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Building a WordPress website from scratch isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Nor is overhauling an existing site. To make the process a little easier and give you some inspiration, we’ve pulled together 14 great sample WordPress sites to help you see what WordPress can do. 🔧

To make the list even more useful, we also dug underneath the hood to determine which theme each site was built with. That way, if you like what you can see, you can try the theme for yourself on your own site.

Ready to get inspired? Let’s dive in. 🤿

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Get inspired with these websites that were all built with WordPress

1. Diggity Marketing

Diggity Marketing is a sample WordPress site running on the Neve theme.

Matt Diggity has been running a very successful SEO agency for many years. He also has a popular YouTube channel with over 150,000 subscribers and is considered one of the thought leaders in the SEO space. His website was built with WordPress and is designed really well for conversion.

👉 Here’s what we like:

  • Color scheme was chosen very strategically with the CTA buttons being very prominent.
  • Big, easy-to-read text makes scanning the pages easy.
  • Showcases testimonials from clients and also well-known publications that Matt’s been featured in, both of which help increase conversions.

🎨 Theme used: Neve

💵 Price: Free version, or pro version starting from $69 per year

2. Wellness Creatives

Wellness Creatives is a sample WordPress site using the Hestia theme.

Wellness Creatives was created to provide marketing resources for fitness and health businesses. It offers industry reports, marketing templates for this niche, content bundles for social media, business ideas, and more.

👉 Here’s what we like:

  • Awesome, colorful content blocks with client testimonials.
  • They provide a free eBook with a clear call to action on the homepage, containing marketing ideas for people who want to start a business around the fitness niche.
  • All the pages on this site have multiple call to action buttons, which urges visitors to convert.

🎨 Theme used: Hestia

💵 Price: Free version, or pro version starting from $69 per year

3. Affluent Event Center

The name of this company is very straightforward and tells you exactly what they specialize in. Their website is creatively designed using a mixture of black, white, and purple colors to accentuate certain elements. They also use some nice effects to increase site visitor engagement.

👉 Here’s what we like:

  • Color changing content blocks that switch from black text on white background to white text on dark purple background when the user’s cursor hovers over them.
  • Light use of parallax effect to enhance the overall visual presentation of their pages.
  • Certain pieces of text and blocks of content slide onto the page as the user scrolls, thus capturing their attention.

🎨 Theme used: Astra

💵 Price: Free version, or premium version starting from $49 per year

4. Pixel Jar

This California-based web development company specializes in building custom WordPress sites. Their own site – built with WordPress of course – is a testament to the fact that they have the skill to create a beautiful, engaging website.

👉 Here’s what we like:

  • Colorful layout but not to the point where it’s overbearing and distracting. The colors are strategically used to differentiate the services they offer.
  • Portfolio examples, testimonials, and a call to action are all sequenced effectively to get new clients.
  • Sticky header that follows the user as they browse so they can always jump to another section of the site whenever they want.

🎨 Theme used: Kadence

💵 Price: Free version, or premium version starting from $149 per year

5. Ceremony Coffee Roasters

Ceremony Coffee Roasters uses a custom WordPress theme to power their website.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters is a sleek, simple, modern WordPress website that sells coffee products, both wholesale and subscription.

👉 Here’s what we like:

  • They’re not afraid of white space. They have a very minimalistic design with bold, colorful images as the focal points. It almost reminds me of Apple.
  • In between pages loading, they have little quotes pop up on screen like “Coffee should be something special.” A nice touch!
  • They have very high-quality product images.

🎨 Theme used: Custom theme

6. The Centre for Medical Sciences & Research

The Centre for Medical Sciences & Research is a medical education provider based in the United Kingdom. They rely on their website to provide information about their courses and certifications, and to enroll new students.

👉 Here’s what we like:

  • Unique mouse cursor feature where the traditional black arrow is replaced with a medical syringe. It grabs the visitor’s attention and adds to the overall aesthetic of the website.
  • Sticky header that follows the visitor as they browse the page, which makes it easy to go to another part of the site.
  • Embedded chatbot in case potential new students have any questions about any of their courses.

🎨 Theme used: Zakra

💵 Price: Free version, or pro version starting from $41 per year

7. Jacob McMillen

Jacob McMillen is one of the sample WordPress sites on our list that uses the Divi theme.

Jacob McMillen is a site about copywriting and content marketing. He gets clients through a well-designed WordPress website and form fields.

👉 Here’s what we like:

  • He uses his own copywriting abilities to sell his services on the site.
  • Jacob displays case studies and real results from past clients, increasing his conversion rates.
  • The site is consistent in design and color, and has a nice layer of minimalism to it.

🎨 Theme used: Divi

💵 Price: Starting from $89 per year

8. Rihanna Now

Rihanna's website was built with a custom WordPress theme.

