Types of blogs.

There are over 570 million blogs worldwide and if you’re thinking about adding one more number to the mix, this is not the day to hesitate [1].

We’ve compiled a list of the most popular types of blogs out there in an effort to help you find your ideal niche and start blogging!

Key Takeaways

  • Blogging is the leading and least expensive form of marketing for many companies and business worldwide.
  • Creating a blog is straightforward, hassle-free, and all you need is enthusiasm, niche to write about, and quite a bit of time.
  • Blogging can easily allow you to make money in various ways, such as through affiliate programs, referrals, or with advertisements.

10+ successful types of blogs in 2024

See what are the most common types of blogs to get an idea of what category is the right one for you:

Personal blogs

The “classic” blog. Actually, this is what a blog used to be associated with when the term appeared for the first time. It used to be someone’s personal online space, where they shared their thoughts without any monetization or business strategy in mind.

Personal blogs still exist, of course, and they play the role of online journals. When you feel like writing, you just get to it without caring about reaching big audiences or selling something. The chances are, you do have a personal blog at the time of reading this.

Types of blogs: personal blog example

Business / corporate blogs

Over time, blogs proved to be efficient for businesses to communicate with their customers, build communities, and attract new clients. According to ActiveBlogs, 81% of the companies that participated in a survey consider their blog “useful, important, or critical” to their business [2].

Some companies use blogs to make announcements about product launches, the projects they’re working on, upcoming releases, contests, etc. Blogs help businesses increase their site traffic and, hence, improve their conversion rates through content promotion.

There are also companies that use blogs to express their expert voices in the community by writing quality content, independent of their business profile. This way, their blog turns into a publication with authority in their niche. It’s a good long-term approach and an effective way to keep promoting your services in the long run.

corporate blog example

Personal brand / professional blogs

These types of blogs are a combination of a business blog and a personal blog. This blog is usually the project of a single person that eventually takes the path of a business – aka the owner uses it to make money with it, not just for personal stories.

The owner of such blog follows a business strategy, makes a plan, picks a niche, creates an editorial schedule, engages in partnerships with brands, analyzes the market, and is regularly involved in growing the blog and finding new marketing opportunities.

They write about topics that are of interest to people in the niche they chose. Those, who own these types of blogs and became famous in a given community are bloggers that most people refer to as influencers. Semrush wrote that 46% of internet users look for recommendations from bloggers they follow and take action accordingly [3].

Other bloggers who fall under this category are freelancers and owners of online portfolios who blog about their work and use this opportunity to get hired by companies for various projects.

Types of blogs: professional blog example

Fashion blogs

If you are interested in this topic and think you have plenty of stuff to share about it with your audience, your chances to succeed are realistic because fashion is one of the most popular blogging niches in the world. Keep in mind that the competition is also extremely high so you must provide great content that stands out from the existing sites. This kind of blog is usually managed by one person who is passionate or an expert on the topic.

James Nord, the founder of Fohr, said that a fashion blogger who has around 500,000 followers and good engagement can earn up to $7,500 per Instagram photo from sponsored content [4]. Fashion is also the leader in affiliate marketing accounting for 23% of all affiliate programs [5]. So you get an idea why everyone wants to be a fashion blogger.

👉 You can join the ranks of successful fashion bloggers with our step-by-step guide to starting a fashion blog.

Types of blogs: fashion blog example

Blog newsletter

We all like to be informed on the news from areas of personal or professional interests, and newsletters are a great way to stay up to date. 31% of B2B marketers say that email newsletters are the best way to nurture the relationship they have with their leads [6]. But what’s even better is when you combine newsletters with the content availability that blogs offer.

A newsletter blog is a hybrid of these two forms. This type of content is typically released once a month in the form of an email newsletter to its subscribers, with previous releases always available for readers on a website.

Bizarro Devs is an excellent example of this hybrid approach. Subscribers get regular updates on the latest developments in the industry, and they can also visit the newsletter’s website, which features all previous releases in a blog format. So it’s a newsletter, but it’s also a blog. Hence, it’s a “blog newsletter”.

