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If audio files make up the bulk of the content on your WordPress website, you should know that WordPress audio player plugins can make it a lot easier to present and render podcasts and music.

While WordPress does have a built-in feature to handle audio files, it’s quite basic.

So if you’re looking for audio players with customization options or to display popouts, allow downloads, sell tracks, or more, one of these WordPress audio player plugins offers a much better approach.

These plugins can help you display music, podcasts, or any other audio file in a much more user-friendly format.

Six best WordPress audio player plugins compared

1. AudioIgniter

Let’s start with AudioIgniter, a plugin that’ll help you create playlists in under five minutes, or even stream your own radio show.

Simple to install and use, it adds a ‘Playlists‘ menu item to your dashboard. Starting from there, you can go on to click Add Playlist and build as many playlists as you want, and choose to enable or disable auto-looping.

Audioigniter - settings

In the editor, you can fill in fields for name of song, artist and add as many tracks as you want. Once you’re happy with the list, save it, copy the shortcode, and paste it on any post or page.

Here’s how it appears on the frontend. Visitors can adjust the volume on the player.

Audioigniter - frontnd

Key features:

  • Integrates with WooCommerce to sell music digitally
  • A Buy Now custom field to sell tracks conveniently
  • Each playlist can have its own settings
  • Move multiple tracks into playlist using bulk upload feature (Pro)
  • Customize the color of the player and edit with Visual Composer support (Pro)
  • Widget available, and player position can be fixed (Pro)

With the Pro plugin, you can do more on the interface like rearrange tracks, specify lyrics per track, categorize them, and set individual tracks on repeat mode. Not just the interface, you’ll be able to change options on the playlist too wherever you embed it. It’s tested with more than 150 themes, so you can be fairly certain about compatibility.

Price: The free version may be sufficient if all that you need is to create a simple playlist or even multiple playlists displaying some fields. But for more features, you can purchase a Pro license for $49.

2. Compact WP Audio Player

Compact WP Audio Player is one plugin that doesn’t take up space on your screens. It simply adds a Play button on the frontend of a post, making it one of the coolest WordPress audio player plugins. The button changes to Pause while the song plays.

WordPress audio player plugins : Compact WP

You’ll be able to modify settings to allow autoplay, looping, and volume control. The plugin is responsive and files play on all devices.

Compact WP - Settings

Key features:

  • Create podcasts or add songs by embedding an .mp3 or .ogg file in your page or post
  • Audio file plays as soon as page loads on account of autoplay
  • Doesn’t occupy space on your screens
  • Offers a preview for sale of audio files
  • HTML5 compatible, so works with iOS devices too

There’s really not much to support long playlists, so you may want to skip this plugin if you want to create albums. On the other hand, if you like the idea of multiple Play buttons, you can list multiple tracks on your post or page, with each track having its own compact audio player button.

Example of Compact PLayer WordPress audio plugin

The plugin makes it easy to offer pre-sales previews. A premade template is included, and a shortcode tweak allows seek bar addition and volume control. You’ll be able to change the color of the button via the theme’s CSS. Besides, when added to header or footer, it’ll play only on your homepage.

Price: Free

3. PowerPress Podcasting Plugin

One of the most popular WordPress audio player plugins, PowerPress enjoys 60,000+ active installations and can be freely downloaded from the WordPress repository.

It’s great for podcasting, allowing you to submit episodes to Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn and Google podcasts. If you’re hosting your media files on BluBrry Podcasting, you’ll be able to submit to Spotify as well.

What’s helpful is you can choose to go the whole distance with the Advanced mode or keep it simple with the default simple mode, and activate additional features as you become familiar with its ways. The simple mode will hold your hand as you create your first podcast with basic settings.

: PowerPress - settings

Once you’re done configuring the settings, you’ll see a neat player added to the frontend.

Example of the PowerPress WordPress Audio player plugin interface

Key features:

  • Track your podcasts with basic stats for free (or with all details for $5 per month)
  • Integrates your media player and embeds it in your posts and pages
  • Create subscribe pages and optimize for podcast SEO
  • Supports multi podcast, podcast categories, post type, and post taxonomy
  • Place player below or above content, or exactly where you want by using player shortcode
  • Options to add YouTube embeds, allow downloads, or play in new window

Other advanced features include managing user roles, post type/taxonomy/premium podcasting. It supports Multisite, as well as migration of podcasts from other podcasting plugins, or from other services/platforms such as LibSyn, PodBeam, SoundCloud, or Squarespace.

Price: Free

4. Audio Dock

If you’re looking to create any suitable mood for visitors as they browse your site, Audio Dock won’t disappoint. To get the player to appear on your screen, you’ll first have to create a track in the Audio Dock settings area via Admin > Settings > Audio Dock.

You’ll be able to add as many tracks as you want, adjust colors for bar and tracks, and enable autoplay.

Audio Dock plugin - Settings

Once you’re done, you’ll find a neat sticky player added to the bottom of your screen on the frontend.

Example of the Audio Dock WordPress audio player

Key features:

  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Add your own custom title for each track
  • Responsive, fits any screen size
  • Add any number of audio tracks
  • Custom bar and track color

With Audio Dock, all it takes is a few simple steps to get a neat player at the bottom of your screens.

Price: Free

5. Cue

The next plugin on our list of WordPress audio player plugins is Cue. Cue relies on the WordPress media editor to upload audio files to the library, from where you can select them to add them to a playlist.

It allows you to add as many tracks as you want and rearrange them using drag and drop. After adding a thumbnail, copy the shortcode and paste it into any page or post. Cue automatically fills up the title, track, and length of audio, though you can alter it manually, too.

Cue - Settings

On the frontend, a user can control volume or skip tracks.

WordPress audio player plugins : Cue - frontend

Key features:

  • Cue is responsive
  • Create unlimited playlists and embed them anywhere, including in a widget
  • Connect to external sources like Amazon S3 or a content delivery network (CDN)
  • Customize player background image

The Pro plugin offers themes to change the appearance of the player, and offers purchase or download links for each track. Moreover, visitors can continue playing with the player in a popup and share playlists with friends. You’ll also have access to insight into how visitors interact with your track.

Price: $49

6. MP3-jPlayer

MP3-jPlayer is a responsive audio player with shuffle mode and download option. Just upload audios to the media library and choose title and track information to display on the player. From the settings panel, you can enable autoplay, adjust volume, and allow looping, and resume playback.

MP3-jPlayer Settings

Under the Media tab, you can select the folder path or URL to play some of your audio from. If you’re playing from local folders, you can choose to bulk play entire folders. You can also select the file formats to play during bulk play.

When it comes to player design, you get to pick from dark or light skins. Else, opt for custom CSS to control the colors of different player elements such as load bar or position bar.

Besides, you can choose fonts for titles and playlist, alignments and player dimensions, and change the position of buttons. Hide the entire playlist to have only background music, or get the position slider to fill the whole image or screen.

MP3-jPlayer Frontend

Key features:

  • Highly customizable player, allowing you to adjust dimensions, color, and alignment
  • Allows popouts, as well as downloads
  • Simple shortcode to play entire folders or the entire library
  • Play via media library or feed

MP3-jPlayer does take a bit of time to navigate the settings, but once you’ve got it right, it’s really among the best WordPress audio player plugins for podcasts or any other audio content.

Price: Free

Get started with your WordPress audio player

That’s it folks, our list of the best WordPress audio player plugins.

Have you tried any? Any questions about which one is right for you? Ask away in the comments!

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