The popular Bajan-American singer, Rihanna, has a really unique website layout that keeps visitors engaged through the use of imagery and special effects. This is applied to various elements, including the main photo grid on her homepage, as well as the navigation menu.

👉 Here’s what we like:

  • The photo grid on the homepage has all of the images appear black and white as the default color, but when you hover over any one of them, the image turns to color and shows a pop-up link to a post.
  • When browsing the site, whichever page you’re on shows in the navigation menu as having diagonal strike-thru text applied to it, along with the font itself lightly grayed out.
  • All of the layouts across the site are presented in a very visually appealing way, combining photography with short chunks of text, thus making it easy to browse.

🎨 Theme used: Custom theme

9. Awesome Motive

Awesome Motive is another one of the sample WordPress sites on our list that uses a custom theme.

Awesome Motive is the parent company behind loads of huge brands like WPBeginner and OptinMonster.

👉 Here’s what we like:

  • A cool pixel animation on the homepage of a small business growing through WordPress, email, and a graph (analytics?).
  • A very clear value proposition: “Helping small businesses grow & compete with the big guys”.
  • They show off how their products were featured in huge, trusted publications like Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur.

🎨 Theme used: Custom theme

10. Ana Karic

As far as minimal design goes, Ana Karic is one of the best samples WordPress sites we could find! It features a clean and professional design, with lots of “empty space” and big, bold typography. It also makes clever use of different transitions. These range from changing background colors to subtle animated entrances. The website belongs to Ana, a professional growth marketer.

👉 Here’s what we like:

  • Her design is very modern and creative, with clean, colorful, and animated content.
  • She uses prominent and clear calls to action to convince site visitors to click.
  • The overall layout, color schemes, and visual effects keep her site visitors’ attention and help reduce her bounce rate.

🎨 Theme used: Hello Elementor

💵 Price: The theme itself is free, but you can (optionally) combine it with Elementor’s hosting plans, which start at $96 in the first year.

11. Kobu Foundry

Kobu Foundry is another one of the sample WordPress sites on our list that uses a custom theme.

Kobu Foundry was built to show off (and sell) the owner’s custom font library.

👉 Here’s what we like:

  • It’s an interactive site! You can drag elements across pages and play mini-games to generate stories that come up with special, gorgeous fonts based on the topic of the story.
  • The design was built to quickly catch grab the user’s attention.
  • The site has only three menu pages and lots of call to action buttons for effective conversions.

🎨 Theme used: Custom theme

12. Pilatesology

Pilatesology relies on a custom-built child theme that uses the Beaver Builder theme as a parent theme.

This online fitness business relies on WordPress to attract customers and to convert them into paying members. Through clever use of subtle effects like background shadows being activated upon hover, Pilatesology is able to guide their website visitors to the sections they want them to go to.

👉 Here’s what we like:

  • Has a “Wall of Love” to showcase testimonials from their clients.
  • Boasts a very clean, easy-to-navigate design.
  • Uses color contrast very effectively to draw visitors’ eyes where they want them to go.

🎨 Theme used: A child theme derived from the Beaver Builder theme

Solid Gallery One is an online portfolio of a talented tattoo artist based out of Arizona. It contains an effective mix of his previous client work, along with testimonials, lead capture boxes, and other elements.

👉 Here’s what we like:

  • Jarrett, the artist, does a nice job selling himself through effective design and storytelling.
  • Examples of tattoos he’s done in the past help build trust and increase conversions.
  • He’s able to fit everything nicely into a one page design.

🎨 Theme used: Hestia

💵 Price: Free version, or pro version starting from $69 per year

14. New England Cord Blood Bank

New England Cord Blood Bank is powered by WordPress.

New England Cord Blood Bank is a scientific business that preserves newborn blood and tissue from the umbilical cord with the scope of using them in the event of any diseases that may occur in a family. In short, this site is about banking stem cells for possible future use.

👉 Here’s what we like:

  • The animations that show up on almost every page keep you engaged.
  • The color scheme makes the design look stylish and yet professional.
  • The content and pages on this site are overall structured and presented in an intuitive, visual way so the average user can understand the process of collecting and preserving stem cells.

🎨 Theme Used: Neve

💵 Price: Free version, or pro version starting from $69 per year

Final Word 🏁

And there you have it! That wraps up 14 of our favorite sample WordPress sites. For your convenience, we’ll put the list below again, along with the theme name that each site is using.

By the way, if you’re ever curious what theme a WordPress site is using because you want to try it out for yourself, we have a free tool on our sister site that will give you the answer. Simply put in the URL of the site you’re wondering about, and after a few seconds, the “what theme is that” tool will give you the answer. It’ll also provide a link to where you can learn more about it, along with some other related information. Happy analyzing!

💡 For even more website inspiration, check out our roundup of ten great Wix examples.

Do you know of any other great sample WordPress sites? Share them in the comments so everyone can check them out!

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