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Artificial intelligence is becoming an everyday part of our lives in multiple areas. Perhaps not surprisingly, it’s a game-changer for building websites, too. Modern AI tools can help you create your next website faster, while also covering all your goals and requirements.

Let’s explore the best such tools on the market and see how they can help make your site building experience smoother and much more efficient. Here are the best AI tools for website building available this year.

The best AI tools for website building in 2024

AI tools What it does Pricing
DomainWheel Domain Name Generator Free
Wix ADI Website Builder Light – $10/month
Core – $21/month
Business – $31/month
Business Elite – $160/month
GitHub Copilot Pair Programmer Individual – $10/month
Enterprise – $19/month
Business – $39/month
10Web WordPress Site Builder Personal – $6/month
Premium – $15/month
Agency – $30/month
Optimole Image Optimization Free/Starting at $19.08
Uizard Website Prototyping Free
Pro: $12/month
Business: $49/month
Hostinger Logo Maker Logo Generator Free
Screpy Site Audit Lite: $5/month
Pro: $15/month
Advanced: $30/month

1. DomainWheel: best AI tool for website domains

DomainWheel is the best AI tool for website domains

Domain registration will be the first step of your website-building journey. And to find an appropriate domain name, we’d recommend turning to the DomainWheel domain name generator.

This is a free AI tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate domain name suggestions for your website. You just need to enter a keyword or phrase and DomainWheel will instantly provide domain name ideas.

The role of artificial intelligence is to analyze keyword combinations and then generate contextual domain name ideas.

The whole process takes just a second or two, after which you’ll get a list of available domains across different domain extensions: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .blog, .co, .store, .online, .tech, .site, .us, etc.

DomainWheel further supplements that with suggestions of related keywords, which come in three categories:

  • Terms that sound like your keyword.
  • Words that rhyme with your keyword.
  • Random suggestions based on your keyword.

💳 DomainWheel pricing

You can use DomainWheel as many times as you want for free.

2. Wix ADI: best AI website builder

Wix ADI is the best AI website builder

In the category of no-code AI tools for website creation, we’d recommend trying out something like Wix ADI.

It’s a high-quality AI website builder hosted on Wix, an all-inclusive platform that offers end-to-end website services. The other one is Wix Editor X, which is a drag-and-drop design tool for building websites.

The Wix Editor is better in customization, while Wix ADI uses AI to build websites much faster.

ADI here stands for Artificial Design Intelligence, and the system is engineered to create websites from answers given to its prompts.

All you need to do is specify the type of website you want and provide your business details. Wix ADI will then scan the web and social media for cues on your business, before combining all the information to generate a contextual website design.

You could, for instance, end up with a site design that matches the brand colors in your logo. But, if you prefer otherwise, Wix ADI allows you to change the style of the website, as well as add sections and edit the content.

The customization options are very limited, though. Wix’s AI website builder doesn’t offer as much freedom as the corresponding Editor X.

💳 Wix ADI pricing

Using Wix ADI won’t cost you anything, as it’s one of the best free AI tools for website building.

However, to connect the resulting website to a custom domain, you’ll have to purchase a premium Wix plan. Wix pricing is complex and varies by region, but US-based users can access the Light plan for $17.00 per month (billed annually). If you want to build an ecommerce store as part of your website, you’ll need to spring for the Core plan at $29.00 per month (billed annually).

3. GitHub Copilot: best AI tool for programming

GitHub Copilot is the best AI tool for programming

Second in our roundup of the best AI tools for website building is GitHub Copilot, an artificial intelligence engine that’s ideal for developers and coders.

It uses OpenAI Codex to generate programming code from natural language prompts. The machine learning system draws context from your web development comments and then proceeds to autosuggest code that you could drop into your website.

GitHub Copilot itself comes in the form of an extension, which you should embed into your code editor. It’s compatible with all the mainstream ones, including Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, JetBrains IDEs, and Neovim.

Once you’ve set it up, GitHub Copilot acts like your co-programmer. You just need to prompt the system, and it’ll review the functions to generate appropriate code strings.

The code suggestions from GitHub Copilot are not always perfect, though. Its logic is based on source code picked up from publicly available repositories. So, you might have to test it out for errors.

According to GitHub, users usually keep about 26% of the suggestions from the AI coding tool [1].

💳 GitHub Copilot pricing

  • Copilot for Individuals: $10 per month or $100 per year.
  • Copilot for Business: $19 per user per month.

4. 10Web: best AI tool for building WordPress sites

10Web is the best AI tool for building WordPress sites

When it comes to WordPress, boasts some of the best AI tools for website building and content management.

But, while its AI Assistant is great for generating SEO-optimized content, it’s the accompanying AI Builder that 10Web is widely renowned for.

The AI website builder allows you to convert any existing web page into a WordPress template. What’s more, you should be able to customize the design, as well as apply that same style to other web pages.

You can begin by searching around the internet for web pages with fancy designs. After you find one, you just need to copy its URL and paste it into the 10Web AI Builder.

Its artificial intelligence will examine the web page, extract the design styles, and then use them to create an identical page layout. The system even organizes the layout into multiple containers, which can be edited separately to customize the design.

