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Free Masonry WordPress Theme


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Theme Features

Clean & Validated Code

We have to brag with our ability to provide a code that's easily editable by any person with just enough HTML/PHP knowledge

Browser Compatibility

We be knowin’ that not all them scurvy sailors use ships like Chrome or Firefox, so we made sure our themes be sailin’ in all major browsers of The Seven Seas.

Theme Options Panel

No worries mate, if ye are not an experienced developer. Ye can easily update website settings like: logo, social links, colors, ‘n layout from an easy to use interface which will guarantee ye a fun ride through our Theme Options Panel.


Yer website be not written in English? This be not an issue, since our themes are localized ‘n ye can easily translate all the theme built-in text, without any modifications to the source code.

Theme Details

Slanted elegance.

See below how you can use this awesome theme and build your website.

Responsive design

The biggest challenge nowadays is to keep the same website engagement on both desktops and mobile devices. We applied this to our all themes, so don’t worry about losing clients because of this never-ending switch from a device to another.


Elegant Design

The slanted lines, carefully crafted to have a balanced typography and almost perfect spacing and proportions, provide a professional look to the visitors.

Style your posts completely

Your blog plays a very important role in your pursuit to inspire others. That’s why design can help your visitors understand your work, keep it in mind, and take various actions related to it. Oblique theme provides a clean and stylish view, combined with customizable typography and small details that can make the difference.

Beautiful Menu

Keep your visitors engaged with your content by increasing their attention and by making them focus on what you have to offer. With our clean, sliding sidebar navigation, you can provide a nice and neat menu that can easily be the most important element of your website.


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