WordPress comments plugins.

Do you want to make the WordPress comments section more engaging? Or, perhaps you’re looking for an easier way to moderate comments. Either way, you might benefit from using WordPress comment plugins.

There are tons of solutions available that can make the comments area look more appealing. Plus, you can find options to encourage interactions, support social sharing, and block spam comments.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the problem with the default WordPress comments system. Then, we’ll discuss five top WordPress comment plugins to improve your website. Let’s jump right in!

The problem with the default WordPress comments

WordPress comments make your website more interactive and enable readers to give feedback on your posts. However, there are some drawbacks of enabling WordPress comments.

Most obviously, the comments section can become inundated with spam comments, even on websites with very little traffic. Not only is this frustrating, but it can also make your site look unprofessional and untrustworthy.

Plus, this means that you may need to moderate the comment section which can be very time-consuming. Additionally, while the built-in WordPress comments are fine for basic text comments, plugins can let users share images, subscribe to comments, and post to social media sites.

The feature to let users subscribe to comments is especially useful, as it gives you a chance to bring readers back to your site.

Best WordPress comment plugins for your site in 2024

Now that you know why it can be a good idea to use WordPress comment plugins, let’s take a look at five of the best options.

1. wpDiscuz

wpDiscuz is one of the best WordPress comment plugins

If you’re looking to improve the WordPress comments section, wpDiscuz is a great option. It provides a whole bunch of features to make the comments area more appealing and more interactive, which is why it’s the actual WordPress comment plugin we use here at Themeisle. (Check it out in action below 👇)

For example, you can choose between three different layouts. Plus, users can react to posts easily using star ratings and post comments by logging into various social accounts. However, you can also support anonymous comments that don’t require names or emails.

Better yet, people are able to edit comments even once they’ve been published and vote on existing comments. And, you can improve the user experience (UX) by lazy loading the comments section to boost content delivery times.

Key features

  • Live notifications
  • Star ratings
  • Comment voting (upvotes and downvotes like Reddit)
  • Anonymous comments
  • Social comments
  • Comment editing
  • Anti-spam features
  • Lazy loading to improve performance
  • Control commenters by user roles
  • Multi-level threads (with nested replies)
  • Comments are still stored in your WordPress database, which means you won’t lose your comments if you disable wpDiscuz


You can use wpDiscuz for free, but you can also purchase add-ons for extra features like emoticons, ad management, and comment search.

2. Jetpack

Jetpack is one of the simplest WordPress comment plugins

Jetpack is an all-round plugin that helps you grow your site and improve WordPress security. As part of its feature set, Jetpack includes a feature that overhauls the existing WordPress comment system.

Users have the option to register on your website or log in to existing social profiles. Better yet, users can get notified via email when new comments are left or when new posts are published.

However, Jetpack is one of the simplest WordPress comment plugins available in terms of the comment features that it adds. So, if you’re looking for a solution with lots of features and customization options, you might prefer a different option on this list.

Key features

  • Social logins
  • Users can receive emails when people reply to their comments
  • Two color scheme options
  • Support for gravatars
  • Guest login option
  • Spam filtering


The comment functionality in Jetpack is totally free. Jetpack does have paid plans, but those paid plans are unrelated to the comments feature.

3. Thrive Comments

Thrive Comments

Thrive Comments is a premium plugin that helps you build a community on your website. You can encourage users to interact with the comments section by voting on replies. Plus, you can reward participation with custom badges.

Like other WordPress comment plugins, Thrive Comments supports social logins. However, it also makes it easier for you to manage your WordPress comments. From the dashboard, you can quickly reply, delete, and assign comments to other moderators.

Furthermore, Thrive Comments even provides a way to turn comments into conversions. For instance, you can redirect commenters to a specified URL, show a related post, or display a subscribe form (using Thrive Leads).

You can read our full Thrive Comments review to learn more about this plugin.

Key Features

  • Social sharing
  • Comment voting
  • Reward badges
  • Featured comments
  • Post-comment actions
  • Social logins
  • Extensive reports
  • Comment moderation dashboard
  • Automatic resource links


You can purchase Thrive Comments for $99 per year (discounted to $49 for the first year) or choose the Thrive Suite bundle (which includes Thrive Comments) for $599 (discounted to $299 for the first year).

4. GraphComment

GraphComment plugin

GraphComment is one of the most popular WordPress comment plugins.

One of the great features of GraphComment is that all the comments are stored in the WordPress database. So, even if you revert back to WordPress comments, you won’t lose any of the comments made with the plugin.

Additionally, GraphComment has all the features you’d want to create an engagement discussion board. Users can embed media, format text, and receive badges and awards. Plus, they can set up community profiles and get notified when a new reply has been added.

Better yet, GraphComment is one of the best WordPress comment plugins for blocking harmful or offensive content. You’ll get access to advanced banning tools, insult filtering, and spam protection.

Key features

  • Discussion sharing
  • Media embeds
  • Notification and reply system
  • Badges and awards
  • Smart moderation tools
  • Category labels
  • Spam protection
  • Import old comments


You can use GraphComment for free, or upgrade to premium plans from $84 per year for more features.

5. Super Socializer

Super Socializer is one of the best WordPress comment plugins for social sharing

Last but not least, Super Socializer is one of the best WordPress comment plugins for social sharing and login tools. You can include a social share option for over 100 social networks including Pinterest and LinkedIn.

This avoids users having to set up an account on your website which can encourage people to participate in the comments area. This also helps to reduce spam comments since social networks authenticate profiles and typically don’t allow multiple accounts.

What’s more, you can even place social follow icons in the comments section to get more followers across your own social accounts. And, when people comment on a post from their social profile, the comment appears in the user’s news feed, which can help you get discovered by new audiences.

Key features

  • Social logins
  • Icon themes
  • Facebook Like support
  • Twitter Tweet support
  • Auto-approve comments for logged-in users
  • Customizable login
  • Share WooCommerce products
  • Over 100 social networks supported


Super Socializer is a completely free plugin.

Try these WordPress comment plugins today

While you can use the default WordPress comments section, it doesn’t offer much functionality. Instead, you can use WordPress comment plugins to encourage interaction, offer social logins, reduce spam comments, and more.

To recap, here are five of the best WordPress comment plugins:

  1. wpDiscuz: Best all-round option, and the actual comment plugin that we use here at Themeisle. Leave a comment below to try it out.
  2. Jetpack: Best for beginners who need basic functionality.
  3. Thrive Comments: Best for building a community.
  4. GraphComment: Best for comment moderation.
  5. Super Socializer: Best for social shares and logins.

Do you still have any questions about which comment plugin is best for your site? Ask us in the comments below, which will also give you a chance to try the wpDiscuz plugin for yourself.

Yay! 🎉 You made it to the end of the article!

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