Llorix One Lite: Best Free Business WordPress Theme

This theme has been retired.

Theme Features

Clean & Validated Code

We have to brag with our ability to provide a code that's easily editable by any person with just enough HTML/PHP knowledge

Browser Compatibility

We be knowin’ that not all them scurvy sailors use ships like Chrome or Firefox, so we made sure our themes be sailin’ in all major browsers of The Seven Seas.

Theme Options Panel

No worries mate, if ye are not an experienced developer. Ye can easily update website settings like: logo, social links, colors, ‘n layout from an easy to use interface which will guarantee ye a fun ride through our Theme Options Panel.


Yer website be not written in English? This be not an issue, since our themes are localized ‘n ye can easily translate all the theme built-in text, without any modifications to the source code.

Theme Details

  • Updated
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  • Version 0.1.20
  • Compatibility 3.0 - 4.x
  • Layout Responsive
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The Possibilities are Countless.

See below how you can use this awesome theme and build your online shop.

Responsive design

The theme looks very well on all the screens – desktops, mobile phones, tablets, smartphones. So don’t worry about losing traffic if a specific person wasn’t able to use the laptop at a given moment. BootstrapZero has featured Llorix One Lite as one of the best free responsive WordPress themes.

One-page design

Llorix was designed to be a single page theme. The single page themes are easy to handle, simple, easier to organize, and can offer a better performance for SEO. All you have to do is scroll.

Customizable Ribbon

You have a separate ribbon section which you can customize as you like. Change the background and send a personal message to the people. If you want to put in the spotlight a certain thing related to your business, use the ribbon for it.

Parallax scrolling

Llorix offers an awesome and smooth parallax scrolling, which makes your pages beautifully slide during the navigation. The parallax effect gives you the feeling that the pages are slowly floating.

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