BizzaroDevs is a great blog newsletter example

Lifestyle blogs

Like fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs include a larger variety of topics, from productivity to wellness, workouts, nutrition, and other aspects of living a better life. Along with fashion, lifestyle is also popular because people need constant advice on cool, efficient, and practical tips for a high-quality life.

Lifestyle blogs is the third highest earning blogging niche, right after food and personal finance [7].

👉 It’s easy to get started as a lifestyle blogger with our step-by-step guide.

lifestyle blog example

Travel blogs

Travel blogs seem to get a lot of attention lately because people do a lot of research before deciding on a trip or vacation. The work of travel bloggers is hard (even though it might seem fun and easy at first sight) because they put hours into research, finding diverse destinations at the best prices, making itineraries, getting familiar with a country’s culture, and sharing all the information with their readers.

Although it might seem like the dream job, keep in mind that it requires a lot of work and time to create the content, from hours to days. Is it worth it? Statistics say that people do 80% of their trip planning via travel sites [8], so there’s a reason why travel blogging is popular.

Example of a travel blog.

Food blogs

No one can live without eating, so it’s not a surprise that food can be found among the most popular types of blogs in the world. Actually, diversifying our meals, cooking healthy food, and buying the ingredients are part of our daily routines, whether we like it or not. Food bloggers found an opportunity in this continuous need that we have and turned it into a business that proved to be an efficient way to make money with your hobby.

If you enjoy cooking on a daily basis and think you have cool stuff to share with the foodies, consider this option for your future plans because successful food bloggers have four times as many followers as any other industry [9].

food blog example

Affiliate/review blogs

These types of blogs focus on evaluating products or services in a specific market. It can be a niche market (e.g., camping equipment) or a broader one (e.g., technology). The owners of these blogs take various products and review them, with pros and cons, pricing, and overall value. They also make recommendations through their expertise in the field. Trulist.co states that 65% of affiliate marketers increase traffic by blogging [10].

These types of blogs bring money through affiliate marketing and partnerships with various brands. If your blog gets big enough, you will get paid by brands to check and review their products. To maintain such a blog at the highest standards requires hard work, patience, and time, so it might take years until you reach an audience that will bring sponsored advertising.

affiliate / review blog example

Multimedia blogs

Multimedia blogs grew a lot in the past 10 years after visual content gained popularity in the readers’ circles. Vlogs, podcasts, and visual storytelling are the thing nowadays, with many people migrating to this type of content for entertaining, news, education, and information.

Their authors use the classic format of a blog, but publish multimedia posts instead of written posts. A Venngage study predicted that, by 2021, between 51% and 80% of businesses will rely on visual content marketing [11], which we can observe by ourselves when we consume content online.

multimedia blog example

News blogs

These types of blogs are the ones that keep you updated with what’s new in an industry that you follow. They mostly focus on presenting the latest happenings, new releases, plans, and ideas that were or will be implemented in a specific area of interest. As opposed to the other types of blogs, news blogs do not usually share opinion posts or person-oriented content (like lifestyle or fashion blogs do, for instance).

The content you’ll read on news blogs focuses on informing the readers rather than entertaining them by writing about personal stories and topics that involve subjectivity.

News blogs shouldn’t be confused with blog newsletters. The first type focuses on publishing and sharing news and objective information. In contrast, newsletter blogs post email newsletters (often subjective and intended for specific individuals and groups).

news blog example

Find the best types of blogs for yourself

These are the most common types of blogs that you will stumble upon on the internet.

If you do not find the right category for you, you are free to test out your own ideas or experiment with less explored niches that can turn into a success.

To sum up, if you want to try your luck in the most popular communities, here’s a recap of what types of blogs you can keep your eye on:

  • Personal blogs
  • Business / corporate blogs
  • Personal brand / professional blogs
  • Fashion blogs
  • Blog newsletter
  • Lifestyle blogs
  • Travel blogs
  • Food blogs
  • Affiliate / review blogs
  • Multimedia blogs
  • News blogs

What types of blogs do you follow? Do you plan to start a blog of yourself in the near future? Let us know in the comments section below.

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