Yoast SEO Review: The #1 WordPress SEO Plugin or Overrated?

Search engine optimization is crucial to any website, so choosing the best WordPress SEO plugin to nail it is the way to go about it. Most people tout Yoast SEO as the number one WordPress SEO plugin. Is this all hype and no substance? As we review the plugin, we will show you the major features of Yoast SEO and the tool's downsides and upsides.

WordPress Table of Contents Plugin: 6 Best Free Plugins

Are you searching the web for a free WordPress table of contents plugin for your site? A table of contents has many benefits for both readers and search engines. In this post, we'll review seven free WordPress table of contents plugins. For each one, we'll give an overview and explain its key features.

10 Best WordPress Travel Plugins for Travel Bloggers

Do you want to run a superduper travel website on WordPress? Then you'll need this curated list of the best WordPress travel plugins. These plugins cover all essential aspects of travel blogging. You will find it all in this compact guide, whether it’s interactive maps, travel booking, building pages, creating photo galleries, optimizing images, sharing your travel blog content on social media, and more.

Favicon Meaning: What Is a Favicon Explained (With Examples)

Favicons rarely get the attention they deserve. However, you shouldn't ignore this tiny icon because you risk losing online brand equity if you do. In this post I will explain the exact favicon meaning and I'll give you favicon design tips and examples. That way you'll be able to see how to use it properly.

How to Host Multiple Websites on One Server

If you once Googled how to host multiple websites on one server but felt overwhelmed by the content you saw, you are not alone. Let’s be honest. Most people find the information on the subject complex. It’s filled with head-spinning mumbo-jumbo and elaborate steps. Surely, only a coding whizz can understand what’s being said, let alone pull it off.