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The WordPress Site Editor has introduced an easier way to customize themes and templates. However, if you want to access this feature, you’ll need to install a block-based theme on your site. Therefore, you might be looking for the best full site editing themes for WordPress.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of free and highly-rated options. Whether you run an online store, a professional blog, or a portfolio, there’s bound to be a block-based theme that meets your needs.

In this post, we’ll look 🔎 at some of the best full site editing themes, all available for free. We’ll go over each theme’s key features and discuss the types of sites it’s best suited for. Let’s get started!

📚 Table of contents:

1. Raft

First up, we have Raft. This is a lightweight theme that can be used for different types of sites, including blogs and shops. Its clean and professional layouts also make it an ideal option for businesses and agencies:

Raft is one of the best full site editing themes available.

Key features ⚙️

  • Offers block patterns for calls-to-action, frequently asked questions, image galleries, and more
  • Integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce
  • Includes a variety of global styles to help you find the perfect color combination for your site
  • Works well with popular page builders, including Elementor and Beaver Builder
  • Supports multilingual sites, including Right-To-Left (RTL) languages like Hebrew and Arabic

If your blog or business caters to an international audience, Raft may be the ideal theme for you. Plus, its selection of block patterns can eliminate the need to install additional plugins, helping you run a faster site.

2. Neve FSE

Neve FSE is a variant of our popular Neve theme, built with full site editing in mind. The theme has a minimalist design that is easy to customize and adapt to your website’s style. Neve FSE is not only flexible and good-looking but also lightweight and optimized to load fast.

Key features ⚙️

  • Has style variations to create global color schemes and typography that matches your site’s brand
  • Offers templates for all the main website pages, which you can easily customize via the Full Site Editor
  • Displays beautiful on all-size devices (desktop, tablet, mobile)
  • Is optimized for performance and SEO
  • Allows you to view the changes you make to your site in real-time
  • Provides built-in block patterns for all website sections

If you need a theme to launch a business website, Neve FSE looks great, is easy to customize, and meets or exceeds all of the current industry performance standards. It’s also SEO and multi-language ready, for both English-speaking and other language audiences.

3. Inspiro Blocks

Inspiro Blocks is the Full Site Editing version of the Inspiro theme. With comprehensive support for the Full Site Editor, it enables you to effortlessly customize every aspect of your website, from colors and fonts to layout and global sections. It comes with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality for easy page creation.

Inspiro Blocks is one of the site editing themes for portfolios available.

Key features ⚙️

  • Unique page templates
  • 20+ block patterns
  • Color and font styles
  • Customizable header and footer
  • Portfolio integration via WPZOOM Portfolio plugin
  • Optimized for speed

Inspiro Blocks is good for portfolios. It integrates video and portfolio features, letting you showcase your projects in cool grid or masonry layouts. It’s great for photographers, videographers, designers, and all creatives who want a stylish platform to show off their talents.

4. Jadro

Jadro is a simple and versatile theme that uses Full Site Editing. It’s designed to be speedy and makes the most of the WordPress blocks editor, letting you create special and attention-grabbing layouts for your website.

Jadro is one of the most minimalist full site editing themes available.

Key features ⚙️

  • Collection of pre-designed patterns and layouts
  • Lightweight and optimized for speed
  • Advanced typography and color options
  • Minimalist design

Jadro is a multipurpose theme – perfect for blogs, small businesses, startups, law firms, and other creative agencies who prefer simple websites.

5. Bjork

Bjork is a minimalist theme for blogs and personal websites. It has a clean layout, with simple black text on white background. However, it comes with a selection of style variations, so you can choose different colors for your background, text, and elements:

Bjork is one of the cleanest full site editing themes available.

Key features ⚙️

  • Over 15 block patterns for blog and post layouts
  • A sticky sidebar menu for easier navigation
  • Translation-ready and lightweight

If you’re looking for a full site editing theme with a clean look, you might want to give Bjork a try. Plus, its use of white space and neat sections can help make your blog posts more readable.

6. Skatepark

Skatepark is another full site editing theme you can use. Created by Automattic (the company behind WordPress.com), this theme features a bold and modern design with vivid colors that can help make your site stand out:

Skatepark is one of the most bold and modern full site editing themes available.

Key features ⚙️

  • Block patterns for blog posts, testimonials, and more
  • RTL language support
  • Ability to customize colors and font pairings to match your branding

Skatepark has a youthful vibe about it, which makes it an ideal option for those who want to target a young demographic. This may include NGOs, event organizers, and more.

7. Jace

Built for ecommerce sites, Jace is a full site editing theme with a sleek design and dark color scheme. Its bold and clean layouts can help you highlight your products. However, you might also use this WordPress theme for blogs and portfolios:

Jace is one of the best full site editing themes available for ecommerce.

