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Why Use Feedzy?

  • Unlimited RSS feeds
  • Multiple templates
  • Affiliate Integration
  • Feed To Post
  • Amazon Advertising API
  • Full-Text Import
  • Content Paraphrasing
  • Content Translation
  • Keyword Filtering
  • OpenAI Integration

“I created an international news site with the latest headlines from several media. when creating the site I was very happy to use ThemeIsle’s Feedzy RSS Feeds. It gives the possibility to show news feeds in a very nice way.”


Exclusive Features Available with Feedzy PRO

  • Free
  • Import content from RSS feeds

    Create unlimited import routines for your RSS feeds and let them run on autopilot.

  • Pagebuilder integration

    Filter and display RSS feeds items directly with your favourite page builders.

  • Filter by Keyword(s) or Time Range

    Filter feed items and Display/Exclude items if the title or content contains the specific keyword(s). Additionally, you can import items as needed by selecting a specific date range.

  • Referral/Affiliate links

    Add referral parameters, and Feedzy will automatically configure affiliate links for each item in the feed. You can even import prices from product sources to enhance readability.

  • Individual fallback image

    When original feed posts lack featured images, you can set custom fallback images for each import job rather than using a general fallback image for all positions.

  • Importing the full-text content

    Developer and Agency plan

    During the import, Feedzy will visit the URLs of all items and parse the content directly from the website.

  • Custom Fields

    Developer and Agency plan

    Create customizable fields and fetch custom values from the feed such as date updated, rating, price and more.

  • Amazon Advertising API support

    Developer and Agency plan

    Use the Amazon Advertising API feature to import and display Amazon products directly on your WordPress site and earn affiliate revenue.

  • OpenAI (ChatGPT) API support

    Developer and Agency plan

    Use the OpenAI API feature to paraphrase, summarize, generate missing featured images, or apply your custom prompt to the imported content.

  • WordAI & SpinnerChief integration

    Agency plan

    WordAi and SpinnerChief can be used to rephrase RSS feeds when they are imported as posts in WordPress. A separate subscription for WordAI and SpinnerChief is required.

  • Access to Translation and Paraphrasing service

    Agency plan

    Paraphrase or translate content before import using the built-in service, no separate subscription is required.

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Bring More Functionality to Your WordPress Site

Feed to Post

Filter which posts you want to include when using our feed-to-post feature. Include or exclude posts based on keywords and control how many feed items get imported. Additionally, it includes more settings such as:

  • Filter by Keyword(s), Time Range
  • Map content as Page/Post
  • Auto-delete and Remove Duplicates

Automate your Affiliate Business

Feature affiliate links on your site with Feedzy, by automatically including your affiliate/referral IDs. You can even import prices from multiple sources to create product displays.

Article Spinner Integration

Automatically rephrase or translate your imported content with our integration (no separate subscription required). This refreshes your content, ensuring you have no duplicate content concerns.

Add Amazon Product Advertising feeds

Using the Feedzy RSS plugin, you can easily import and display Amazon products directly on your WordPress site with the Amazon integration feature. This allows you to monetize your site by earning commissions on sales generated through your affiliate links.

Create Action Chain

Enhance your content with multiple actions at your fingertips: paraphrasing, translating, customizing word count, word substitution, and more. Combine these steps like building blocks to craft your website’s content to your preferences.


More than 50,000 sites
use Feedzy

“Feedzy is an excellent plugin for displaying posts from a feed on your website. It’s simple to install and use. Your display can be customized with all features you’re likely to need, or for most installations you can just run with the popular default settings.”

“We are using Feedzy RSS Feeds plugin to showcase the latest post feeds from our different subdomains on each other’s homepage. This plugin is magic as otherwise it would have been very difficult to code this functionality to display the latest post from the subdomain on the main domain home page automatically. Thanks to this plugin, we found an easy way to meet our requirements. It’s easy to integrate into WordPress along with various custom designs & features. We highly recommended this plugin!”

“My experience with the plug-in so far has been great. The plug-in does exactly what it promises, is lightweight and page loading time is quite good, considering the fact that I am showing 10 feeds per page. And the short-code allows a good deal of customization.”

“I created an international news site with the latest headlines from several media. when creating the site I was very happy to use ThemeIsle’s Feedzy RSS Feeds. It gives the possibility to show news feeds in a very nice way.”

315+ Reviews

314+ Reviews

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Site owners and bloggers



Professional sites and portals

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Feed to Post
Feed Image Extraction
Filter by Keywords
Add Referral Parameters
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Filter by Time Range
Fallback Image
Spintax Support
Amazon Advertising API Support
Full-Text Import
Custom Feed Tag Parsing
OpenAI (ChatGPT) Support
Paraphrasing Support
Content Translation
WordAI & SpinnerChief Integration
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Frequently Asked


Once you choose a plan, you get access to a specific number of websites to activate the product. After the license is active you will start getting security updates. Yes, subdomains count as an active website (this includes WordPress multisite).

You can use the product on any number of websites owned by you or not. Keep in mind that you will only receive updates, support, and new features just for the websites with an active license.

When you upgrade to the premium version of a product you get all the PRO features and everything integrates seamlessly. The extra features will be added and your existing work will be there. If you’re still worried, you can always back up your files.

Yes, you can use our Agency License to set up Feedzy Pro on your customers’ websites, unless you are offering hosting services. 

If you have not found the answer to your question here, get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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