WordCamp Europe 2016 by the numbers

It’s been a week since WordCamp Europe concluded, but it’s probably going to take a while longer before this WCEUmania comes to an end. We did publish our takeaways post a couple of days ago, but there’s still a lot of interesting stuff to talk about. Particularly, stats!

So here’s our post-WCEU roundup – WordCamp Europe 2016 by the numbers:

This year’s WordCamp Europe had  2131 attendees, from 68 countries 

… which officially turned it into the largest WordCamp ever!

Among those 2131 attendees, there were 130 volunteers, from 33 countries. Including nearly the whole Themeisle team. 🙂

We had  20 awesome organizers 

There were  39 sponsors 

… and 152 microsponsors, all categorized according to the main user roles in WordPress: Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Subscriber + Small Business and After Party.

 73 – was the number of speakers  and on-stage appearances

There are  1,300 official photos  from the event

… all posted on the official WordCamp Flickr account. The photos were taken by 14 volunteer photographers.

flickr account

The number of unofficial galleries? We can only guess … a zillion? 🙂

WCEU on social media

We were curious about the impact that WordCamp Europe had on social media, so we tracked people’s activity related to the event. Twitter was the main social channel used by the organizers to communicate with everyone, so this is where we put most of our tracking efforts too.

(Thanks, Hashtracking and Keyhole for helping us discover these interesting stats.)

There have been  17,589 tweets  so far with the #WCEU hashtag mentioned in the past 30 days

Just to get a better idea of how often people actually mention WCEU in their tweets right now, I fired up the real-time tracker, and after only 1 hour, 11 new #WCEU tweets came through:
real-time tweets
The number of WordCamp-related tweets is still growing steadily:

The tweets containing the #WCEU hashtag have had  over 1,002,000 impressions  so far, and reached  over 1,059,000 people 

The most WCEU-related tweets were posted by WCEUBot (313), followed by WordPressTV (65):
most tweets
The most influential accounts that tweeted about WordCamp Europe were Yoast and Press Customizr:
most influential
And the all-time top influencers for the #WCEU hashtag are:
all time influencers
According to Keyhole, the most used keywords were: 2016, wordcamp, europe, wordpress, vienna, videos, and … paris!

A look at the demographics of people tweeting about WordCamp:

The retweets vs original posts ratio:

And how many #WCEU tweets have you posted so far?