Otter Blocks

Harness the potential of the new WordPress era with the growing list of 30+ page building blocks, covering all the elements needed to build a website.

Advanced Heading Block

Headings with more customization options, like the ability to change the font, highlight parts of the text and more.

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Accordion Block

Create vertically stacked lists of content that can be revealed or hidden with the click of a button; also known as Accordions.

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Section Block

Create a responsive section with up to 6 columns that have advanced customization and style options.

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Button Group Block

Easily create multiple buttons and show them vertically or horizontally based on the device.

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Tabs Block

Use this block to create horizontally stacked lists of content that can be revealed or hidden with the click of a button.

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Lottie Animation

With Otter’s Lottie Animation Block, you can display Lottie animations anywhere in Gutenberg.

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Flip Block

Creates a card with a flip effect, where you can insert any content or blocks available in Gutenberg.

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Pricing Block and Section

Use this block to quickly create beautiful pricing tables and sections for your services/products.

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Slider Block

Use this Otter block to create and customize image sliders on any Gutenberg page.

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Countdown Block

Counting down to a big event? Show it by making use of these Gutenberg blocks.

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Maps Block

Display Open Street Maps on your website with Maps block.

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Progress Bar

Show your progress with a beautiful Progress Bar block.

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Product Review Block

Turn your posts into smart reviews with ratings and generate leads with a performing review block.

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Contact Form Block

Add contact forms on your site. Optionally, start generating leads by integrating them with Sendinblue or Mailchimp.

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Popup Block

Create stunning popups and fine-tune when they should appear and how they can be closed.

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Service Block

Use this block to list your business services with an optional button to lead to more details.

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Icon List Block

Supercharge boring point lists by using custom icons as the pointers.

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Icon Block

Display and customize any icon from Font Awesome or our own list of custom icons anywhere on the page.

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Circular Progress Block

Show your progress with a beautiful Circle Counter block.

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Masonry Gallery Block

Add some pizzazz to your gallery by making it a Masonry layout Gallery instead.

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Sharing Icons Block

Share buttons for your website visitors to share content on any social sharing service.

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AI Block

Craft content, forms, and layouts effortlessly with AI. Share your ideas, and watch AI transform them into reality.

Posts Block

Use this block to insert items from posts, pages and custom post types into the current page being edited.

Stripe Checkout Block

Effortlessly sell your products, whether they’re ebooks, licenses, or more, without the need for a full online store setup.

Google Maps

Integrate interactive Google Maps seamlessly with Otter’s Google Maps block. Enjoy Map Type, Full-Screen Control, Street View, and more.

Testimonial Block

Display your customer reviews on any post or page using Otter’s Testimonial Block.

Add to Cart Block (PRO)

Drop an Add to Cart button block for any WooCommerce product anywhere on the post or page that you’re editing.

Product Review Comparison (PRO)

Easily compare products or services with our Review Comparison Table feature. Simplify decision-making for your users.

Live Search Block (PRO)

Elevate search with Otter Blocks. Real-time results and tailored post types, all in the Live Search panel.

Business Hours Block (PRO)

Create a beautifully styled Business Hours table and fine-tune its settings until it’s perfect.

New Patterns

A New Patterns Library, containing a range of different elements in a variety of styles to help you build great pages. All of your website’s most important areas are covered: headers, testimonials, pricing tables, sections and more.

Copy-Paste Block Styles

Save time and forget about the repetitive work, by using this feature that allows you to quickly copy-paste any styles between blocks with a single click.

Extra Functionalities for all Blocks

Otter Blocks Plugin not only adds extra custom blocks for Gutenberg, but it also adds extra functionality such as Custom CSS, Animations, and Visibility Conditions to default or third-party blocks on your website.

Custom CSS

With this feature, you can directly modify the CSS properties of any Gutenberg block on the page.


Easily add animations to any block, enhancing the appeal of your different page blocks and sections.

Dynamic Content

Use your post custom fields directly into your blocks. Text, images, and links supported.

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