samples that we personally found interesting and good-looking.