Key features ⚙️

  • Over 60 block patterns to choose from, including blog layouts, CTAs, subscribe forms, about pages, full-screen headers, and much more
  • Option to switch to a light color scheme
  • Seamless integration with WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, and other ecommerce tools

While this theme can be used for a variety of sites, it’s mainly ideal for online stores and service providers. It comes with blocks that help you showcase your products, highlight your team members, and grow your email list.

8. Wabi

Next up, we have Wabi. This block-based theme features a simplistic design with bold typography. It’s specifically designed for bloggers and writers, or anyone with a text-heavy site:

Wabi is a simplistic full site editing theme with bold typography.

Key features ⚙️

  • Multiple style variations, including light, dark, and dynamic color schemes
  • A variety of block patterns for headers, footers, blog layouts, and headlines
  • Multilingual support

If you’re an avid writer, this may be the right theme for you. It can help you make an impact with bold headlines and clean layouts for your articles and stories.

9. Axton

Axton is another minimalist theme that comes with full site editing support. It has a clean design and simple typography, with a muted color scheme. This is one of those full site editing themes that will work well for creative portfolios, blogs, startups, and other small projects:

Axton is a great example of a minimalist full site editing theme.

Key features ⚙️

  • Dark and light color schemes
  • A portfolio layout to help you showcase your work
  • Over 15 block patterns, including layouts for featured content, contact page, blog posts, and more
  • A selection of templates and template parts

If you’re looking for a simple, yet customizable theme, Axton may be the right one for you. It can help you create a portfolio that reflects your work and personality.

10. Ona

Ona is a simple yet beautiful full site editing theme. Designed for blogs, its homepage gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself, share your latest news, and promote your most popular topics:

Ona is one of the best full site editing themes available for bloggers.

Key features ⚙️

  • 11 custom child themes, four of which are free
  • A header and footer builder that enables you to easily customize these layouts
  • Beautiful block patterns for page titles, featured posts and categories, latest updates, and more

As you may have noticed, Ona is ideal for travel bloggers. Its block patterns and layouts are designed to help you showcase the best images from your trips. However, it can also be used for other blog niches that rely on visual content, like food and fashion.

11. Bricksy

Let’s look at another option for travel-themed sites. Bricksy has a very modern look and feel, with elements designed to help you share eye-catching visuals:

Bricksy is an example of a full site editing theme designed for travel-themed websites.

Key features ⚙️

  • A selection of style variations, including light and dark color schemes
  • Ready-to-use blocks for promoting your travel posts, tours, or attractions
  • Practical elements like pricing tables and booking forms

If you run a travel agency, Bricksy might be perfect for your website needs. It helps you introduce yourself and your team with beautiful profile sections, sell your tour packages or travel memberships, and more.

12. Gutena

Gutena is one of the leading full site editing themes available for ecommerce businesses. It can be used for different types of business sites, including law firms, web developers, advertising agencies, and more. It has a professional and contemporary look, and uses bold colors for important elements like CTA buttons:

The Gutena full site editing theme is perfect for ecommerce websites.

Key features ⚙️

  • Block patterns for showcasing your services, sharing the company’s story and core values, and more
  • Style variations with vibrant colors for buttons, icons, and other elements
  • Integration with the Gutena Kit plugin for further customization options

Gutena is the ideal theme for promoting your company’s unique selling point. It comes with blocks for “why choose us” and “our services” sections, plus team member profiles and other ecommerce features.

13. Xidea

Finally, let’s look at Xidea. This free full site editing theme is mainly built for blogs. It’s a bit basic and limited in terms of block patterns and style variations. However, it was designed with Bootstrap 5, so you can also use Bootstrap classes to edit the theme:

The Xidea full site editing theme is primarily used by blogs.

Key features ⚙️

  • Block patterns for footers, headers, a hero section, and an art section
  • Two different post layouts, one of them featuring a sidebar
  • Social media share buttons to help you promote your blog

While this theme may seem a little too plain, it can be an ideal option if you want a no-frills block. Furthermore, if you’d rather create your own sections and elements with the Site Editor, you don’t need a theme that offers a large variety of block patterns. 

Final thoughts on full site editing themes 🎬

When you install a block-based theme, you’ll get access to the Full Site Editor. You’ll be able to customize your site’s appearance with easy-to-use blocks and create custom templates for your headers, footers, archive pages, and more.

💡 In this post, we looked at some of the best full site editing themes in the WordPress directory. If you’re looking for a flexible option, both Raft and Neve FSE can be customized to suit your specific needs. They come with a variety of block patterns for different types of websites, including blogs, online shops, and professional portfolios.

Do you have any questions about the full site editing themes featured in this post? Let us know in the comments section below!

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