Ad Blocker Notify acquired

We’re excited to announce that one of our WordPress plugins has just found a new home: Ad Blocker Notify has been acquired by Admiral!

The plugin enables site owners to detect the use of ad-blocking browser extensions and then show a customizable message to the people using them. In short, it helps publishers reach out to ad blocking visitors and perhaps convince them to disable those blockers to help support the publisher by letting them benefit from ad revenue.
We’ve enjoyed helping publishers communicate with their readers regarding ad-blocking and what impact it can have on a website’s whole existence. We want to grow this project and help it reach even more users, and nobody is in a better position in the market than Admiral to take this further.Ionut Neagu, CEO of ThemeIsle

Ad Blocker Notify now joins an already existing solution for helping publishers solve their ad-block losses. Admiral is the leader in the space, offering a comprehensive suite built specifically to help web and mobile publishers understand the impact of ad-blocking for their site.

Given Admiral’s focus on the advertising market, we are happy to find such a great match for Ad Blocker Notify and its users. In a competitive market like this, the plugin now stands a better chance. Our knowledge at ThemeIsle is put to a better use if we’re focusing on what we know best: WordPress development. Overall, users are better served when we focus on what we do best.

Admiral is on a mission to save the free internet from the impacts of ad-blocking. The ability for WordPress publishers to create great, free content requires a fair value exchange with visitors. The Admiral Platform is built to help publishers do that, and the acquisition of Ad Blocker Notify allows us to help even more publishers worldwide.Dan Rua, CEO of Admiral

Following this acquisition, the free version of Ad Blocker Notify remains available at The Pro version of Ad Blocker Notify has been replaced by the full Admiral platform, including Measure, Engage, Recover and Transact — and all Ad Blocker Notify users get a 10% discount if they upgrade to Admiral’s full platform in 2017.

Thank you for using Ad Blocker Notify, and we hope you’ll give Admiral as much support as you’ve given us so far!

We’re proud to be in a market that proves such flexibility. WordPress products are starting to find their place in a larger picture where different industries come into play. We, as WordPress developers, now have the chance to be relevant and impact other businesses as well.

This is quite the responsibility, if I’m honest. Considering that WordPress now powers nearly 30% of the web, we have to be ready that every (seemingly) little plugin we create might end up being used on thousands of sites, purely due to the platform’s popularity. With that in mind, you always want to make sure that you have the best people working on your products.

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