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Best Church Website Hosting for Non-Profit Discounts and Religious Site Building

You might be thinking who even needs church website hosting in the first place? Well, with a website, those who manage church functions - like ministers, church directors, and pastors - can reach out to the masses with video services, event notifications, and donation pages. To help make things easier, we're going to cover church website hosting and go over which hosts make it easy for churches to build websites.

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Best WordPress Hosting: Reddit’s Top 3 Picks by User Opinions

There are now over 1.5 billion Redditors, some of whom happen to be web developers, business owners, bloggers, and IT gurus who've had first-hand experience with leading WordPress hosting providers. The only problem is that finding their reviews is not easy. You have to do everything manually if you hope to find genuine recommendations for the best WordPress hosting from Reddit. Luckily for you, though, we've beaten you to it.

A2 Hosting Review for WordPress: Fastest Hosting Available?

Despite not being well-known, A2 Hosting has made a bit of a name for itself thanks to its rapid speed and great support. However, when it comes to web hosts and their claims, it's usually best to take this type of information with a grain of salt, unless you've tested the solution yourself. With that in mind, we've rigorously tested A2 Hosting to see how it plays with WordPress, and the result is our A2 hosting review.

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What is GoDaddy? Everything You Need to Know

If you have never built or operated a website before, GoDaddy’s offerings can sound very unfamiliar, even puzzling. Many novice business owners and hobbyists end up buying bundles under the mistaken belief that all these options are essential for operating a website.