What is tag in WordPress?” is a common question many beginner WordPress users ask. Tagging is a WordPress taxonomy that allows you to organize and group similar content. Labeling your posts with tags makes it easier for readers to find related content.

⚙️ Let’s explore what tags are, how they work, and why you should use them.

What is tag in WordPress: understanding the differences between tags and categories

Tags are descriptive keywords or phrases that you can use to identify the subject matter of a post. For example, if you wrote a blog about Christmas recipes, you could add tags such as “Christmas recipes,” “holiday meals,” and “festive dishes.”

When a reader searches for one of these tags, related posts will appear in the results. This makes it easy to connect readers with relevant content quickly. It also keeps your website organized while allowing readers to find other related posts they may be interested in.

👉 Note that tags are different from WordPress categories in several ways.

  • Tags are more specific than categories. The latter is typically used for grouping similar posts into a broad area of interest, while tags are for more detailed labeling within those categories.
  • Categories are necessary, or WordPress will automatically place your post under “Uncategorized.” Tags, however, are optional and you can add or remove them as needed.
  • Tags don’t have a hierarchy, while categories do. You can organize categories into parent and child relationships, but tags are individual entities without order.

While tags are not required, they are beneficial to help your readers find what they’re looking for more quickly. They also encourage readers to stick around longer and explore more of your content. Plus, they improve your SEO efforts by helping search engines index your pages more accurately and quickly.

How to add tags in WordPress

Adding tags in WordPress is quick and easy. Here’s how you can add tags to any post.

👉 When working on a post:

  • Go to the “Tags” section on the right-hand side.
  • Type your tags into the box.
  • Click “Add” to add the tags to your post.
What is tag in WordPress.

Suggested tags will be displayed for you to select from as you type. Make sure to separate each tag with a comma.

Remember to limit 👨‍🎓 the number of tags you use and to avoid keyword stuffing. Adding a slug for each tag will also help optimize your WordPress SEO.

Conclusion 🧐

What is tag in WordPress? Tags are valuable descriptors that help readers and search engines easily find related content. Adding tags to your posts can improve your website’s organization, increase reader engagement, and optimize your WordPress SEO. Learning how to add tags in WordPress is simple and can help you get the most out of your website.

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