Any new page that you subsequently create will inherit your initial design. Otherwise, you can use 10Web‘s widgets to recreate an entire website.

Whichever approach you take, the website design is ultimately packaged into a zipped template file. This is what you later install into your WordPress system.

💡 Check out our in-depth review of 10Web.

💳 10Web pricing

The AI website builder is offered as part of 10Web’s web hosting package, which is available in the following options:

  • Personal: $14 per month or $6 per month when billed annually.
  • Premium: $35 per month or $15 per month when billed annually.
  • Agency: $85 per month or $30 per month when billed annually.

5. Optimole: best AI image optimization tool

optimole - best ai image optimization tool

Optimole is an image optimization plugin that offers complete automation and cutting-edge features. It supports lazy loading, image CDN, Retina and WebP formats, watermarks, automatic image optimization for multiple devices, adjustments for weak internet connection, and more.

When it comes to artificial intelligence, Optimole’s main features are smart cropping and compression quality prediction.

Optimole’s Smart Cropping functionality uses AI to automatically detect an image’s most important area. If you want to preserve the most meaningful section of an image, you can activate smart cropping to maintain the image’s ideal dimensions without sacrificing its focal point.

Whether the image is being resized or adapted to a new shape or size, this feature guarantees that the key point remains centered and visible, preventing any unwanted cropping. It allows you to adjust images so that the best part always displays without your manual intervention, which saves you valuable website maintenance time.

Optimole also determines the optimal balance between minimizing file size and maintaining good visual quality. This Machine Learning algorithm predicts the optimal quality for your images, which means that the images are compressed to the smallest size possible while maintaining an acceptable level of quality.

Once the feature is enabled, the AI algorithm will handle image quality optimization without the need for manual tweaks.

💳 Optimole pricing

Optimole is free to use, including the AI features.

If you want to upgrade for more benefits like unlimited sites, unlimited images, or more monthly visits, the pricing plans start at $19.08 per month. After that, the prices go up based on the number of visits your sites get each month.

6. Uizard: best AI tools for website prototyping

Uizard is the best AI tools for website prototyping is a platform with several design solutions, and they happen to be some of the best AI tools for website prototyping.

You can use them to transform website screenshots and hand-drawn sketches into customizable mockups and prototypes.

For instance, if you’re working with screenshots, Uizard’s artificial intelligence will detect and recreate all the design elements – including layout, typography, style, and colors. You could then tweak them to your liking, add pre-built components, and generate custom themes.

Uizard additionally facilitates real-time collaboration. You should be able to share your website designs with team members, giving them the chance to preview changes while they happen.

Another handy AI-driven functionality on Uizard is heatmap generation. You get smart tools that can create heatmaps for predicting how visitors will interact with your website’s UI.

💳 Uizard pricing

Thanks to a permanently free plan, Uizard can be said to be one of the best free AI tools for website building.

But, if you’re looking to use it on more than three projects, you’d be better off with either of these premium options:

  • Pro: $12 per user, per month.
  • Business: $49 per user, per month.

Speaking of the best free AI tools for websites, Hostinger is another platform with multiple options.

The platform itself is mostly famed for its web hosting and no-coding website builder. But, in addition to that, Hostinger has this free AI logo maker that could help you with branding.

The logo maker is a free AI tool that designs attractive logos from answers given to its prompts. All you need to do is enter your brand name and description, choose your favorite designs from a series of logo templates, and then customize the resultant logos to your liking.

Hostinger AI Logo Generator

Its editor allows you to tweak the size, font, colors, and content of each logo. Then when you’re done, you should be able to download and embed the final logo into your website.

💡 Check out our roundup of the best free logo makers for additional options.

💳 Hostinger AI Logo Generator pricing

Hostinger’s AI Logo Generator is entirely free of charge. So, even if you’re on a budget, it would still be the best AI tool for website branding.

8. Screpy: best AI tools for site audit

Screpy has the best AI tools for website auditing and SEO

In the final stages of your website building journey, you’ll need an AI tool that can audit the technical stuff.

Nothing is better suited for that job than Screpy, which comes loaded with multiple AI tools for website auditing and monitoring. They include:

  • Syntax Checker: Audits the syntax of your website to flag any errors that could compromise usability.
  • Uptime Monitoring: Tracks website uptime and downtime in real-time.
  • Page Speed Monitoring: Tracks the status of your web vitals using metrics drawn from Google’s Lighthouse.

Otherwise, you could also count on Screpy for SEO auditing and rank tracking.

💳 Screpy pricing

  • Lite: $5 a month or $2.50 per month when billed annually.
  • Pro: $15 a month or $7.50 per month when billed annually.
  • Advanced: $30 a month or $15 per month when billed annually.

Final thoughts 🧐

Exploring the best AI tools for web development can significantly boost your productivity.

It’s all about choosing the tool that fits your project’s needs perfectly. For instance, DomainWheel is a gem when brainstorming catchy domain names.

If coding isn’t your forte, Wix ADI has got your back, creating stunning websites effortlessly. And for those crisp, fast-loading images, Optimole is your go-to. Just input your vision, and watch as your dream website takes shape.

Remember, combining these tools with a solid content strategy ensures your website not only looks good but is filled with valuable, high-quality content.

Yay! 🎉 You made it to the end of the article!

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