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We’re Transparent About Our Themes

It’s common for theme stores to offer some kind of preview of the theme, and we do that too. But we’re taking this one step further and also giving you a look into the theme admin part. Our themes are properly designed from both ends, so we’re not shy about that.

Blackbeard Support

You can count on our support just like you can count on Blackbeard to wreak havoc. Seriously though, you’re not just a number on the invoice for us. We see you as a partner, and our main goal is to make you happy. After all, it’s the only way for us to make money, right?


The “Pirate’s Treasure” Money Back Guarantee

We offer a no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

Install in a Jiffy

Who has the time to install a theme, especially if you’re not necessarily web-dev-savvy? We get this. Frankly, even we don’t like sitting around and installing themes, so we found a solution to this. In our offer, there are only simple themes for specific needs, which you can install in under a couple of minutes.


Pixel Perfect Design

If you like our site then let me just tell you that it’s because we’ve partnered with a handful of world class designers to do our work. It’s the same people responsible for our themes. Plus, our themes are not only easy on the eye, but they also convert.

Get 100% unlimited access to our whole collection 'o themes fer low(ish) dollar only

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