PirateForms Lite

Simple Contact Form Plugin

The interaction with your visitor

Makes your contact form page more engaging by creating a good-looking simple WordPress contact form on your website

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Plugin Details

  • Updated
  • Version2.4.4
  • CompatibilityUp to 5.1.1



Easy to use

Pirate Forms is very easy to set up. You can quickly create an engaging contact form by using a shortcode and copying it where you want it to appear.


It’s fully customizable

Pirate Forms plugin allows you to customize everything you want. You can change the field labels and decide what message to tell your visitors when an error shows up. You can also decide which fields are required and which are not.



Provides reCaptcha

Avoid spam messages and make sure the e-mails you receive are totally addressed to you.


Comes with SMTP

With the SMTP option, you can be sure you won’t miss any e-mail from your visitors. The messages will be safely delivered from the source to your personal e-mail address.

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