Wondering what is Akismet? WordPress, like other online platforms, is a target for spam. Being one of the main techniques that hackers or cybercriminals use to attack online platforms, spam can waste your time as you sort through it and potentially expose your website to the risk of viruses or malware. Plus, spam can ruin your marketing efforts and have a bad impact on user experience. This is where Akismet comes into play, helping you protect your site from spam and make it friendlier for your visitors.

What is Akismet? Akismet is a free, reliable plugin that filters and blocks spam and gives you maximum anti-spam protection for your WordPress website. To give you a clearer picture, this article will provide you with all you need to know about Akismet.

Understanding what is Akismet

What is spam?

Spam is any form of mass-produced, unwanted, and unwelcome digital communication. Particularly in WordPress websites, spam can include in-bulk unwanted chats, emails, comments, and posts. So, what is Akismet? It is a tool that helps you detect and prevent spam on your online platform.

How Akismet works to detect and prevent spam

Akismet uses cutting-edge anti-spam algorithms to find confirmed spam on various websites, compile accurate spam data, and use that data to develop high-quality spam criteria. Then, it filters and blocks any spam on your online platform based on the spam criteria.

Features and functionalities of Akismet

This plugin is your ultimate protection against spam. Akismet is designed to filter and cover every form of digital communication within your online platform and ensure no spam can go through.

If a newly created spam bot is targeting your platform, Akismet can quickly delete the spam from your website, add it to its spam criteria, and ensure it blocks future spam attempts with a similar pattern.

Here are the key features of Akismet on how it helps your online platform remain spam-free:

  • Automatic scanning: Akismet is a software that automatically examines all of your posts, comments, and contact forms to find and remove any communication form or content that might be spam.
  • Tracking feature: Content that was flagged as spam has a status history that you can view to determine if a moderator or Akismet removed it, giving you more control and management.
  • URL display: Akismet puts URLs in the text of comments to show hidden, misleading, fraudulent, or unsafe links.

Akismet pricing

Akismet is a free spam protection plugin for your site or blog on WordPress. However, Akismet also offers service plans with additional features that are common for commercial use.

Plus package

👉 For $10 per month, you’ll have:

  • Spam protection
  • Four plan levels to choose from
  • 10K to 40K API calls/mo
  • Unlimited sites
  • Priority support

Enterprise package

👉 For $50 per month, you’ll have:

  • Spam protection
  • 60K API calls/mo
  • Unlimited sites
  • Priority support

Setting up Akismet

Akismet is installed by default in WordPress. You just need to activate it to fully take advantage of its features.

1. Activate Akismet

Go to the Plugins menu on your WordPress dashboard and click Activate. If you can’t find Akismet on your WordPress site, you can manually install and activate it by going to the plugin menu from your dashboard and clicking on Add new option and selecting Akismet. It will automatically install Akismet and give you the option to activate it.

2. Choose your preferred Akismet service plan

Following activation, Akismet will give you the chance to select a certain plan. Simply select what meets your needs.

3. Activate the Akismet API key

You will receive an Akismet API key to complete the activation of the plugin. Return to your WordPress dashboard’s activation page and enter the API Key in the appropriate field. Then, you will receive a confirmation stating that Akismet has been activated, assuring you that your online platform is now spam-protected.

What is Akismet? The bottom line ⌛

Akismet is a fantastic tool to make sure your online platform is spam-free. It checks all of your platform’s contents automatically and employs precise spam criteria to find and block spam, which you can check and confirm yourself.

Akismet also offers services that work perfectly for you and guarantee that your website is well-protected from spam.

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